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  • PA security forces arrest prominent human rights activist Issa Amro

    Palestinian authorities reportedly arrested Amro, an activist with Youth Against Settlements, for criticizing the PA in a Facebook post. Amro, who is also facing charges in Israeli military court for his political activism, has been recognized by the EU and UN as a human rights defender. Palestinian security forces arrested human rights defender and well-known Palestinian activist Issa Amro in the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday. The arrest was reportedly related to a Facebook post published by Amro, in which he criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting a journalist a day earlier. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently…

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  • Israeli army jails conscientious objector for fourth time

    Atalya Ben-Abba, 19, has already served 80 days in jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF and participate in the occupation. Israeli conscientious objector Atalya Ben-Abba, 19, was on Wednesday sentenced to a fourth stint in jail for refusing to enlist in the IDF. She has already spent 80 days in prison. [tmwinpost] Ben-Abba, a Jerusalem resident, was jailed after reporting at the military induction center, where she declared her refusal to serve in the army on the grounds that she was not prepared to take part in the occupation and repression of the Palestinian people. Ben-Abba was sentenced…

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  • Israel must ratify the Arms Trade Treaty

    Israel signed the treaty at the last possible moment before it came into effect, granting it rights but not requiring any concrete action. Now Israel needs to ratify to prove its commitment to the principle of denying arms to those who might use them for committing human rights violations or war crimes. By Yonatan Gher Last week we celebrated a day of historical significance: following over 20 years of campaigning by Amnesty International, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) went from being a distant fantasy to a legally binding reality, upon finally coming into force on December 24th. At least half…

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  • WATCH: Get arrested at a protest? There's an app for that

    Being a human rights activist can put you in risky situations, including the very real possibility of arrest. Amnesty International this summer released a new Android app to facilitate discreet, emergency assistance from your chosen contacts in the event of arrest. Social TV speaks with Amnesty’s Israel director about its 'local' uses. Related: Rights of demonstrators in the occupied territories

  • PHOTOS: Gaza's half-million internally displaced

    Photos by: Basel Yazouri and Anne Paq/ Text by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler The most commonly cited statistic from Gaza is the death toll, now rising past 1,814, according to UN figures. Such numbers can be numbing, as absorbing the reality of so many faces and names is impossible. Yet another staggering figure that is difficult to comprehend is the number of people displaced from their homes, which the UN estimates at 520,000. Gaza's half-million displaced residents are one of the most obvious refutations of the the accusation that Hamas uses "human shields." The Guardian has reported "large numbers of people fleeing…

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  • A proposal: A simple, effective mechanism to improve the world, one penny at a time

    Corporations run the world. It’s time we run the corporations. By Paula Schmitt There’s a passage in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that is emblematic of the darkness faced by consumers with any social concern. Apple is being visited by Danielle Mitterrand, the wife of the then French president, and while Jobs keeps force-feeding her all his sloganeering about technology and design, Mitterrand interrupts him to ask about working conditions, overtime, holidays. Jobs, of course, doesn’t answer. Proponents of capitalism like to boast that their system is about choice; but choice of what? Of brands? Products? I want to…

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  • A year after 'Pillar of Defense,' the nightmare continues

    A year after 165 Palestinians and six Israelis were killed, political leaders have yet to conduct independent, impartial investigations into allegations of human rights violations. If neither side demonstrates the political will to protect all civilians, the cycle of violations will become a recurring nightmare. By Yonatan Gher On 21 November 2012, 13-year-old Mahmoud Abu Khousa was killed when he was struck by a missile fired by an Israeli drone as he walked to a shop down the road from his home in the al-Manara area of Gaza City. Delegates from Amnesty International's International Secretariat examined the site of the missile…

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  • Detained refugees appeal to Israelis, rights groups for aid

    The letter below was written by Eritrean refugees, held in administrative detention in Saharonim prison. Under the Prevention of Infiltration Law, they can be imprisoned for three years or more. 31/10/2012 (To whom it may concern): Subject: The judgement against Eritrean refugees in Israel As we all know, it has been years since we were compelled to leave our country as a result of a deteriorating economic and political crisis. We came to Israel to escape intolerable levels of repression and human rights violations in our country. However, we are now concerned to learn that the government of Israel is…

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  • Visualizing Occupation: Distribution of Water

    Israel controls the access to water from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Its disproportionate allocation of water, the settlements' takeover of natural springs, and the prohibition against maintaining and constructing water cisterns in the West Bank without Israeli permits make water a sparse commodity for Palestinians. This illustration is the sixth in a series of infographics on Palestinian civilian life under occupation. By Michal Vexler  >For the entire Visualizing Occupation series click here Sources: B'Tselem: The Shared Water Sources and the Control Over Them  Amnesty International: Troubled Waters:  Palestinians Denies Fair Access to Water United Nations OCHA: The Humanitarian Impact of the Takeover of Palestinian Water Springs…

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  • Amnesty Int'l: Abdallah Abu Rahmah a prisoner of conscience

    Hours after Abdallah Abu Rahmah's sentence was extended by an Israeli military court, Amnesty International has labeled the Bil'in organizer a prisoner of conscience. The Amnesty press release stated that, "Amnesty International believes Abdallah Abu Rahmah to be a prisoner of conscience, jailed solely for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression and assembly. As such we call for his immediate and unconditional release." Recently, Catherine Ashton, the Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union, labeled Abdallah Abu Rahmah a 'human rights defender' and called for his immediate release. This morning a military judge read Abdallah's appeal verdict to…


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