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Arab society

  • Revealed: Shin Bet controlled Arab schools for decades

    Classified documents reveal how, for years, Israel's internal security service meddled in Arab society's education system, firing teachers deemed 'threats' and employing Shin Bet agents in the Education Ministry. It has long been known that the Shin Bet, Israel’s shadowy internal security service, has been involved in surveillance over the country’s Arab population. Since the very first days of the state, the service monitored Arab political organizations; surveiled nationalist or communist activity viewed as subversive; and enlisted collaborators to ensure maximum control with minimum effort. [tmwinpost] Following the 1948 War, the Israeli government granted citizenship to the Palestinians who remained in the…

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  • To reduce crime, the police need the trust of Arab citizens

    The rising violence in Israel's Arab society hurts citizens and limits their ability to develop economically. But the police are unlikely to adequately address crime rates in Arab towns if they cannot work in cooperation with the local population.  By Thabet Abu Ras and Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu Of all the murder victims in Israel in 2016, 70 were Arab citizens. Thousands more were victims of violence and property damage. Statistically, 60 percent of murder victims in Israel are Arab — three times their representation in Israel's general population. [tmwinpost] Violence in Arab towns has reached disproportionate rates. This includes a wide-range of delinquency and criminal activities,…

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  • Dear Arab men, it's time to build a new kind of masculinity

    We must challenge masculinity that derives its power from the backs of the weakest segments in our society, while at the same time proposing an alternative masculinity that fights back against our humiliation. By Abed Abu Shehadeh After every catastrophe that befalls Arab society in Israel, I find myself typing away. I write to try and describe and analyze political events, focusing specifically on mechanisms of oppression. Time after time I ask myself why I even write in the first place, when I am well aware of the fact that I am using rationalistic tools to analyze irrational events. After all, there…

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  • WATCH: Arab women protest against domestic violence in Israel

    In the past decade, 76 Arab women have been murdered in domestic violence in Israel. The 'Committee for the Struggle against the Murder of Women in Arab Society' held an event protesting murder and violence against Arab women. Families of the victims are still demanding justice since most of the murderers are still free.

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