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A. Daniel Roth

  • WATCH: 'They want to get rid of the idea of nonviolent resistance'

    The Israeli army really wants to see Palestinian nonviolent activist Issa Amro in prison. We ask Issa why he's facing 18 charges now, and what 'winning' would mean for him. Video by A. Daniel Roth, Aaron Rotenberg Nonviolent Palestinian organizer Issa Amro has been practicing and teaching nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience in the occupied city of Hebron since 2003, in part through the local activist group he helped establish and operates, Youth Against Settlements. Recently, the Israeli army announced that it plans to prosecute him for 18 separate charges going all the way back to 2010. [tmwinpost] Almost all of the charges are…

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  • The new Hebrew language schools challenging Zionist narratives

    How does language shape reality? How does reality shape language? Welcome to the postmodern discourse, where several new Hebrew-language programs are embracing critical pedagogy to leverage social change. By Laura Selz Only a century ago, Jews in Jerusalem spoke French, Yiddish or Arabic, that is, until a few devoted secular Zionists like Eliezer Ben-Yehuda re-invented Modern Hebrew as the common language for generations of Israelis to come. For hundreds of thousands of immigrants ever since, ulpans (Hebrew language courses) acted as a first step toward navigating their way through a foreign country and integrating into a new society. [tmwinpost] These…

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  • Diaspora Jews, it's time to step up

    For years there have been calls for on-the-ground opposition to the occupation. Now there are a growing number of Jewish platforms — and voices — seeking to make it happen. By A. Daniel Roth The way the world is talking about the Israeli occupation is changing. Alongside that change, opportunity is knocking for those of us standing in opposition: calls for diaspora Jews to be present on the ground in Israel and Palestine are increasing. An important shift is beginning to take place — right now. [tmwinpost] The writing is on the wall. Since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected,…

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  • Why I'm 'giving' my vote to a Palestinian in Israel's elections

    'I very much want to vote for the party that best represents my ideological leanings; I’m waiving that right in these elections because so many others living under this government’s control can’t vote at all.' By A. Daniel Roth Millions of people will go to the polls on March 17th to decide who will represent them in the next Knesset. Millions more are not able to. Among them are approximately 4.5 million Palestinians who live under occupation and siege in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Those millions of people do not have the right to vote for the…

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  • Is Presbyterian divestment a BDS victory? Who cares

    Both BDS supporters and detractors are touting the Presbyterian Church's divestment vote as a BDS victory. But regardless, isn’t it a step in the direction every anti-occupation person ought to be rooting for? By A. Daniel Roth The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA) narrowly (310 to 303) voted late last week to divest some $21 million from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola for profiting by selling goods which are used in the administration of the occupation and the destruction of Palestinian homes and property. The full text of the divestment resolution can be read here. Strangely enough, or perhaps quite expectedly, both BDS activists…

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  • How to beat the occupation: Equality, equality, equality

    Achieving justice requires putting aside specific visions of one or two states and instead pushing your communities, schools, places of worship and governments to take up the mantle of legal equality in place of occupation. By A. Daniel Roth Just like you, I argue about how many states is the right number of states between the river and the sea. I, like you, argue about the most appropriate word for describing inequality here. I, too, argue with friends and passersby about the merits and shortcomings of boycotting and BDS. You, like me, have a vision for what the fix should…

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  • The economics of Oslo, 20 years later: A snapshot

    There is much to say about the justness (or unjustness) of the Oslo process, specifically the economic and human impact it has had over the last two decades in Israel and Palestine. What follows is a snapshot. By A. Daniel Roth Twenty years ago this week Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signed the historic Oslo Accords. A few months later, in the spring of 1994, the Paris Protocol - the blueprint that would define the economic relationship between the Palestinians and Israelis for the next two decades - was signed. Continued violence and events such as the assassination of Prime…

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  • Beyond allegiances: Striving for a united Israel-Palestine

    By striving for a solution which would allow for mutual access to holy sites, family, friends and water for all residents of this land, we can shed our allegiances to this-many-states or that-many-states and place our allegiance with self-determination for all peoples.  By A. Daniel Roth Twenty, 10 or even five years ago I would have counted myself among those genuinely optimistic about the prospects of Kerry’s “peace” talks. These days I am not quite as optimistic, but nevertheless, there is a chance for these talks to lead to something positive. This is an opportunity to organize toward an end to…

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  • Snapshot: The looming threat of war in the eyes of a Canadian

    By A. Daniel Roth While I was visiting Canada this summer a postcard arrived to my home in Israel. It was official looking and it explained how to procure my gas mask from the post office. The window of opportunity to do this came and went while I was abroad. In the end, I had to make a special order. A major reason that I decided to move to Israel last November was to be a part of a movement that works toward justice and peace over here through anti-racist education and organizing with activists from different communities. I also decided to move to Israel because…

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  • Has Jewish immigration to Israel lost its significance?

    Having immigrated to Israel a month ago, A. Daniel Roth contemplates the concept of 'aliya' -- Jewish immigration to Israel -- and how to make it significant. By A. Daniel Roth About a month ago I attended a lecture by one of my undergraduate professors from the Jewish studies department at the University of Toronto about the current situation in Israel. In his lectures, he always mentions early on that he holds views that are politically moderate. After the lecture I mentioned to him that I was planning to move to Israel in the near future and I was wondering…

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