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anti-Ethiopian racism

  • In Israel just as NY, racial profiling harms more than just victims of police killings

    The judge who oversaw New York City's stop and frisk case for nearly a decade responds to the shooting of an unarmed black man in northern Israel. By Shira Scheindlin I have been reading, with a troubling sense of déjà vu, about the police shooting of Solomon Tekah, an unarmed Ethiopian-Israeli man, in Haifa last week. As the judge who oversaw the “stop and frisk” case in New York City for nearly a decade, I am all too familiar with police racial profiling and the harm it causes to the police force, the victims of police violence, and the community at large. [tmwinpost] Those…

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  • 'They’re killing our brothers': Why Ethiopians shut down Israel for a day

    They're angry at the media, have lost faith in the establishment, and know that just like other Ethiopian Israelis before them, they too may pay a price for the color of their skin. The demonstrators who protested in Tel Aviv yesterday were not 'anarchists' — they were frightened young women and men who want to show they haven't lost their power. By Yael Marom and Oren Ziv Following the police killing of 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli Solomon Tekah over the weekend, the Ethiopian community decided that they could sit still no longer, taking to the streets in protests that are already in their third day. Tuesday evening’s…

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  • WATCH: Ethiopian-Israelis take struggle to the corridors of power

    Two years have passed since Ethiopian-Israelis took the streets to protest police brutality and widespread inequality. Now they are bringing their struggle to the Knesset, which recently marked a 'Day for Equality for Ethiopian Immigrants.' Members of Knesset, government officials, and social activists joined together to discuss discrimination in housing, budget allocation, higher education, and more. But will be enough to bring about the necessary change?

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