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  • Israel's Arab community and its contempt for its youth

    I have zero expectations from racist Jews, but I'd expect the Arabs, my own community, to be less judgmental of young people. You have no idea what it's like to walk down the street fearing the police and criminals, as well as your judgment. By Abed Abu Shehadeh Every time a young Arab is killed in our society, social media is flooded with condemnations and expressions of shock for about a week until their authors go back to their arrogant, standoffish selves thanking god, deep down, that some night clubs in our community don't let young Arabs in. One of…

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  • No, Herzog, 'Arab lovers' is the last thing you can say about Labor

    Isaac Herzog's plea to the Labor Party to shed their 'Arab-loving' image is the latest in a series of pathetic attempts to pander to the right. Might offering a viable political and moral alternative to the right do the trick? By Orly Noy Labor leader Isaac Herzog was absolutely right when he said on Tuesday that his party is a fountain of endless and unremitting Arab loving. As the following (very partial) selection of quotes may attest, adulation of Arabs is a long-held Labor Party tradition: In 1981, during an election rally in Beit Shemesh, former Chief of Staff and…

  • Isaac Herzog, leader of the non-opposition

    Many people are describing opposition leader Isaac Herzog's maiden speech in the 20th Knesset as the speech that could have won him the election. But is he offering an alternative that's any better than Netanyahu? Mabrouk on you, the new government تشوفو على وجهها الخير – may it bring only good things. That's how we, the naïvely optimistic Arabs, congratulate people on new things. Regardless of what we feel, we know how to congratulate. But let's not spend any more time on the new government. Sooner or later, Israel's 34th government will join its predecessors in the dustbin of history.…

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  • For Palestinian citizens, nothing but contempt and rejection for Liberman plan

    'Liberman's proposals spoil the delicate fabric of relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel. They come from a man who paved his political path using right-wing statements, erecting barriers in the process of peace and leading us to fear and despair.' By Riad Kabaha I was born in the early 1950s as an Israeli citizen. I was raised and educated in Israel, where I acquired positive, beneficial things from Jewish society, such as: curriculum, language, clothing, sites around the country, academic studies, employment, Jewish friends, participation in Knessest  elections, the ability to struggle for equality and rights, working together with…

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  • Film review: Arab citizen of Israel, member of the enemy

    What is a Muslim woman's place in a country where Jewish suffering is the dominant cultural theme? A new Israeli film tells the story of Hadeel, a 27-year-old Arab woman who teaches at a Jewish school in central Israel, and explores the difficulty of never fully belonging. By Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber Dove’s Cry, Ganit Ilouz's new documentary (playing at New York City's "The Other Israel" film festival, November 16-18), tells the story of a charismatic Arabic teacher in a Jewish elementary school in Israel. Edited by Sara Salomon, the film speaks to both the possibilities as well as the limitations of implementing an…

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  • What Yair Lapid's anti-Zoabi comments reveal about Israeli politics

    It is not considered racist in Israel to discriminate against 20 percent of the population and the millions more living in the occupied West Bank. It is considered the self-determination of the Jewish people. The few words Yair Lapid said to the press the day after the election that made his Yesh Atid party the second largest in Israel, are still troubling me. Ami Kaufman mentioned it in his post, but I think it merits a bit more attention, since while we in Israel may be desensitized and no longer shocked, it really is quite disturbing. Those following news here…

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  • A call to establish a national memorial day for slain Arab citizens

    Israel’s Amadou Diallo and Stephen Biko are 13 Arab Israelis shot and killed in October 2000 by the Israeli National Police. October 1 must be an Israeli national memory day for the victims. by Issa Edward Boursheh Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of October 2000 events in which Rami, Ahmad, Mohammad, Mosleh, Asil, Alaa, Walid, Emad, Eyad, Mohammad, Ramez, Omar and Wissam were killed by Israel National Police. Thirteen people are dead and zero have been found guilty. The Or Commission, which was appointed by the Israeli government to investigate the events, criticized the Israeli police for being unprepared for the…

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