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alona kimhi

  • Israeli authors lend their names in effort to save Palestinian villages

    Ahead of High Court case, authors sign petition, tour south Hebron Hills villages in support of one thousand residents facing possible eviction. Twenty-four prominent Israeli writers recently signed a petition in support of Palestinians in danger of eviction from their homes in the South Hebron Hills. Next to Israeli activists, foreign journalists and Palestinian residents, four of the petition signers stood out on Tuesday as they toured three villages in Israel’s line of fire. “We cannot bring peace today. But the least we can do is to expose and condemn ‘small’ local outrages,” the petition, drafted by David Grossman, reads.…

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  • A song was born: The tale of a controversial tune

    Six or seven years ago, I was sitting in Tel Aviv's Cafe Ginzburg with a man I admire deeply. Mikhael Manekin was then, along with Yehuda Shaul, one of heads of Breaking the Silence. BTS was still a budding organization at the time, made up entirely of Israeli soldiers who participated in the occupation and sought to document and inform of its atrocities. The organization was expanding its activities. Manekin came to Tel Aviv to brainstorm on organizing tours for Israelis and foreigners in Hebron. "I would like to bring authors there," he told me. "I feel that authors have…

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