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Abu Kabir

  • Imagining Palestine's children as our own

    My daughter, like Ahed Tamimi, also has blonde curly hair and light eyes. Her continual detention has left me awake in the middle of the night, my stomach churning. What if it was my little girl? The controversy began with an image — that of a young Palestinian girl slapping the arm of an Israeli soldier. Since that girl, Ahed Tamimi, has been arrested a flurry of images has followed, turning her into the poster child for the new generation of Palestinian resistance. [tmwinpost] We should, indeed, be rallying around Ahed. But we mustn’t get so caught up in Ahed’s…

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  • The gruesome murder of five Arab boys refuses to disappear — 55 years on

    Beaten, tortured, and shot to death: this is the story of five Arab boys who met a gruesome fate at the hands of Israel's security forces in September 1961. Ben Gurion's government refused to tell the truth of what really happened. By Makbula Nassar Last week marked 60 years since the Kafr Qasim massacre. Although the event is seared into our collective consciousness, it was not the only horrendous crime committed by Israeli security forces against innocent Arab citizens during the dark days of the military government, which lasted from 1949 until 1966. September marked 55 years since the mysterious deaths of George…

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