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  • You have the power to stop apartheid: An open letter to AIPAC

    American Jews, who play such a central role in what happens in Israel, can put an end to the oppression of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. But only if they tell Israelis that enough is enough. By Marzuq al-Halabi Dear AIPAC leaders, In one of his most famous poems, “Think of Others,” Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish asks the reader to keep the other in mind at all times. This, he writes, should apply whether we are preparing breakfast, paying our water bill, or declaring war. I wonder, then, whether you, as you take part in your annual conference next week think about us over…

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  • How to stop Kahanists from taking over

    Twenty-five years after a follower of Meir Kahane massacred Palestinian worshipers in Hebron, Netanyahu is basing his future coalition on a Kahanist party. Now Israelis will have to decide between apartheid and a future of hope and equality. By Raluca Ganea Reality is often too complex to draw clear lines between cause and effect. But occasionally, a single act by a single person changes the course of history. Twenty-five years ago, on February 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinian worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank city of Hebron. [tmwinpost] Instead of evacuating the Hebron settlement following the massacre, Israel punished…

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  • How to build an opposition: Lessons from South African Apartheid

    What can the Israeli left learn from South Africa? Instead of trying to defeat its right-wing rivals, the opposition should propose a platform of equality and humanism. By Liel Maghen It’s not uncommon for the history of South Africa to come up when discussing the history and present of Israel-Palestine. There are those who compare Israel’s regime in the occupied territories to South Africa’s Apartheid regime, while others recall the movement to boycott South Africa as a means of applying the same kind of pressure to Israel. Then there are those who find inspiration in the transitional justice of the…

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  • Forget about dialogue groups, it's time to switch to co-resistance

    The 'coexistence model' is outdated and misleading. Instead, a Palestinian and an Israeli activist talk about eliminating systems of oppression from the bottom up — together. By Renad Uri and Omri Evron As the dispossession of Palestine enters its eighth decade and Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian people its sixth, it is time to finally change the conversation. [tmwinpost] Many summer camps and youth leagues promote a dialogue of coexistence on Israel-Palestine. This model is also adhered to in U.S. diplomacy regarding the conflict post-Oslo. The assumption that coexistence can solve deep-rooted issues is misleading, though. It creates a false sense of…

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  • Applying the law by ethnicity: Israel's dual legal systems explained

    In the occupied West Bank, everyone is subject to Israeli military law. Unless, of course, you're an Israeli settler. The dual legal systems — separate laws and court systems for different people in the same territory — are one of the reasons some refer to Israel's occupation as apartheid. Video by Tal Frieden. Story editing by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man

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  • Israel's new 'apartheid road' is about more than just segregation

    Israel claims the new road, which separates Israelis and Palestinians by an eight-meter wall, alleviates traffic for settlers while helping Palestinians travel around the West Bank. Human rights activists say it will help create Israeli-only enclaves free of any Palestinian presence.  Israel unveiled a new segregated highway in the occupied West Bank last week, with a giant eight-meter concrete wall separating Palestinian and Israeli drivers on either side. Labeled the apartheid road by critics, Route 4370’s official reasoning is to alleviate traffic for Israeli settlers commuting to Jerusalem, as well as creating a new way for Palestinians to travel between the northern and…

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  • In advocating for a Palestinian state, Haaretz forgets about the Palestinians

    According to Haaretz, all Israel has to do to maintain the relevance of the two-state solution is evacuate 9,800 Jewish families from the West Bank. How do the Palestinians factor into this vision? They do not. By Meron Rapoport The headline on the front page of last weekend’s Haaretz weekend magazine was a short one: ‘You Lost.’ The “you” in this case referred to the settlers. According to the subhead, a decade into Netanyahu’s rule, it turns out the settlement enterprise has failed to thwart the creation of a Palestinian state. Evacuating 9,800 Israeli families in the West Bank, according…

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  • Israeli, Palestinian support for two states hits record low

    A new survey finds that fewer Jewish Israelis and Palestinians now support the two-state solution. And while support for armed struggle against the occupation has dropped, more Jewish Israelis now support a 'definitive war' against Palestinians. By Henriette Chacar Support for a two-state solution is at the lowest level among both Israelis and Palestinians in almost two decades, according to a public opinion poll published on Monday. The poll, conducted in June and July among representative samples of 2,150 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and 1,600 Israelis, was a follow-up survey to several previous studies conducted by Dr. Khalil Shikaki and…

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  • Israel's Nation-State Law: 'Apartheid is a process'

    With the passage of the 'Jewish Nation-State Law,' Israel has constitutionally enshrined discrimination against its Palestinian population. 'We don’t have to keep looking for policies that resemble Jim Crow,' says Attorney Fady Khoury. The Israeli parliament passed the “Jewish Nation-State Law” in the early hours of Thursday morning, defining Israel as the exclusive nation-state of the Jewish people and demoting the official status of Arabic. [tmwinpost] Almost immediately, Palestinian politicians and rights groups began speaking of the legislation in the starkest of terms. PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat said the law “turns a ‘de-facto’ Apartheid regime into a ‘de-jure’ reality…

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  • When racism and segregation are perceived as 'legitimate rights'

    Protests against Arab families moving into Jewish cities are a reminder that until everyone is free to choose where they want to live, the Israeli regime will remain segregationist and racist at its core. By Suhad Bishara Jewish residents of the northern Israeli city of Afula protested last week against the sale of a home to an Arab family and the possibility that the city would have a mixed Jewish-Arab population. I have no doubt that every person who believes in freedom and justice will view this protest as an expression of pro-segregation racism reminiscent of South African apartheid. [tmwinpost]…

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  • What would you do if soldiers dragged your son out of bed in the middle of the night?

    After more than half a century of occupation, most Israelis can no longer imagine themselves in the place of the Palestinians. But if we cannot imagine what it is like to live under occupation, we must at least confront its brutal reality.  Twenty years ago, in March 1998, the head of the Labor Party Ehud Barak was asked by Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy what he would do were he a young Palestinian living under occupation. “If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I would, at some point, join one of the terrorist groups,” Barak answered. [tmwinpost] Today, not…

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  • 'I'll open up your face': The routine of collective punishment in Hebron

    A new video shows Israeli Border Police preventing children from passing through a gate in order to reach their homes. This is what collective punishment looks like.  Ever since Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem launched its Camera Project 11 years ago, the Israel public has had countless opportunities to get a glimpse of the routine of occupation from the point of view of Palestinians living under it. [tmwinpost] Sometimes those videos create a public uproar, as happened with Elor Azaria, who was caught on camera executing a dying Palestinian, or the infamous settler from Hebron, who was seen spitting and cursing…

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  • The myth of the Gaza 'border'

    The Green Line disguises the fact that Palestinians in Gaza are no longer being oppressed outside the Israeli state, but are being caged and brutalized inside it. Palestinian activists have long criticized the use of the word “border” to describe the 1949 armistice line that divides Gaza and Israel, and which protestors in the Great March of Return have been trying to cross at great risk to life and limb. By invoking the term, Israel insists that its open-fire policy toward the march is part of its legitimate right to defend its sovereignty and security. It further claims that, because…

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