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  • Can a play about the occupation find a home with American Jews?

    Famed Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol couldn't get Israeli theaters to produce his latest play, 'The Last Act.' So he took it to Boston, where American Jewish audiences are finding it no less difficult to digest. Sobol and Israeli-American director Guy Ben-Aharon discuss the backlash, the clampdown on criticism of Israel, and whether an American audience is more willing to engage with portrayals of the occupation. By Marcelo Svirsky Joshua Sobol is the most famous living Israeli playwrights. Known for controversial work that challenges the dominant narrative in the country, Sobol has written over 75 plays, which have been translated and performed in over 25…

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  • How David Grossman got drafted into the fight against BDS

    Culture Minister Miri Regev is ramping up her battle against cultural boycotts by enlisting luminaries such as David Grossman. It's time Israeli artists who believe in democracy to stand up and be brave. By Ari Remez The annual Israeli Theater Prize ceremony, held every year in the northern city of Acre, recently took place without a hitch. This, despite the fact that the Jewish Israeli mayor of the city backed a decision to censor a play by Israeli actor Einat Weitzman, and while the Arabic-speaking Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa remains closed. The artistic teams behind the winning works at the ceremony stood on stage alongside Minister of Culture…

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  • The cultural terrorism of Miri Regev

    By threatening the livelihood of Palestinian theater workers, Regev is committing cultural terrorism: she is putting people's livelihoods at risk — people whose only sin is holding different political principles. In an interview Monday morning, Culture Minister Miri Regev revealed her true intentions to Army Radio host Razi Barkai: she wishes to shut down Haifa's Al-Midan, the only Arabic theater in Israel that receives state funding, if it does not fall in line. [tmwinpost] Here's how we got here. The Ministry of Culture and Sport froze Al-Midan's budget in mid-2015 after it had planned to run a performance of "A Parallel Time," based…

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