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  • Station to Station 2: The phantom line

    In a strange feat of partial resurrection, half of the railway between Haifa and Damascus is being fixed for reuse. Elisha Baskin's lens and Yuval Ben-Ami's pen follow it, focusing on the decaying and embalmed, rather than the freshly welded.   (for the full, four part project, click here) For the next leg of the journey, Elisha and I meet at a train station, a living one. We are hung up on ruins, but Israel also boasts railway infrastructure that is largely modern, functional, and topped with a bonus bit of irony: our red trains are the same used for local…

  • IDF kills 6 Gazans, wounds over 130 as violence spreads

    As violence continues to sweep across Israel-Palestine on Friday, protests in Gaza along the border fence turn lethal when IDF units open fire on demonstrators in the besieged territory. At least 14 Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed since the wave of violence began. At least six Palestinians were killed and more than 130 wounded during protests along the border of the Gaza Strip on Friday, as violence and unrest continued to sweep Israel-Palestine. Widespread demonstrations had been expected following Hamas' call for a "day of rage" in response to the killing and wounding of Palestinians by Israeli security forces,…

  • September journey part 2: What are the chances?

    Staying on the move in Israel and the Palestinian Territories through a month of trial. First excursion: Beit Shean and Tel Al-Baida. First experience: Uncertainty. . . Tel Aviv has become such a carnival of protest this summer, that leaving it can be a bit of an emotional zig-zag. On the sherut, or minivan bus, to the city of Afula, I experience my first downwards zig, on learning that the rest of the country may not be quite as much of a rebellious paradise. . Twenty-two year-old Palestinian-Israeli Amjad sits next to me. By the time we reach his town…

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  • Busloads of prejudice: Revealing encounters on Israeli roads

    I’m traveling all over the country these days for a project, and I mean all over. I’m visiting every town large enough to possess a central bus terminal. The article deals with these terminals and their general state of neglect. I vowed to visit them all. Yes, these places are in suffering from disrepair, but something else that becomes apparent to a traveler in Israel today is the state of disrepair of the nation’s psyche. To put it bluntly, you cannot even fathom how much racism and ethnic prejudice I encounter every day. I wouldn’t have imagined if someone told…

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