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2014 Gaza war

  • The health system in Gaza cannot handle another war

    A new war would lead to the collapse of an already-debilitated medical infrastructure in Gaza, Palestinian health officials warn. By Amjad Yaghi GAZA CITY — Fear has been palpable across Gaza for the past couple of days, not only in homes but also in hospitals and medical clinics. For years, health professionals have warned of a looming collapse of medical services. If Tuesday’s nascent, Egyptian-brokered cease-fire doesn’t hold, a war would devastate Gaza’s medical infrastructure, Palestinian health authorities say. [tmwinpost] On Monday, Gazans experienced one of the most difficult nights since the war in 2014. After Israeli special forces bungled a…

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  • Why Gaza’s status quo is unlikely to change

    In Gaza, despite Hamas’ pacification, a shift to nonviolent protests, and UN warnings of collapse, Israel shows little intention of lifting the blockade. By Tareq Baconi Ceasefire discussions between Israel and Hamas appear to be progressing, following an increase in hostilities in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have agreed to adopt “new tactics” and curb potential militarization in the Great Return March protests, in exchange for an easing of the blockade. However, the coming days and weeks are likely to remain fragile. [tmwinpost] These ongoing developments in the Gaza Strip are testing the limits of the…

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  • In Gaza, fears of a new war stir old traumas

    By Amjad Yaghi GAZA CITY – In the village of Abasan in the southern Gaza Strip, Hussein Shaheen’s family still lives in rubble. Their house was destroyed during Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza, and they haven’t rebuilt it since. Since Gazans started the Great Return March several months ago, Israel has been retaliating with force, and tensions are high once again. Israel and Hamas are reportedly in the advanced stages of negotiating a ceasefire, but the constant uncertainty of whether the situation will change for better or worse, of whether Gazans should prepare for easements or escalation, induces severe anxiety.…

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  • Gaza's women are being besieged on all sides

    Between an endless siege that chokes the economy and a traditional society facing increased gender violence, Gaza's women have few options for survival. By Reem Amer and Tanya Rubinstein Over the past few weeks the Israeli media has focused much of its time on the all-female flotilla to Gaza, which was stopped by the Israeli army on the way from Sicily to the Strip. As was made clear by the recent Channel 2 report, the women aboard the flotilla are working to raise global awareness over the situation in Gaza, and are trying to make a change. But what the media tends to miss in its…

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  • Who’s sending death threats to Palestinian advocates in The Hague?

    In an interview with +972, the Hague representative of Al-Haq, a Palestinian human rights group, talks about the slew of threats she and her organization have received for months, and why she believes the Israeli government is behind them. In a small ceremony in The Hague on April 1, 2015, the Palestinian Authority officially signed the Rome Statute, the legal covenant enabling the prosecution of individuals at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Saeb Erekat, the PA’s chief negotiator, called it “a historic day in the struggle for justice, freedom and peace…

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  • Hundreds of academics call to boycott genocide conference in Israel

    Academics condemn decision to hold a conference on genocide in Jerusalem at a time when Israel’s actions are 'being viewed through lenses of ethnic cleansing and genocide.' Nearly 270 academics from 19 countries are calling to boycott the fifth Global Conference on Genocide, set to take place on June 26-29 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. [tmwinpost] In a letter sent to the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) on May 3, the academics pointed to the hypocrisy of having the conference in Israel at a time when Israel’s actions are “increasingly being viewed through lenses of ethnic cleansing and genocide linked…

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  • Israelis can only ignore Gaza for so long

    Try as it may, the Israeli government will never be able to detach Palestinian human rights from its own security situation. This week marks exactly one and a half years since the last Gaza war, although most of the time the tiny strip of land barely exists in the Israeli public consciousness. Now that the possibility of another round of fighting has emerged, Gaza is back in the headlines. [tmwinpost] Recent weeks have seen multiple reports by the Israeli military on Hamas's attempts to re-build its tunnel infrastructure, with some tunnels already projected to have been dug into Israeli territory. Israeli satirical…

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  • PHOTOS: The Gaza families obliterated in just 51 days

    Out of the 2,200 Palestinians killed in last summer's assault on the Gaza Strip, over 80 percent were civilians. Nearly 150 families lost three or more relatives, with some families disappearing entirely. Activestills' Anne Paq returns to Gaza to tell the story behind the numbers. Photography: Anne Paq /, Editing: Shiraz Grinbaum / “Time will reduce the pain, but we will not forget our brothers”, told me 18-year-old Ibrahim Al Khalili in the midst of the burned ruins of the family factory, when I visited them in November 2014. The entire immediate families of Ibrahim's brothers, Ashraf and Ahmed, were killed:…

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