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  • ‘There’s a vicious fight in our community’: Simone Zimmerman talks Bernie for the first time

    By Isaac Luria Simone Zimmerman has become an inspiring figure for American Jewish progressives in recent months — and a boogey-woman for the Right. When the Bernie Sanders campaign fired her over a Facebook post — in which she used some “colorful language” to describe the Israeli prime minister — she became one of this campaign season’s proxy battles in the ongoing Jewish argument over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We sat down with Simone earlier this month for her first interview since being fired from the campaign, where she reveals exactly what took place inside the campaign, the right-wing attack that targeted…

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  • ADL's Armenian genocide recognition sends powerful statement — to Israel

    A major Jewish-American organization breaking with Israeli policy, especially regarding Jewish universalism and the Holocaust, is a statement in and of itself. The Anti-Defamation League, American Jewry’s foremost civil rights organization, has made a powerful statement recognizing the Armenian genocide by the crumbling Ottoman regime in the early 20th century. Last Friday, CEO Jonathan Greenblatt posted a blog on the organization’s website in which he stated: “What hap­pened in the Ottoman Empire to the Arme­ni­ans begin­ning in 1915 was geno­cide.” He reviewed the methods, from death marches to tor­ture, mas­sacre and starvation, and then restated the point: “What hap­pened to the Armen­ian…

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  • What critics of Bernie Sanders' Jewish liaison are missing

    Simone Zimmerman's appointment is great news for mainstream American Jews who are desperate for a real conversation on Israel/Palestine. Over the past few days, it has been difficult to watch the American Jewish establishment's attacks on my friend, Simone Zimmerman. Just three days ago Simone was appointed the Jewish outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Within hours of the announcement came a torrent of vicious attacks, both against her as well as the Sanders campaign for having the gall to appoint a critic of Israeli settlements and policies in the occupied territories. (Update: Just hours after publishing this post,…

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  • 'Klinghoffer': New York’s Jewish right goes to the opera

    Now that 'The Death of Klinghoffer' has opened and people are learning what the opera is actually about, the outraged claims made against it are being exposed as hot air.     Until Monday night, when the “The Death of Klinghoffer” opened at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, people knew it was being attacked by many Jews for supposedly being anti-Semitic and for defending terrorists, and they didn’t know if the accusations were true or false. But now that the opera has opened, and it’s been widely reviewed, and audience members have been interviewed, it’s becoming clear to the mainstream public…

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  • A distorted portrait of Palestinian 'anti-Semitism'

    With a discriminatory system that includes two separate legal systems, what is a Palestinian supposed to answer when he’s asked if Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind? The ADL’s world anti-Semitism survey presents a distorted view of the world. By Inna Michaeli The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - a Jewish-American organization whose goal is to combat anti-Semitism - and in practice, to promote Israeli hasbara - published a worldwide survey on anti-Semitism last week. The survey is unprecedented in its scope (53,100 people were surveyed in 102 countries) and purports to establish a reliable database on…

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  • Oday Aboushi: Caught playing football while being Palestinian

    The controversy surrounding NY Jets offensive lineman Oday Aboushi reveals the rules of conducts for Palestinians in the public sphere. Oday Aboushi, one of a handful of Palestinians to be drafted by an NFL team, became the target of some American conservatives following his appearance at the El Bireh Society convention last month. Approached by the organizers for his appeal to young attendants, Aboushi spoke to a crowd of several hundred in Virginia about his personal journey to the NFL. According to this report by the Times, he referred to a visit to the West Bank, which inspired him to…

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  • Why didn't Abe Foxman condemn Palin's "blood libel" slur?

    Sarah Palin's calculated use of the phrase "blood libel" is yet another example of her canny mastery over American media. Dating back to the time of the Crusaders -- and used to justify centuries of anti-Jewish terror -- "blood libel" stands as one of the most vile symbols of anti-Semitism ever to plague the Jewish people. By David Kaufman Unsurprisingly, the current media cycle has been packed with vocal condemnation of Palin by major Jewish groups -- from the left-leaning J Street to the centrist/progressive Jewish Funds for Justice (JFJ). Yet one major voice -- the most major major voice…

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