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Arab voters

  • What Israeli media gets wrong about Palestinian voters

    As long as journalists don't challenge the mainstream segregationist narrative in Israeli society, they will have negligible impact on Arab voter turnout, says Palestinian sociologist Dr. Maha Karkabi Sabah. By Oren Persico For consumers of Israeli media, there are essentially two separate election campaigns taking place right now, says Dr. Maha Karkabi Sabah, a researcher in the sociology of gender. The first campaign is the central one, and the second, concerning the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, exists somewhere on the margins. [tmwinpost] The problem with how Israeli media covers the Arab community, especially during elections, is twofold, explains Karkabi…

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  • Palestinian citizens of Israel debate an election boycott

    After four years of one of the most hostile governments for Palestinians in Israel, Arab citizens are debating whether participating in or boycotting the upcoming Knesset elections is the best way to advance their struggle. By Henriette Chacar and Edo Konrad Frustrated with the breakdown of internal Arab party politics, and beset by an endless stream of attacks by politicians from across the political spectrum, many Palestinian citizens of Israel are expressing reservations about voting in this week’s elections. Despite a historically high voter participation rate, a small but prominent movement is urging Palestinian citizens to boycott the vote. The fierce debate pits Palestinians calling…

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  • Another Netanyahu lie at CAP

    Netanyahu claims that more Arabs voted for him than Labor in the last election. That's simply false. Think Progress, the internet news arm of the Center for American Progress, fact-checked Netanyahu's talk at the influential Democratic think-tank yesterday. They found no less than 10 problematic statements on "the big issues." As many observers were quick to point out, the problem was that nobody at the event knew enough to directly challenge Netanyahu on his statements — many of them inaccurate, out of context, or completely false. [tmwinpost] Here is a little something Think Progress missed: Netanyahu was asked about his…

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  • 'Israel Hayom' and Netanyahu's shared fear of Arab voters

    The prime minister's gravest allegation against those working against his re-election is that they are trying to raise voter participation among Arab citizens of Israel. 'Israel Hayom,' meanwhile, has decided that Arab voters' opinions just don't count. By Oren Persico “Millions of shekels from overseas — to raise voter participation for the Left and the Arabs,” was the main headline last week on Israel Hayom, the newspaper funded by millions of shekels from overseas. The headline was a quote from an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the newspaper's edition that day. [tmwinpost] Not the danger of Iranian nuclear proliferation,…

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