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Aida Touma-Suleiman

  • Arab woman MK attacked by Hebrew media for criticizing army policy

    MK Aida Touma-Suleiman, a female legislator from the Arab-Jewish socialist party, criticized the Israeli army's policy toward Syria, warning that it could escalate to a war that would endanger civilians. In response, one veteran male television news analyst ordered her to 'sit down and be quiet.' The Israeli air force has carried out more than 100 bombing incursions deep inside Syrian territory over the past few years, with little acknowledgement from the Israeli media and without suffering any military or diplomatic repercussions.  Meanwhile, Russia and Iran have deployed military forces in Syria, ostensibly to eliminate the Islamic State but in fact to increase their sphere of influence — at the cost…

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  • Draft refusers prepare for jail: 'We are part of a movement for change'

    Saar Yahalom and Matan Helman will serve time in prison for refusing to enlist in the army because of the occupation. By Yael Marom Dozens of supporters joined two Israeli conscientious objectors as they heaed to the IDF induction base Sunday to declare their refusal to join the Israeli army. Saar Yahalom, 18, from Be’erotayim, and Matan Helman, 20, from Kibbutz HaOgen, say that they will not enlist due to their opposition to the occupation. They are expected to be sentenced and imprisoned on Sunday. [tmwinpost] For Yahalom, this is his first declaration of intent to refuse to serve in…

  • Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians march in anti-occupation protest

    Palestinians and Israelis took to Jerusalem's streets in their thousands on Saturday night in order to protest the occupation. Meanwhile, diverse protests sprung up elsewhere in Jerusalem, as well as in Tel Aviv. By Eli Bitan A string of demonstrations saw thousands of people take to the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest the occupation; the recent Netanyahu-backed government agreement to close the news division of the new Israeli public broadcasting authority; the failure to secure the release of Avera Mengistu, an Ethiopian Israeli who crossed into Gaza in September 2014 and has not been…

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  • Military court sentences feminist Palestinian lawmaker to 15 months

    Following eight months under administrative detention and a lengthy trial, Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar signed a plea bargain that will send her to prison for 15 months. By Yael Marom An Israeli military court sentenced Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar to 15 months in prison on Sunday. Jarrar, who is a prominent critic of the Palestinian Authority — and specifically its security coordination with Israel — was sentenced after eight months imprisonment, some of which were spent in administrative detention. As part of a plea bargain, Jarrar admitted to charges of incitement, as well as belonging to the Popular Front for…

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  • Mother dies of wounds from Duma arson; MKs lament lack of arrests

    Reham Dawabsha is the third fatality from the attack by Jewish extremists in late July. Authorities used the attack as an excuse to increase counter-terrorism authorities but haven't made any arrests in the case. By Yael Marom Reham Dawabsha, who was seriously burned in an arson attack by Israeli extremists in the West Bank village of Duma 39 days ago, succumbed to her wounds early Monday morning. Reham, who turned 27 on Sunday, was mother to one-and-a-half-year-old Ali, and husband to Sa’ad, both of whom were also killed in the terrorist attack on their home. She is survived by four-year-old…

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  • Jailed Palestinian lawmaker pleads innocence

    Khalida Jarrar, who was arrested for representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Palestinian legislature, rejects all charges against her as trial opens in West Bank military court. Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar, who was arrested in March and has been imprisoned ever since, plead innocent Monday as her highly-publicized trial began in the Ofer military court in the West Bank. The trial was attended by Jarrar's family members, a number of journalists, as well as a delegation of EU diplomats who expressed their concern over her detention. [tmwinpost] Jarrar, who serves in the Palestinian Legislative Council…

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