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Anarchists Against the Wall

  • Meet the radical Israeli looking to lead Britain's Jewish students

    A radical, left-wing British-Israeli has shaken up the race for the next president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish students, and drawn international media attention. Eran Cohen talks BDS, diasporism, and being wounded by unfriendly IDF fire. By Matan Kaminer The election campaign for president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish Students is not the kind of story you'd expect to be picked up by the international media. But Eran Cohen, a British-Israeli and a radical leftist, is not your usual kind of candidate, and his campaign has generated headlines in Jewish outlets in the U.S. and Israel. [tmwinpost] With political…

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  • Farewell to an Israeli partner in the Palestinian struggle

    Renen Raz died last week after a lengthy battle with an illness. For Palestinians activists, he was an example of an Israeli who truly believed in liberation for all. By: Ahmad Al-Bazz / Dozens of Palestinians have been expressing their condolences on social media since the death of Israeli activist Renen Raz last week, following a struggle with an illness. [tmwinpost] Raz, who passed away at age 28, grew up on Kibbutz Dorot in southern Israel. From his home he could see Gaza, only three kilometers away, yet growing up he was never taught anything about the Strip or its inhabitants. “I asked my…

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  • 'A consciousness free of occupation': Bil'in marks 10 years of popular struggle

    The village that managed to unite the world behind the spirit of nonviolent Palestinian protest marks not only a decade of tear gas, night raids and tragedy, but also of co-resistance and victories in its struggle against settlements, the separation barrier and the occupation. Anyone who has visited the West Bank village of Bil’in on a recent Friday might think, just for a second, that they were back in 2005. At first glance, it seems like nothing has changed since the days of the first protests, which began 10 years ago this month. Now, as then, the protesters — mostly…

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  • Navigating privilege, solidarity and belonging: A chapter from the new book 'Anarchists Against the Wall'

    As a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, Roy Wagner acts in solidarity with people whose plight and oppression has to do with his privilege. 'Since I am part of their problem, it’s pointless for me to patronize them over how their communities go wrong.' When it comes to his beloved hometown of Tel Aviv, however, that becomes a much more difficult, if not impossible task. 'With those who share my privileges though not my politics, with those whose wrongs are so densely interlinked with mine, I feel that I don’t have enough of a common language to talk about…

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  • Anti-occupation activists aim to fund legal defense in art sale

    Art exhibition and sale in Tel Aviv -- and online -- will try to cover the legal expenses of Israeli and Palestinian activists arrested for their protests against the wall, settlements, military campaigns and all systems of occupation and Apartheid. A great opportunity to support a great cause. Over the past decade or so the popular, unarmed and joint struggle of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals has become a symbol of resistance to the occupation. In dozens of cities, towns and mainly agricultural villages, popular committees have been organized in the spirit of the First Intifada, uniting different factions in order to…

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  • Police ban Israeli activists from West Bank demonstrations

    Thirteen anti-occupation activists were awoken by police officers early Sunday morning to receive closed military zone orders, preventing them from joining Palestinians in weekly demonstrations in the West Bank. By Leehee Rothschild Israeli police officers distributed closed military zone orders for four West Bank villages early Sunday morning to 13 prominent activists in groups such as Anarchists Against the Wall, Ta'ayush, and the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement. In most cases, the military orders were delivered personally, but for some activists who happened not to be home, they were left under their doors. In some cases, the officers came to look…

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  • Anarchists: The most important activists on the Jewish Israeli left

    A lot of nonsensical accusations are leveled at Israel's anarchist activists, a small group of citizens engaging in civil disobedience and nonviolent protest against the occupation. Most of them are lies. The fact is that the anarchists are the only group in Israel engaged in serious anti-occupation activism. This is a translation from Hebrew of my weekly column in Time Out Tel Aviv. It was written as a response to the labeling of J14 activists as "anarchists" by Israeli Knesset Members and journalists. You can read the original here. Thanks to Lisa Goldman for translating the piece. THE ISRAELI RIGHT has learned a…

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  • 1 injury, 2 fires and 6 arrests in Friday demos across West Bank

    Weekly demonstrations by the popular committees in three Palestinian villages in the West Bank on Friday endured the customary IDF means of suppression, including tear gas, skunk water and rubber-coated bullets. One child was injured, two fires erupted and several arrests were made.  By The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee ּBi'lin Residents of Bil'in were joined by Israeli and international activists, and made their way from the center of the village towards the Wall. Demonstrators carried flags and chanted slogans for national unity, for the continued struggle against the occupation and in solidarity with political prisoners. Upon reaching the Abu Lamon grove,…

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  • Thoughts on a joint but unequal Palestinian-Israeli struggle

    Israeli activists have joined Palestinians in demonstrations throughout the West Bank for a decade, in what some have come to bill a 'joint struggle.' But the apparent disparity between the daily realities of Israelis and Palestinians beckons the question: What is the role of Israelis in the Palestinian struggle for liberation? By Noa Shaindlinger Since 2003, a growing number of Israeli activists, primarily affiliated with Anarchists Against the Wall, have been joining the Palestinian popular struggle against the separation wall and settlements. Israelis accompany Palestinians in weekly demonstrations throughout the West Bank in villages like Bi’lin, Nil'in, Nabi Saleh, Beit Ummar…

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  • WATCH: Palestinians going to Madonna concert stopped by wall

    Two brothers from the village of Nil'in got tickets to see Madonna play live in Israel. They started walking to the show, but were stopped by the separation wall built on their lands. "I apologize for being not able to come to your concert for peace," said one of the brothers. [UPDATE: I've been told the video is inaccessible in the United States, so I'm attaching six screen shots from it at the end of the post for their benefit] The famous singer chose to perform in Ramat Gan despite being called upon by Palestinian, Israeli and other groups around…

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  • Madonna invites leftist groups to concert, Anarchists refuse

    Over 30,000 people are expected to attend the opening concert of Madonna's world tour "MDNA" tonight (Thursday) in Israel. The concert is being billed as a "peace concert" and costs more than NIS 15 million to produce. One of Madonna's dancers, a Palestinian named Ali Ramadani already made headlines after tweeting about his visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque: “At the amazing Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. I don’t want to say it’s in Israel, but Palestine, strength and honor.” A few Israeli newspapers are already reporting it as a "controversy." Madonna invited a variety of progressive and left-wing groups to come to…

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  • Israeli interrogated en route home for activism in Palestinian cause

    The activist tells of her experience being held for hours, harassed and intimidated by Israel Security Agency officials - for doing nothing illegal or suspicious. By Leehee Rothschild I arrived at Luton airport for my flight back to Israel, after spending one month in the UK and France, participating in Israeli Apartheid Week and BDS events. That, along with my ongoing activism for Palestinian rights, made me a security risk of the highest level for the Israeli state. The troubles began at the Israeli security counter before check-in. I answered all the questions correctly: “Did you pack alone?” "Yes.” “Has…

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  • J14 clashes show growing trend of civil disobedience

    Israelis employing provocative civil actions to draw attention to a struggle are commonplace in the West Bank. But scores getting violently arrested in the center of Tel Aviv over non-Occupation issues are a relatively new sight, signalling civil disobedience may be a trend on the rise within Israel While reading reports in the top stories of Israeli news sites that 40 people got arrested in front of the Tel Aviv municipality last night (Wednesday) and seeing photos of them getting forcefully and dramatically dragged away by police, it occurred to me that these are not sights one often sees inside…

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