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animal rights

  • Meet Palestine's animal rights activists

    An invitation to visit the site slated for Palestine's first vegan cafeteria led me to discover the buzzing, if incipient, world of animal rights activism in the West Bank. I have a confession to make: I, how shall I put this, don't like animals. Whether it's the annoying dog wagging his tail next to me on the street or the cute spoiled cat seeking an embrace, they just don't do it for me. [tmwinpost] I tried to learn the code of acceptable conduct among pets' adoptive families, though I always managed to fail by offending someone. Most of the time I extracted…

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  • Israeli minister weighs population transfer — of kittens

    Arguing that spaying and neutering violates Jewish law, Israel's agriculture minister proposes a crime against humanity — against cats. We knew it would happen sooner or later. The occupation has finally come home to roost. The darkest of Israel’s injustices, mass displacement and population transfer, is now threatening the Tel Aviv left-wing establishment’s holiest of holies — cute, little kittens. Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel is proposing a full-fledged population transfer of Israel’s stray feline population, or rather all of its males, or females. No, seriously. We're not making this up. The transfer plan was revealed in a letter from the…

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  • WATCH: The largest animal rights protest in Israel's history

    Over 15,000 animal rights activists marched through the streets of Tel Aviv earlier this month to raise awareness over animal abuse in Israel. The rally, which ended in Rabin Square, was attended by several high-profile speakers who spoke to the crowd about the cruelty of animal testing and the meat industry.

  • A Month in Photos: Police violence, elections and the holy selfie

    Editors' picks of the top photos from Palestine, Israel and beyond for the month of January. This month, terror attacks in France and Tel Aviv, Bedouin citizens of Israel protest against police violence, Israel's election campaign gets into full swing, Hezbollah attacks the Israeli army on the Lebanese border and snow falls on the West Bank. Photos: Oren Ziv, Keren Manor, Yotam Ronen, Ahmad al-Bazz, Faiz Abu-Rmeleh, Tess Schaflan / Edit: Anka Mirkin, Shiraz Grinbaum /

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  • PHOTOS: Women leading the struggles in Israel/Palestine

    In honor of International Women’s Day, Activestills brings you the best photos of the activist women who push for justice and a better life for all those between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Photo by:  Ahmad al-Bazz, Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor, Tali Mayer, Anne Paq, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Yotam Ronen, Oren Ziv/   Read more: Meet the Israeli women who have stood up to the occupation for 26 years Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupation

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  • Photos of the week: Asylum seekers, LGBT activists hit the streets

    This week: solidarity with asylum seekers, animal rights activism, denouncing against attacks on transgender people, return of Palestinian militants' remains, tear gas in Aida Camp, military training in the Jordan Valley, Palestinian steadfastness in Khirbet Makhoul, protests against medical privatization, and weekly demonstrations against the occupation.                    

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  • Photos of the week: Bedouin perseverance and other protests

    This week: Resisting displacement of Negev Bedouin, mourning Nelson Mandela, shootings of Palestinians by Israeli forces, marching in Nabi Saleh, protesting conscription of ultra-Orthodox Jews, taking action for animal rights, and seeking asylum for Afghan refugees.                              

  • A week in photos: Days of rage

    This week: Anti-Prawer Plan protests from south to north, tear gas weapons on a Bethlehem Christmas tree, a Druze refusenik, a fake fur fashion show, a water break during clashes, an Emmy-winner against the wall, Ethiopians arrested, Al-Araqib endures demolition, Afghan asylum seekers in Europe, and the ongoing humiliations of occupation.  Photos:                                    

  • PHOTOS: Animal rights activists arrested in Israeli meat factory store

    Police arrested 11 animal rights activists during a protest action against the meat industry in northern Israel on Wednesday. The activists, carrying signs reading "take responsibility," entered the Soglowek meat factory store in the city of Nahariya and spilled red paint on glass display cases and meat counters. Employees of the store attacked the activists, from a group called ‘269 Life,’ and journalists covering the action. Click to read: The rise of Israel's animal rights movement   sdfsdf

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