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  • How police can earn the trust of Arab society in Israel

    For the past 15 years, the police have made efforts to work alongside Arab society. But as violence rises, they are once again being regarded as a quasi-military force more interested in state security than in reducing crime. By Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu During a weekly cabinet meeting in mid-January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that increased law enforcement in Arab towns be a prerequisite for the recently-passed economic development package aimed at the Arab sector. Two weeks later, the government announced the creation of a new special police unit responsible for law enforcement in Arab areas. It was reported that…

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  • SURVEY: Palestinian citizens demand social justice

    A new survey of Arab citizens of Israel following waves of anti-Arab activity shows that most have not given up on Israeli society, but instead express strong support for social activism to advance Arab issues, general social problems, and an end to  the occupation. With so much nastiness directed against them, it wouldn’t be surprising if Arab citizens have given up on Israel. But with insufficient polling and reporting on public opinion in the Arab community, it can be hard to know. And this is an important time to know how one-fifth of the population thinks. The current Knesset has…

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