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Alon Liel

  • MK says advocating for two-state solution is treason

    Freshman Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal accuses a former Israeli Foreign Ministry director of committing a capital offense: advocating for a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Right-wing elements in Israel have long claimed that the two-state solution is national suicide. Logically, it follows that advocating for such an outcome would constitute treason. That was exactly the view espoused by former journalist and high-profile freshman Knesset Member Yinon Magal of Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party on Tuesday. [tmwinpost] On his Facebook page, Magal posted a video published on +972 Magazine last month, in which former Israeli Foreign Ministry…

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  • WATCH: How a new UNSC resolution could be a game-changer

    Following a number of European parliaments' recognition of Palestinian statehood, a number of public figures in Israel have launched a petition addressed to the UN Security Council, calling on it to set a date for ending the occupation. Former Israeli Ambassador Alon Liel explains why such a UN resolution could be a game-changer. Read the full petition here. Related: UNSC’s election message to Israelis: Keep ignoring the occupation The world's obligation to end the occupation

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  • WATCH: Encouraging Europe to label Israeli settlement products

    Will Israel's largest trading partner (the EU) use its economic muscle against Israeli settlements? Some famous former officials from Israel and beyond are calling for just that. The European Union once again dragged its feet on a decision to implement the labeling of products from Israeli settlements this May, in deference to John Kerry’s latest peace efforts. Depending on the outcome – or lack thereof – of Kerry’s diplomacy, however, the issue could soon reappear on the EU agenda and a number of high profile Israeli, international and Palestinian figures are making clear their support for labeling. The Elders, a…

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  • Hunger-striker Samer Issawi is another statistic in an unjust legal system

    Unlike Prisoner X, there is no public outrage in Israel over the way the legal system is preventing Samer Issawi from receiving a fair trial. But then again, Issawi is Palestinian. Samer Issawi, the Palestinian prisoner who has been on an intermittent hunger strike for over 200 days, had his day in court on Thursday. According to the sentence handed down by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, one might ostensibly believe that Issawi would be released on March 6, when his prison term is completed. But Samer Issawi is Palestinian, and therefore subject to a multi-layered legal system in which his…

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