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  • Making sure Israeli soldiers stay above the law

    Abusive soldiers evade justice under the aegis of the slow procedures, as well as some creative excuses. By Yossi Gurvitz for Yesh Din Several weeks ago, Yesh Din attorney Emily Schaeffer received responses from the Military Advocate for Operational Affairs Unit (MAOA) regarding two appeals she submitted years ago on behalf of a Palestinian complainant, Ayman Abd al-Maqtsur Tabieh. In both cases, surprise surprise, the appeals were rejected. Both cases merit discussion, as they shed light on the way abusive soldiers evade punishment. The first incident took place on November 3, 2008, when Tabieh reached the Azoun Atma checkpoint, where…

  • Israeli 'Big Brother' contestant photographed with blindfolded Palestinians

    Entertainment reporter and blogger Omri Hayoon posted a picture of Itai Wallach, smiling with arms spread behind the backs of two blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinians. The picture seems to have been taken during Wallach's service in the Israeli paratroopers.   Itai Wallach, 26, will be somewhat of a household name in the next few months in Israel, not only because of this picture - but mainly due to the fact that he is entering the "Big Brother" house this week, probably the most popular show in Israel. Meanwhile, the photo is getting a lot of positive responses from Israelis who…

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  • WATCH: Border Police detain, humiliate Palestinian at checkpoint

    Another day, another case of Israeli soldiers showing the ugly side of the occupation (make that: 'the only side of the occupation'). Here's an incident that happened four years ago and that is now being discussed in the courts. A group of Border Police officers detained a Palestinian man, who appears to be mentally disabled, after he did not bring his ID while trying to cross a checkpoint. The story was reported last week by Channel 2, and I've decided to subtitle the video now. Why is this important, you may ask, if it happened four years ago? Simple: because…

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  • Border policewoman charged over mock execution of teen

    Here is a report that so far didn't get that much traction on Israeli news sites, except for YNET (which didn't bother to report whether the accused deny the charges, but I'll update as soon as I find out.) "The Justice Ministry’s department for the investigation of police officers served an indictment to the Jerusalem District court against two border police  - Yishai Ben Uzri, 30, of Ariel, and Shani Sevilia, 22, in Jerusalem, on charges of aggravated abuse and assault of a Palestinian teenager. According to the indictment… in March last year the 17-year-old in question was detained at…

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