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Amnon Levy

  • 'But you're not really Mizrahi': Rewriting an erased identity

    In the face of repeated sexual harassment and offhand racist comments by friends and acquaintances, one writer turns her anger into a reformulation of her identity. The awakening of sorts follows Amnon Levy's Hebrew-language TV documentary series, "The Ethnic Demon." By Naama Katiee (Translated from Hebrew by Rachel Beitarie) I’m about to finish high school, and I’m taking the bus. A guy sits himself besides me, places his hat between us and starts playing with it. Five minutes pass and I begin to suspect he is stroking my thigh. I’m not sure though. My heart is pounding but I stay mute, and…

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  • Israeli rock legends' reunion signals end of an era

    Over the past several months, legendary Israeli rock band Kaveret ('Beehive' in Hebrew) reunited to hold what is likely to be its final round of performances. For many, the group - which skyrocketed to global popularity in the 1970s with its clever songs and absurd skits - is part and parcel of Israeli identity. But a closer look at the hysteria surrounding the reunion reveals an Israeli identity longing for the days when white culture was the rule, and Mizrahi and Arab culture existed on the margins. By Edan Ring It seems that lately it has been impossible to ignore…

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