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Abir Aramin

  • Blaming a child for the sniper's bullet that killed him

    Education Minister Naftali Bennett claims 15-year-old Mohammed Ayoub wouldn't have been shot dead by an Israeli sniper if he had been at school. Bennett's comments reflect a reality in which Israeli soldiers kill with impunity.  The Israeli army kills children. That isn’t new. Occasionally, the name of one of those children appears in the headlines, and the Israeli authorities are forced to respond. Their responses almost always expose a truth more terrible than the killings themselves. That is what happened on Sunday morning, when Army Radio morning show host Razi Barkai asked Education Minister Naftali Bennett if “we had gone…

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  • Father who lost daughter in suicide attack to Israelis: Vote for peace

    I am voting, but I will not be endorsing any party in the upcoming elections (I wrote about for whom and how I think Israelis should vote here). Instead, I am posting a message that Rami Elhanan posted on his Facebook wall yesterday, beneath the pictures of his 14-year-old daughter who was killed in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and of Palestinian Abir Aramin, 10, who was shot to death by soldiers near her school. Today, 6 years ago, 10 years old Abir Aramin was murdered outside her school in Anata. Border police "fighter" shot a rubber bullet in her back,…

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  • LISTEN: 'Kiss My (Arse), Lieberman' - Israel's first full protest album

    I'd be very surprised if any of you recall a post I published here last December. I was showing off my version of an Irish protest song from the 1980. The original refrain, penned by Irish songsmith John Maguire runs as such: "Hey Ronnie Reagan / I'm black and I'm pagan / I'm gay and I'm left and I'm free." My girlfriend Ruthie and I applied the tune to a local politician, our staunchly anti-democratic, openly racist Foreign Minister Avigdor "Ivet" Lieberman, and were stunned to see it go viral on YouTube. Since then, another protest tune recorded in our living…

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  • If you're to be killed by a soldier, better to be a Jew than an Arab

    The state and media responses to this week's shooting of Rabbi Mertzbach, seen alongside the killing of 10 year-old Abir Aramin, a Palestinian, highlight the difference in treatment of Jewish and Arab blood. There are difference between the cases. And the death of any human is, of course, tragic. But we can't ignore the horrible differences in the treatment these two shootings received and continue to receive. In both cases, it can be purported that there was no murderous intent; the soldier that shot at the car of Rabbi Dan Mertzbach certainly didn't intend to kill a Jewish settler. And…

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  • Justice eludes activist, father of Palestinian child killed by IDF

    Posters in Jerusalem in January 2007, protesting the killing of Abir Aramin (Photo: In January 2007, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 10-year-old Palestinian girl on her way home from school.  Abir Aramin lived in Anata, a Palestinian village north of Jerusalem. The pathologist who performed the autopsy found that Abir was hit in the head by a rubber bullet. However, an Israeli police investigation found the soldiers innocent, claiming there was no proof that gunfire killed Abir. For the last four and half years, Aramin's family knocked every door seeking justice. I was there at the funeral when…

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