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aeyal gross

  • Where LGBT rights and nationalism meet

    "I was struck by the similarity between the role gay rights play in Israeli national politics and the role it plays in some European countries, specifically Netherlands, where the conference was held. In both contexts the self-perception of the state as being committed to sexual equality is used to justify exclusionary politics that are especially targeted at Arabs and Muslims." Notes following the Amsterdam Sexual Nationalism conference By Aeyal Gross When I saw the call for papers for the Amsterdam Sexual Nationalism conference, which suggested a focus on Europe, I decided to try my luck and send in a paper proposal. I…

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  • Democracy, delegitimization and denial in Israel

    By Aeyal Gross Does the decision to form a parliamentary committee to investigate Israeli human rights groups mark the end of Israeli democracy? I would rather consider it as another nail in the coffin. Early in 2010 I wondered whether we are seeing the end of Israeli democracy. Indeed, the investigative committee is only a part of a wider phenomenon of attempts to silence and de-legitimize criticism and protest. The question of whether Israel could be described as a democracy is not a new one. Mostly, it is the long term occupation that cast a doubt on Israel’s nature as…

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  • Israel's referendum law: Who gets asked?

    The concept of a referendum – a direct vote by the qualified voters of a state – is customary in some countries, as part of a nation’s right to determine its future. It is only in Israel that we see the perplexing notion of asking citizens of the occupying power – rather than the occupied population – to determine the political fate of the occupied people By Aeyal Gross | Translation: Dana Shunra The new legislation enacted by the Knesset, requiring a referendum to be held in Israel to approve any relinquishment of any territory to which Israeli law has…

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