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administrative detainees

  • Marwan Barghouti's supporters should acknowledge his past

    There are many reasons why Marwan Barghouti should eventually be released from jail so he can run for office. But the Left should, even as it supports him, take into account his past — and why he's in prison. Marwan Barghouti has shaken headlines by leading a hunger strike among Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, calling for improved conditions, and by publishing an op-ed in the New York Times explaining why. Over 1,100 Palestinian prisoners have so far joined the hunger strike. [tmwinpost] The Israeli establishment is frothing at the mouth against what they call his lies, denying his allegations…

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  • Israel agrees to release Palestinian detainee after 42-day hunger strike

    Oday Stiti was arrested and put in administrative detention late last year. After over 40 days of hunger strike, the state decided not to extend his detention.  By Noam Rotem Even before the Knesset passed its force-feeding bill early Thursday morning, the state reached an agreement with Oday Stiti, a Palestinian administrative detainee who went on hunger-strike for 42 days. [tmwinpost] Stiti, a 24-year-old administrative detainee from Kafr Qud, a village near Jenin, was arrested on November 16, 2014 under administrative order, after which he went on hunger strike to protest his detention without being sentenced or put on trial.…

  • Hebrew U. threatens Palestinian students with expulsion over political activities

    Twelve Palestinian students are facing possible expulsion from Jerusalem's Hebrew University for participating in an 'illegal' political protest. In the past, the university only took steps against particular student groups. Now, it's switching gears and targeting individual students. Near the end of September, 12 Palestinian students received a notice from the Hebrew University administration, stating that Dean of Students Udi Shavit had lodged a complaint against them over their participation in an "unauthorized demonstration that goes against regulations," which took place on July 10, 2014. The notice said that the administration was waiting for a response from the students before…

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  • 'Administrative detainees must have done something wrong'

    When discussing administrative detention with Israelis, there comes a point when the discussion becomes an argument like one about religion -- based on blind faith in the security establishment. By definition, administrative detainees have not committed a crime. An administrative detention order is issued against people (almost all of whom are Palestinians) against whom there is no evidentiary basis to be put on trial. None at all. Because there is no evidence, there is also no indictment, no trial, no opportunity for the detainee to dispute the charges against him, no conviction and no verdict or sentencing to determine the…

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