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Ami Kaufman

  • 'I am an Islamophobe,' boasts ex-director of Israel's press office

    The man who once had sole authority to decide whether or not a journalist could work in Israel announces that he is an Islamophobe, thinks 'Arabs lie.' Daniel Seaman, the former director of Israel's Government Press Office, said Thursday during a panel discussion on i24 News, the Israel-based satellite news station, that he is an Islamophobe. Sitting on a three-person panel with Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy and Ruthie Blum of the far-right think tank The Gatestone Institute, Seaman told "Spin Room" anchor and former +972 contributor Ami Kaufman, "The Arabs lie." In response to Kaufman's incredulous, "All Arabs?" Seaman responds, without missing a beat: "It's part of their…

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  • Tel Aviv to Lake Wobegon: Getting settled in the Twin Cities

    A series of posts where I'll be updating readers on my trip to the U.S. as 2013 World Press Institute fellow. I haven’t really won many things in my life, so it was quite the pleasant surprise when I was awarded a 2013 World Press Institute Fellowship. I’ll be roaming all across America with nine other journalists from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Finland, Ghana, Kuwait, the Philippines and Russia. We’ll be visiting some of the biggest newsrooms in the States, meet politicians and federal officials, examining press and media innovations and learning about social and cultural diversity. Following three weeks…

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  • Best day of my life: Making it into the Jewish S.H.I.T List

    This is a big day for me. Bigger than my wedding day, bigger than the days my kids were born. From today onwards, my life will be divided in two: my normal life until now, and the rest of my life after making it into the Jewish S.H.I.T List! (click for larger image) Yeah baby! You got that right! I am now an official Self Hating and/or Israel Threatening Jew! I’ve been working so hard for this; it’s been a long time coming. And I’ve been checking this site for years - where people much less deserving than me have…

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  • To Norway, from Israel, with love

    On Thursday night, I heard Paul Simon sing one of my favorite songs ever, “Peace Like a River.” It was a rare moment of tranquility, beauty and perfection in a terribly flawed world. For that suspended moment, I am sure that tens of thousands there with me (like Ami Kaufman) believed that it was a miracle for something so beautiful to be sung. I want to think that we all believed for a suspended moment that that if this musical miracle was possible, perhaps peace too might actually one day flow like a river. ******* Twenty-four hours later, it is…

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