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  • The roots of Palestinian and Israeli teenage violence

    The violence we are witnessing among Israeli and Palestinian teenagers is a response to a system that limits their independence through power and control. By Gil Gertel Three different news items on teenage violence were aired in the Israeli media recently. The first was a hearing in the Special Committee for the Rights of the Child on violence by teachers toward students. Following that came a report by the Education Ministry that tracked the level of violence in schools. Finally, Channel 10 aired a four-part series that looked into what motives Palestinian teens to carry out violent attacks against Israelis.…

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  • Teacher summoned to hearing over leftist Facebook comments

    A teacher in an Israeli public school, who has become the target of a hate campaign after she expressed leftist views on Facebook, has been summoned to a hearing at the Ministry of Education. According to the teacher, following some messages she posted on a Facebook debate regarding an "alternative memorial day" (a pro-peace event taking place on the national memorial day for soldiers and terror victims), a group of rightwing Israelis traced her and wrote letters of complaint to the Ministry of Education. She was then asked to write a letter clarifying her position, and was invited to a formal…

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  • An open letter of solidarity to Israel's nonviolent activists

    A statement of support for two Israeli anti-occupation activists, who continue in their courageous struggle for democracy and justice in the face of growing hostility and violence By Ben Elkind and Simone Zimerman On Friday, September 30, 2011, a violent mob attacked Assaf Sharon and Sara Beninga in the Anatot settlement outside of Jerusalem.  Reportedly, during the attack, police stood idly by and watched. Though badly beaten, Assaf and Sara remained fervently committed to democracy and social justice.  In response to the violence at Anatot, my friend Simone and I wrote this letter expressing our solidarity with Assaf and Sara. …

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  • Rick's Weekly Wrap: The boy is back in town

    Welcome, one and all, to the Weekend Holyland Wrap. No, you cannot take your haz-mat suits off. There's still Schalit Fever in the air. And smoke. And keep those helmets on. They'll be needed too. This here is the extreme tour version. | Raging Rechavia “Rick” Berman gives you the week’s top stories as they ought to be told. A weekly feature on +972 By Rechavia “Rick” Berman So "the boy*" is back in town. By now, if you read this most excellent and informative website I have the privilege to share space on, you have heard all about Bibi…

  • Policeman identified among settlers who attacked activists

    One of the attackers in Anatot was identified as Yossi Ben Arush, a police investigator residing in the settlement. Police: If someone complains, Internal Affairs will investigate An unusually violent incident took place during the last weekend in the settlement of Anatot, when large groups of settlers attacked Palestinian and Israeli peace activists on two occasions. The violence was well-documented by the activists. The first attack happened during the day, the latter at night, when the activists returned to the settlement to protest. During the second attack this person was prominent: In a strange attempt to move the blame away…

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  • WATCH: New video of settler attack in Anatot released

    The settler attack on Israelis and Palestinians that I reported on Friday night, which went largely uncovered in mainstream Israeli media, is now being reported on by both Haaretz and Channel 2 news. Both outlets are showing a new video that the activists have publicized, which was not ready when I posted. You can view it here below.  We apologize that there are no English subtitles, but the video mostly speaks for itself. UPDATE: Video has come out with English subtitles:

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  • 23 Israelis and Palestinians injured in settler attack outside Jerusalem

    23 Israelis and Palestinians injured - some including broken bones and bloody gashes - in an attack by settlers from the settlement of Anatot just outside Jerusalem, West Bank According to Israeli activists, on Friday morning (Sept 30) Palestinian and Israeli activists were attacked by settlers near the settlement of Anatot, which is about 20 minutes drive outside of Jerusalem in the West Bank, just north of Maale Adumim. Activists came to accompany the owner of the plot of land to plant trees - when they were met by a large group of settlers, who attacked them and reportedly cracked…

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