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Anat Saragusti

  • October 2000: How to get Israelis to empathize with Arabs

    A former editor of Israel's flagship weekend television news program reflects on the challenge of presenting the October 2000 events — when Israeli police killed 13 unarmed Arab protesters — in a way Jewish Israelis might empathize with the pain of the country's Palestinian population. By Anat Saragusti It was an intense meeting in a small room on the second floor of Channel 2 news in Tel Aviv. We tried to come up with the perfect mix of views to make Israeli Jews make sense of what would eventually come to be known as the "events of October 2000." Back…

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  • A man who really saw people: A farewell to Noam Kaminer

    Remembering the life of Noam Kaminer is a journey through the history and memories of the radical Israeli Left. By Anat Saragusti (Translated from Hebrew by Matan Kaminer) How often does one get the chance to participate in a non-political event in which people of different walks of life and circles of activity, young and old, Palestinians and Jews, congregate around a common denominator that is known and beloved by all? How many Israeli Jews have sat with Israeli Palestinians for an entire evening outside the context of a political event? How many of us Israeli Jews have Israeli Palestinian…

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  • How three Israeli journalists brought Arafat into Israeli homes

    Fifty years after the founding of the PLO, journalist Anat Saragusti talks about the first interview Yasser Arafat gave to an Israeli media outlet, looking for the real story in Beirut under siege, and the importance of pushing the limits of society’s comfort zone. By Anat Saragusti This story can go in a number of directions. It can be a story about war, or about different world views, it can be a political story or a societal one, and it is of course, first and foremost a journalistic story. For me, it’s all of those things together. It was the beginning…

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