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  • In the war against Iran, the IDF Spokesperson sides with jihadists

    The IDF Spokesperson to the Arabic media publishes a video quoting a medieval Muslim scholar who has inspired jihadists from Bin Laden to ISIS. By Yossef Rapoport The latest video published by Avichai Adraee, the IDF Spokesperson for the Arabic media, shows the major quoting the writings of medieval Sunni Muslim scholar Ibn Taimiyyah, in an attempt to expose the "danger" that Shia pose to the Muslim community. According to Adraee, Ibn Taimiyyah’s warnings from the 14th century were only a previous incarnation of the current Iranian threat. [tmwinpost] The video is entirely dedicated to portraying the Shia as “infidels” in Sunni Islam. Adraee opens with a verse…

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  • Banning the Brotherhood: What next for Egypt’s Islamists?

    Months after it was unseated from power, it is unlikely that the Muslim Brotherhood will defeat the military in their current standoff. To end the conflict, both sides will need to move toward a power-sharing solution. By Gillian Kennedy From Cairo to Damascus, Middle Eastern politicians and populaces are keeping a watchful eye on the fate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Last month saw a decisive development in the soap opera world that is Egyptian political life. A court judgement declaring that Egypt’s first democratically elected group is now officially banned. But what does this mean for the behemoth Brotherhood? The…

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  • What's next for Egypt, Israel and the elusive peace treaty?

    The Camp David Accords, the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty brokered by President Jimmy Carter, survived 30  years under ousted president Hosni Mubarak. But the treaty was never popular amongst the people. Will it survive in the post-Mubarak era? By Nervana Mahmoud When Anwar Sadat signed the Camp David Peace Treaty in 1979, he probably did not foresee that he had only two years left to rule Egypt and that his successor Mubarak would rule the country for thirty long years after. It is probably also safe to say that the Arab Spring would never have entered his wildest imagination. To his…

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