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anti-NGO legislation

  • Arab citizens, not Israeli leftists, pay the real price for speaking out

    The Israeli government may be cracking down on human rights NGOs and left-wing activists, but Palestinians citizens of Israel are the ones suffering from concrete persecution — with sometimes fatal results. The recently-passed law prohibiting the entry of boycott supporters into Israel is just the latest in a string of legislation and administrative measures aimed at curtailing freedoms and cracking down on dissent against the occupation. But this broad trend actually obscures two separate phenomena, with distinct dynamics and implications. [tmwinpost] The first one is the ongoing oppression of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Although better off than the non-citizens in the West Bank…

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  • Right-wing parties revive attack on left-wing NGOs

    The absurd contradiction between advancing bills with paranoid, dictator-style accusations of 'foreign meddling,' while throwing temper tantrums over the loss of that meddling for the sake of strengthening the occupation is deeply disheartening.  Knesset members from two right-wing parties in Knesset have revived a bill to limit foreign government funding of left-wing Israeli NGOs. The original legislation was halted by the previous Knesset following both domestic and international criticism, including from Israel’s Attorney General. The current version of the bill is being described as “softer,” version but as a fine op-ed in Haaretz by Amir Fuchs of the Israel Democracy…

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  • How the Netanyahu gov't undermines Israeli democracy

    Several actions by the current government are intended to deny the opposition its essential freedom of action One of the basic principles of a democratic regime is that it allows all citizens to participate in it equally. The basic assumption is that the faction currently in power will be removed someday, and that the opponents of the government are allowed the same rights in spreading their ideas. Another basic assumption is that a change of government is a healthy thing; a regime that makes its replacement difficult is already on the way to dictatorship or at the very least an…

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  • Human rights march in Tel Aviv to counter anti-NGO legislation

    The true essence of the foreign funding bill is its subjugation of all Israeli civil society organizations to the government’s whims. On Friday, December 9, 2011, Israeli civil society fights back at the human rights march By Ehud Uziel The revised Akunis-Kirschenbaum foreign funding bill backed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman is genius. Their proposed amendment to the income tax law will obligate a 45% taxation rate on donations from “a foreign state entity” to Israeli nonprofit organizations. The amendment will leave room for only one type of exemption for NGOs: those that also receive funding from…

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  • Netanyahu’s assault goat and Israel's human rights NGOs

    Netanyahu freezes the anti-NGO bills – and keeps them as a weapon to be used at any time The mythical, conflict-erasing goat has a place of honor in the annals of Israeli administration. It is based on an ancient morality tale, fabricated a few decades ago, in which a Jew goes to his rabbi and complains he prefers death to life; his large family, forced into living in a small room, bickers endlessly. What should I do, rabbi? The rabbi thinks. Put a goat in the room, he finally says. The Jew is skeptical, but obeys. A week later, they…

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  • IDF Spokesman hoisted by own petard?

    IDF Spokesman, Major Peter Lerner, expresses a political opinion. Problem: That’s forbidden to soldiers Everyone who has had the misfortune to serve in the IDF – most Israeli Jews are forced to – has heard, time and time again, the slogan that “soldiers are not allowed to deal with politics.” Naturally enough, this was never true in the higher levels of the army: The Chief of Staff is generally a uniformed politician-to-be. When Dan Halutz said, as deputy CoS, that “[the soon-to-be evacuated settlements] Ganim and Qadim are home”, he was making a clear political statement. But, as a rule, the…

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