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Amos Oz

  • Why settlement boycotters shouldn't join the BDS movement

    Although the Israeli government's crackdown on the BDS movement will doubtless boost sympathy for its cause, progressive settlement boycotters should think twice before getting onboard. By Abe Silberstein When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared settlement evacuation to ethnic cleansing last September, it became clear that the Israeli government was redoubling its efforts to improve the reputation of the settlement enterprise. [tmwinpost] Recent moves taken against boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) supporters seem to have cemented this approach: 2017 has seen a travel ban directed at BDS advocates and settlement boycotters, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s proposal for a database of Israeli…

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  • With the Right firmly in power, Israel's 'peace camp' turns on itself

    In a new campaign against an attempt to legalize the most blatant settler land theft, dozens of left-wing Zionist heavyweights instead blame the ‘radical left’ for the absence of peace. Several dozen Israeli academic, cultural and military heavyweights published full-page ads in two leading Israeli newspapers Friday morning denouncing a proposed law that would retroactive legalize the theft of Palestinian land. Israel’s attorney general has declared the so-called “normalization law” to be unconstitutional, and world powers cited it as one of the central factors that drove the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 last week. The full-page ads read:…

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  • How Im Tirtzu dominates Israel's public debate

    While its campaign of intimidation against supposed left-wing Israeli artists seems to have backfired, Im Tirtzu's role in Israel's current political climate cannot be overstated. The political climate in Israel has become so draconian and repressive lately that it was slightly surprising how quickly everyone rushed to denounce Im Tirtzu's latest campaign against mainstream artists and celebrities who sit or have sat on the boards of human rights organizations. Leaders across the political spectrum condemned the campaign, including Netanyahu, who has previously sung Im Tirtzu's praises on camera.  Following the backlash, the group told the Israeli press they had made a…

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  • Who needs the Right when we have Isaac Herzog?

    What is the difference between warning about Arab hordes heading to the polls and warning of Arabs being democratically elected to parliament? A few days after Benjamin Netanyahu swept the elections — partly attributed to his election-day racist warnings about Israel's Palestinian minority — I wrote a piece about his rival, Isaac Herzog, who was lugging his own brand of anti-Arab racism along with him on the campaign trail. [tmwinpost] Throughout the race, Herzog positioned himself as an alternative to Netanyahu who would reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, save Israel from looming international isolation, and return the country…

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  • Public reading of soldier testimonies to be held in Tel Aviv on anniversary of occupation

     Avner Gvaryahu, spokesperson for the anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence: 'We want as many public figures as possible to assume responsibility, in broad daylight, for the kind of stories every soldier knows to tell.' Breaking the Silence, an organization made up of ex-IDF soldiers that seeks to expose the reality of the occupation, is organizing a public reading of soldier testimonies from the West Bank and Gaza in central Tel Aviv's Habima Square. The event will mark the 10 year anniversary of the organization, which has taken a leading role in documenting Israel's control over the Palestinians in the West Bank…

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  • Tzipi Livni, another moral casualty of the Gaza war

    This week she lost the leadership of Kadima, but Livni lost her voice when she supported Operation Cast Lead - and she wasn't alone. In the euphoria immediately after Obama's election night in 2008, and with Israel's own election four months away, I wrote that "if there's any Israeli candidate who can catch the fire he lit, it's Livni." While granting that she wasn't a true "peacenik," meaning she didn't seem too bothered by the immorality of the occupation, I called her "a woman of integrity, a woman of justice...[and one] who appears sincerely eager to make peace with the Arabs." My opinion was based on Livni's having been the only member of Olmert's cabinet…

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  • And the peace camp stood silent

    Polls say most Israelis oppose Netanyahu on Iran, but there hasn't been a protest, a press conference or even a bumper sticker to give them a voice The world is worried more and more that Israel is going to attack Iran and start a Middle Eastern war, yet the Israeli peace camp, which used to put hundreds of thousands of people in the streets to protest war and occupation, is sitting there, excuse the expression, with its thumb up its ass. Not one demonstration (unless you count a few dozen nuclear disarmament folks standing on the street), not a press conference, not a TV interview, not an ad in the newspapers, not a bumper sticker. "I spoke…

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  • Human rights NGO's response to attack by Commentary magazine

    Following a written assault against B'Tselem in Commentary Magazine, accusing it of being a "wolf in sheep's clothing," B'Tselem press officer Sarit Michaeli refutes his arguments point by point, showing that B'Tselem is widely regarded as essential to Israeli society By Sarit Michaeli There is an inherent contradiction in smear attacks such as Noah Pollak’s tirade against B’Tselem in the pages of Commentary. On the one hand Mr. Pollak would like to convince his readers that the world-respected B’Tselem – the Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – is an insignificant and alien fringe group in…

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  • Incitement and violence: A week on Israel's slippery slope

    How much farther down can we slide? Oh, I fear there’s still a long way down from here. After all, so far, our skin heads and settlers only beat up Arabs. Lots more to look forward to, no? By Dror Feuer | Published originally on Globes, translated from Hebrew and linked by Shir Harel. A. Nice week we had, huh? The sun was shining, in Jerusalem we discovered dozens of skin heads with Rabbi Kahane shirts who attack Arabs, an ifantry soldier's cell phone revealed photos and videos documenting abuse of Arabs, including children: The soldiers forced them to dance and…

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