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Amir Ohana

  • WATCH: What is Israel really doing for LGBTQ rights?

    Much fanfare accompanies the Knesset's annual LGBTQ rights day. But this year, as last year, the event coincided with a raft of LGBTQ rights legislation being shot down. Read more: Why the struggle for LGBT rights in Israel is far from over Why I interrupted a pro-army LGBTQ event in Tel Aviv Increasing homophobia mars Knesset LGBT day

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  • What do we do when terror strikes Tel Aviv?

    Following Friday's shooting attack in central Tel Aviv, the Israeli Right has called to allow more civilians to carry weapons. Even now we still do not have all the necessary details about the horrific murder that took place Friday at Tel Aviv's "Simta" bar, making it difficult to speak with certainty about the story. And yet, there are a few things we can say — both about the murder of Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, and the way the media and political echelon has dealt with the tragedy. Tel Aviv: One thing is sure, there is no justification for the…

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