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Anastasia Michaeli

  • WATCH: Footage of the protest that kicked off the summer

    On June 23, two protests took place in Tel Aviv. The first was a protest in response to incitement against the LGBT community by MK Anastasia Michaeli. The second was a spontaneous demonstration protesting the violence police employed against social justice activists the day before. Israel Social TV brings you coverage. This video was produced by Israel Social TV, an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism. Related: WATCH: Thousands block highway, attack banks in J14 protest Amidst hostile media and police violence, J14 finds new voice MK…

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  • WATCH: MK claims gays interfere with army’s ability to fight

    After Yisrael Beiteinu MK Anastasia Michaeli’s rant a few days ago against homosexuals (which will apparently continue in a lengthy interview later this week in Maariv) it was MK Uri Ariel's (National Union) turn to do some gay-bashing. On June 18 he was interviewed on the Knesset channel and said that gays should not be drafted into the IDF.   There’s a lot of buzz on the social networks, saying that Ariel and Michaeli’s statements are just an attempt to divert attention from the coalition’s bigger problems and crimes (the Ulpana neighborhood, Finance Minister Steinitz giving billions to the corporations,…

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  • MK Michaeli: Gays need therapy, commit suicide at age 40

    MK Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) is at it again. Remember the last one, when she poured water on an Arab MK from Labor, Ghaleb Majadele? You can watch that video here. Today she was in a panel discussion in the Knesset, and somehow the topic of homosexuals came up. Michaeli had something to say [Heb], as Ynet reports: Unfortunately I see on Channel 10 programs that show how nice it is to be gay. And they interview his mother, on how miserable she is, suffering, she divorced her husband and her child is gay... I think that most gays are guys…

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  • Between the Lines (6 Oct): Yesterday's news today & the real news

    Headlines: Yesterday’s new today > This is a news roundup, but do the newspapers necessarily publish news? This is yet another day when the Yom Kippur War protocols capture the headlines, without revealing anything significant about that war that we didn’t already know. Israel was caught by surprise despite sufficient intelligence? Jordan was a secret ally? Israeli leadership considered extreme measures? These are just about the best known facts about that war. > Is the city of Lod in the grip of a crime wave? There have been 8 murders this year in a city with a population of 74,000,…

  • Forgive me father for I know not what I do

    Netanyahu's Pravda - also known as Yisrael Hayom in some circles - let some public figures ask for forgiveness and repent on their paper ahead of Yom Kippur. I've chosen my three "favorites". The activist Here's what Arieh Eldad, a right wing extremist member of Knesset, had to say: "I'd like to ask forgiveness from the citizens of Judea and Samaria. My colleagues and I did not prevent the prime minister of Israel from freezing construction in the Jewish settlements for the past 10 months". Mr. Eldad, I hope - with G-d's help - that you will in a few…

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