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abu rahmah

  • IDF court convicts Palestinian non-violent organizer, EU human rights defender

    Israeli military court convicts Abdullah Abu Rahmah of obstructing a bulldozer building the separation barrier. His previous trial and imprisonment was followed closely by western governments. Abdullah Abu Rahmah, one of the central organizers of the popular resistance protests against the separation barrier in the West Bank village of Bil'in, was convicted of obstructing the work of a soldier by an Israeli military court this week. He will likely be sentenced to four months in prison. Abu Rahmah, who was recognized by the European Union as a "human rights defender" dedicated to non-violence, previously served over a year in prison for organizing…

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  • Spin's "senior source" revealed: Who briefed the rightist bloggers?

    The IDF speaks in two voices in the Jawaher Abu Rahmah affair – because it knows its case is weak On Monday the IDF went on a coordinated media offensive against the Bil’in activists and the Abu Rahmah family, claiming not only that Jawahar Abu Rahmah was not killed as a result of inhaling IDF gas, she wasn’t even present in the demonstration on Friday. This comes on a day when the Haaretz editorial questioned the use of CS gas, claiming it may be especially deadly. Or, rather, it wasn’t the IDF, but “an IDF senior source” or “senior officer”.…

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  • Not guilty: All US Ambassador protest charges dropped

    The twelve Israeli activists arrested in connection to the protest at US ambassador’s home on Saturday night have been released from jail on no bail. The charges included illegal weapons possession and distributing public order were not dropped, but the judge argued that there was no evidence for the charges to hold up in a trial. The state requested that the activists pay 3,000 NIS as well as serve a ten day house arrest sentence. However, the judge released the activists on a condition that they stay 200 meters away from any US institution for the next 30 days. The…

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  • EU diplomats attend Bil'in protest organizer's appeal

    The UK's Consul General in Jerusalem attended the appeal hearing in the case of Abdallah Abu Rahmah at the Ofer Military Court of Appeals today, along with many other European diplomats. Former US president Jimmy Carter and The Elders issued a statement calling for Abu Rahmah's immediate release earlier today. British Consul General, Sir Vincent Fean, headed a mission of more than a dozen European diplomats from various countries today, at the Ofer Military Court of Appeals. The diplomats, from the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Malta and Denmark, as well as from the EU itself, all attended a hearing…

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