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  • The Middle East nearly disappeared from U.S. media coverage in 2017

    Allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections dominated the news cycle last year. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict hardly made a dent, confirming that the American public no longer cares a great deal about the issue. By Jim Lobe Except for the ongoing war in Syria, coverage of the Middle East by the evening news programs of the three big U.S. networks virtually disappeared in 2017, according to the latest annual compilation by the authoritative Tyndall Report. [tmwinpost] Russia and Russian-related events — as in the allegations of Moscow’s meddling in U.S. elections — ranked as the top story of the year, while…

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  • 'They're butchering us — only open borders will save us'

    When refugee migration was confined to Turkey and Greece, European leaders stood silent. Now, as hundreds of thousands of refugees stream into Western Europe, those same leaders are being compelled to act. Despite media alarm over a 'humanitarian crisis,' only a political solution will remedy the situation. 'We need the borders to remain open.' By Shahar Shoham (translated by Gila Norich) BUDAPEST — When visiting Budapest's central train station two days prior, I noticed only a scant number of journalists; this despite the presence of thousands of refugees, hundreds of children among them, living on the streets — some for longer…

  • Unsubstantiated 'false flag' story exaggerates Israeli power

    Mark Perry's report on a false flag operation is not only unverifiable, it displays naivety about American foreign policy and bolsters the ludicrous thesis that Israel is the mastermind behind American Middle East belligerence. By Rafael D. Frankel The “false flag” operation conducted by the Mossad, as described by Mark Perry in an article published just after another assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, is an affront to the United States if it is true. The Mossad certainly has no business posing as the CIA in order to recruit a Pakistan-based terrorist group to make hits on Iranian targets. But…

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  • LISTEN: Do Muslim leaders speak out against violence?

    When I speak in Europe or America, there is one question I always know is coming: Why don't Muslim religious leaders condemn violence? I try to explain that even though the western media doesn't report on them, they do exist. There are many Muslim leaders who speak regularly against violence and present Islam as a religion that supports peace and coexistence. Last week, I co-organized a weekend in Istanbul with 120 of these Muslim leaders, with a focus on the future of Afghanistan. They tackled hot issues like violence, peace, the misinterpretation of Islamic texts and the role of Muslim…

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  • The “Obama Doctrine:” A blessing or a curse for the conflict?

    The end of the Gaddafi regime in Libya proved that U.S. President Barack Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind” was a success. But the Obama Doctrine is not only a new approach to war - it extends to foreign policy on the whole, and therefore has already begun to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict When U.S. President Barack Obama decided to let other nations take a leading role during the war in Libya, the criticism was quick to come from every corner. They claimed he was doing too little, that he didn’t consult, that he was scared of using the air…

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