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Arab citizens

  • Ahmad Tibi has a plan to unseat Netanyahu, but it means leaving his Palestinian partners

    Ahmad Tibi's recent announcement that he would split from the Joint List has rattled Palestinian citizens. In an interview, he speaks about the successes and failures of the list, why his party would be better off alone, and why he may join forces with Israel's centrist leaders. By Meron Rapoport Four years after it was established, the Joint List, which succeeded in uniting Israel’s Palestinian parties, is on its way toward dissolution. Dr. Ahmad Tibi, who heads the Arab Movement for Renewal faction, also known as Ta’al, made a surprising announcement last week, declaring he would run independently in the upcoming elections, set for April 9. The reason stems from Tibi’s…

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  • Defying racist legislation: New bill seeks to turn Israel into a true democracy

    In the face of an onslaught of nationalist, anti-Arab laws, one lawmaker is proposing a simple alternative: transforming Israel into a state for all its citizens. A few years ago, my colleague Noam Sheizaf conducted a fascinating interview with the executive director of Adalah, Hassan Jabareen, in which the former raised the idea that the rise of nationalist and anti-democratic legislation was actually a response to the Palestinian-Israeli public taking its citizenship more seriously — both its rights and the obligations that that citizenship entails. Considering the conduct of the government, as well as that of the Arab public in Israel over…

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  • What secrets is Israel's state archive hiding from the public?

    Instead of exposing the past, the government archives are busy with hiding information from the public. The reasons: fear of exposing war crimes, upsetting the 'Arab public,' and harming Israel's image. By Noam Hofstadter Israeli Chief Archivist Dr. Yaakov Lozowick published a comprehensive report earlier this month on the state of publicly available material in the government archives. The report, which includes a detailed account of the ongoing work in the archives, was presented to the High Council of the Archives, the statutory body with limited advisory jurisdiction in archival matters. A final version of the report can be found…

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  • Shin Bet detains Arab activists — to stop them from attending funeral

    Three well-known Bedouin activists were detained and interrogated on the way to the funeral of Yacoub Abu al-Qi'an, who was killed by police last week. Attorney Gaby Lasky: 'This has all the marks of a police state.' Israeli police and the security authorities continue to persecute the Arab residents of the Negev. On Tuesday, the Shin Bet detained three well-known Palestinian activists from the area as they were making their way to the funeral of Yacoub Abu al-Qi'an, a resident of the Bedouin village Umm el-Hiran who was shot and killed by police last week. [tmwinpost] The three were detained…

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  • WATCH: The Arab youth mainstreaming Palestinian identity in Israel

    Today, many young Arab citizens of Israel are no longer afraid of being proud of their Palestinian identity. Yet there is a general sense that the establishment is trying to prevent them from defining their own identity. What happens when Arabs who take pride in their people want to ‘make it’ into the mainstream? The third and final part in a series on Palestinian identity in Israel. Watch parts one and two.

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  • WATCH: Why Arab youth increasingly identify as Palestinian

    What makes young Arabs who live in Israel define themselves as Palestinians? How do Israel's divide-and-conquer policies make it difficult for Palestinian citizens to formulate a unified identity? Part two of Rami Younis and Israel Social TV's inside look at the changes taking place among Palestinians inside Israel. Watch part one here. Read more: WATCH: 'Israeli Arab' or Palestinian? A new activism, a new politics, a new generation of Palestinians in Israel From Haifa to Beirut: ’48 Palestinians challenge regional isolation

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  • Palestinian citizens must decide what kind of future they want

    Despite the racism and violence, Palestinian citizens must not despair. Instead they should nonviolently challenge the majority as part of a discussion on rights, democratic values, and opposition to the occupation. By Marzuq Al-Halabi Although there exists a multitude of Palestinian political parties and movements in Israel, there are three main currents among them that cross boundaries, find expression in different organizations and lifestyles, and crop up in day-to-day practice and discussions. However, the borders between these currents have hardened as a result of internal social, local and national developments. [tmwinpost] The central current tries creatively and with all its might to reconcile its Israeliness with…

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  • Israel cannot afford to abandon its Arab youth

    Sixty thousand Arab youths in Israel are defined as 'idle,' neither working nor studying, a precursor to a life of unemployment and violence. It's time for the state to take drastic steps to ensure they too have a future. By Makbula Nassar Sixty-thousand young Arabs between the 18-22 are defined by the state as "idle" — those who do not work or study. But the term is deceiving: there is nothing idle about these young people; in fact, the term is probably better suited to the local authorities who do nothing to ameliorate their situation. Forty percent of people in…

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  • How police can earn the trust of Arab society in Israel

    For the past 15 years, the police have made efforts to work alongside Arab society. But as violence rises, they are once again being regarded as a quasi-military force more interested in state security than in reducing crime. By Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu During a weekly cabinet meeting in mid-January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that increased law enforcement in Arab towns be a prerequisite for the recently-passed economic development package aimed at the Arab sector. Two weeks later, the government announced the creation of a new special police unit responsible for law enforcement in Arab areas. It was reported that…

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  • 'But you don't look like an Arab'

    Years of failed coexistence projects between Jews and Palestinians, which were always intended to show Jews that we too are human beings, made me realize that enough is enough. By Muhammad Kabha Years of failed coexistence projects between Jews and Palestinians, which were always intended to show Jews that we too are human beings, brought me to the conclusion that enough is enough. On the day I first opened my eyes I met my dad’s Jewish friends. They were very nice. “Kiffi,” the blonde soldier who worked as a server in the wedding hall where my dad cooked, loved me.…

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  • In the Jewish state, equality for Arabs is impossible by definition

    Isn’t it time to finally ask why every single attempt to achieve full equality for Palestinian citizens has failed? By Umar al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz) This week the Israeli army radio, Galei Tzahal, conducted a survey which, among other things, polled the attitude of Israeli Jews regarding full equal rights for Arab citizens of Israel. The results of the survey, conducted among 503 Jews, revealed that the Jewish public in this country is almost equally divided on this issue. 45 percent oppose full equal rights for the state’s Arab citizens, 43 percent are in favor, 6 percent replied “it…

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  • Does the state care when its Arab citizens are murdered?

    As long as Arabs are the ones being murdered, the State of Israel has no problem with illegally-owned weapons. Only when Jews are harmed does this become a national issue. And then they wonder why we aren't loyal. By Abed Abu Shehada I came home at around 9 p.m. and pressed the button for the elevator. Without any prior notice, dozens of armed policemen jump on me at the entrance to my building. I cooperated, told them where I live, and no, I did not resist — despite the fact that the police did not present me with any arrest warrant,…

  • Redistribution of wealth must begin with Israel's kibbutzim

    Instead of continuing to give benefits to Israel's richest sector, it is time to redivide the pie and give some of that wealth to the poorest citizens. By Sigal Harush Yehonatan In the span of just one week, two separate headlines managed to demonstrate the intolerable social and economic reality in Israel. The first was about a deal that will allow residents of kibbutzim and moshavim (Israel's communal settlements) to build third residential units on land originally slated for agriculture. This outrageous decision essentially hands over millions of shekels to these residents, as the deal allows them to purchase the…

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