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administrative arrest

  • IMAGES: Protesters, IDF clash on Nakba Day at Ofer prison

    The army used tear gas and plastic-coated steel bullets against stone-throwing demonstrators, at least 200 required medical treatment. [UPDATE: Photo gallery from the Nakba Day demonstrations has been added at the bottom of this piece.]  By Max Schindler RAMALLAH – Tuesday's annual Nakba Day commemorations, marking the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, focused largely on support for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Until an agreement reached on Monday night, more than 1,500 prisoners had fasted for weeks, demanding an end to administrative detention and for improving their prison conditions. Yesterday, Israel announced that it would meet a few of the prisoners'…

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  • Visualizing Occupation: Palestinian Prisoners' Day - the numbers

    Israel arrests more than nine Palestinians per day on average. Currently, 320 Palestinians are held in prison by Israel without trial. Today, April 17, 2012, marks Palestinian Prisoners' Day. By Michal Vexler  >For the entire Visualizing Occupation series click here Sources: Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian peace B'Tselem Haaretz Michal Vexler is a designer and an activist. This work - a part of a series of infographics regarding the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population - is presented here with her permission.  >For the entire Visualizing Occupation series click here

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  • Omissions, half-truths, lies: Ambassador Oren in Foreign Policy

    In a  piece recently published, Israel's Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren rejected claims regarding anti-democratic trends in his country, and compared the legal status of Palestinians in the West Bank to that of American citizens in Washington DC and the U.S. territories. A response. When Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed Professor Michael Oren - a historian and researcher at the conservative Shalem institute, author of a popular book on the 1967 war - as his ambassador to Washington, he was probably hoping to capitalize on the latter's name-recognition and credibility, especially with the political establishment and the Jewish elites. And indeed,…

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  • Administrative arrests: Months or years without due process

    At any given moment, hundreds of Palestinians are held by Israel without charges or trial. Of the Palestinians currently under administrative arrest, 88 have been held for more than a year. One has been held for more than five years. Some advocacy groups and Israeli officials have recently claimed that Khader Adnan, the 33-year-old Palestinian on a hunger strike for more than two months now, "is no saint," and that real security concerns led to his arrest. But we can never know for sure, since Adnan is held under administrative arrest, a measure that contradicts the logic at the heart of…

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