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  • Moshe Silman's flames should not die with memorial candles

    A week after setting himself on fire in front of the government office in Tel Aviv, J14 activist Moshe Sliman died at Tel Ha-Shomer hospital In the midst of a dark day, full of hard news coming from both Syria and Colorado, Moshe Silman passed away. Silman is the Israeli demostrator who set himself on fire at a protest a week ago. A longtime victim of various dysfunctional systems, from National Insurance to Amidar, the state-owned housing company, Silman chose to die in public, adding a flame to the year-old struggle for social justice. He died after six days of hospitalization, with…

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  • Citizens, Palestinian and Jewish, protest death of public housing

    Yesterday, dozens of citizens of Israel, Palestinian and Jewish, staged a mock funeral for the death of Israel's public housing, in protest of the evictions that threaten to leave both Palestinian and Jewish families homeless   The group of Palestinian and Jewish Israeli protesters held the demonstration in front of Halamish offices in Jaffa. Halamish and Amidar are the two companies that manage public housing in Israel. Currently, more than 800 Palestinian and Jewish families face eviction from their homes in Jaffa and impoverished areas of South Tel Aviv. Many of these people are in dire financial straits and have nowhere…

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