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  • Why the struggle for free media in Israel-Palestine matters

    We are witnessing the emergence of a new kind of media in Israel and Palestine — the kind that truly has the potential to transform how we see this place. We are in the midst of an immense transformation in the media landscape. The way people communicate and consume information and knowledge is being fundamentally altered. It is hard to perceive the scope of this change, because it is still ongoing. The situation right now does not necessarily represent the end point of this process; we are at a rare moment: the future is still malleable, and we can mold it…

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  • Building an alternative reality means building community

    In an era when settlements are a given, when criticizing the occupation is tantamount to treason, and when there is no viable alternative to the Right, building a community is one way to create a new reality. On Thursday night, bloggers, editors, photographers, designers, readers, journalists and supporters of +972 Magazine and its Hebrew sister site, Local Call, gathered together to officially welcome our new executive editor, Sawsan Khalife. [tmwinpost] Arabic, Hebrew and English filled the Anna Loulou, a small bar in Jaffa's Old City. Some of us hadn't seen each other in a long time, while others had never met…

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  • Dissent in Israel: On the margins, yes, in the mainstream, no

    Regarding the controversy over Mairav Zonszein's 'New York Times' op-ed: An ongoing climate of fear and suspicion is not conducive to ‘vibrant democracy.’ It is unfriendly to left-wing protest over security matters.    Since my colleague Mairav Zonszein published her ballbuster op-ed “How Israel Silences Dissent” in the New York Times several days ago, there’s been – what a surprise – a backlash. There was one substantive counterpoint to the article, though, by self-described leftist Noah Efron in Haaretz, who wrote that the instances mentioned by Zonszein of threats, sanctions and violence against opponents of the Gaza war also disturbed…

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  • The release of killers is not a cause for celebration

    An objection to a +972 post. I looked at the photo essay published in +972 Magazine yesterday, about the West Bank celebrations for the 26 released Palestinian prisoners, and I thought: are we celebrating these killers' release, too? Are we cheering them as heroes too? +972 practices what’s called engaged journalism – the writers, editors and photographers here all take a stand on the subjects we deal with, and while there are differences of opinion among us, we’re all agreed that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and African refugees is wrong, and this opinion is right up front in…

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  • A personal message from the +972 team

      Dear Reader, After Operation Cast Lead, it became impossible to read the news. The gap between conversations my friends and colleagues were having and the story being told by mainstream news outlets was unbridgeable. People around the world were getting one sliver of the story, while the most critical elements were missing. Something had to be done. So a group of us — journalists and bloggers, most of whom were already writing in English on our own blogs — got together and came up with the idea that became +972 Magazine. We wanted to create a platform that would…

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  • Announcing a new partnership with Israel Social TV

    +972 Magazine and Israel Social TV are happy to announce the beginning of a new partnership in which Social TV's grassroots, independent video reporting and content will be published and presented in English on +972 Magazine. Like +972, Social TV is an independent media organization working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality as well as to mobilize its viewers toward activism. Social TV was established in 2006 out of the belief that objective and diverse media is crucial for a healthy democracy in Israel. It seeks to report on social injustices and human right violations, and…

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  • Change of editors at +972 Magazine

    Dear Readers, Noa Yachot, who has been our managing editor for the last year and a half, is leaving her position at +972 Magazine and going to work for the American Civil Liberties Union. During her time with us, Noa helped bring the site to a new level of professionalism, introduce new fields of coverage, increase the site's readership and launch new projects. We all thank her for her dedicated work and her commitment to the site. Noa will remain part of the +972 collective. Noa will be replaced by editor and blogger Mike Omer-Man, who previously worked as the…

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  • Welcome to +972’s new website!

    Dear Readers, We are pleased to introduce +972’s new and improved website. +972 Magazine has been around for two years now. We started as a small group blog operated by several volunteers; today, we are a group of more than 20 writers and editors, covering news and developments in the region on a daily basis. The new version of +972 Magazine is suited to meet the changing needs of the site and the expectations of our growing readership. The new site will look much better on your mobile or tablet devices. It will also include some new features, among them…

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  • +972 Magazine celebrates its first birthday!

    It's been a bit more than a year since we started working on +972 Magazine, and the site was officially launched last summer. To mark this event, we gathered for a toast in the presence of friends and colleagues on the rooftop of the space belonging to the HaYarkon 70 collective in Tel Aviv (overlooking the US embassy…). This anniversary is a great opportunity to thank all our readers and followers: Those who commented, sent emails, corrected us, shared our work, argued or supported us – you are the reason we are doing all of this. We write because we care, and…

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