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American Anthropological Association

  • Christian Zionists prefer to ignore Bethlehem's Palestinians

    Why does America's largest Christian Zionist organization continue to ignore the plight of its co-religionists in Jesus' birthplace? Text and photos by Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ Happy birthday, Jesus! Once again, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), America’s largest Zionist organization of any kind, has used “Made in Israel” Christmas ornaments the centerpiece of its holiday fundraising campaign while bashing the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement. In a December email campaign in the weeks preceding Christmas, CUFI’s leaders declared: Israel’s enemies are also our enemies, and they are mounting an aggressive campaign on all fronts to cause innocents harm, especially during…

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  • Why U.S. anthropologists voted to boycott Israeli academia

    The American Anthropological Association is on the way to becoming the largest such association to endorse the Palestinian boycott call. Here's why. By Lisa B. Rofel (see note below) On November 20, a record-breaking 1,800 people showed up to the largest business meeting in the history of the American Anthropological Association, to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions until such time as they end their complicity with the state’s systematic human rights violations. When the ballots were tallied, 88.4 percent of the votes had been cast in favor of the boycott resolution. If the measure is approved…

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  • American anthropologists wrong to boycott Israeli academia

    Academic boycotts are fundamentally antithetical to academic freedom. Let's start using anthropological forms of engagement for the sake of progressive change. By Michele Rivkin-Fish What is being described as an overwhelming vote for the boycott of Israel in the American Anthropological Association (AAA) mischaracterizes the scope of support for boycotts in the field and downplays the serious anthropology-based alternative presented at the conference to promote justice for Palestinians and Israelis, as well as academic freedom for Palestinian academics. [tmwinpost] The passage of a resolution to boycott Israeli academia at the AAA’s business meeting two weeks ago represented the views of…

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  • U.S. anthropologists vote to boycott Israeli academia

    American Anthropological Association votes resoundingly to sever all ties with Israeli academic institutions, as a response to Israel's 'widespread, systematic, and ongoing violations of Palestinian rights.' The American Anthropological Association (AAA) overwhelmingly passed a resolution to support the boycott of Israeli academic institutions during its annual business meeting on Friday. The resolution will go into effect only if it is approved by a final vote of all association members sometime in the coming months. [tmwinpost] With over 10,000 members, AAA is by far the largest academic association in the United States to endorse the boycott at an annual meeting. The…

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  • New academic boycott effort — still the wrong target

    Over 1,000 American anthropologists have signed onto a boycott Israel petition. What this type of activism fails to do is to target the occupation in its essence – as an international system, sustained by an array of multinational interests. By Gil Hizi The American Anthropological Association (AAA) will hold its annual conference in Washington DC next week. This year there are several panels scheduled to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian issue, with particular focus of how to promote sanctions on Israeli academic institutions. At present, almost 1,000 anthropologists have signed a petition in support of a boycott and the AAA will supply…

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