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2012 U.S. elections

  • After Bibi's bet on Romney, 'peace camp' can beat him

    Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni can win the January 22 election.  If there is one loser in the U.S. election outside the U.S., it is Benjamin Netanyahu - and all of Israel knows it. No one is fooled by his denials that he backed Romney and opposed Obama as demonstratively as he possibly could. The widespread conviction, now that Obama has won four more years in the White House, is that Bibi has endangered Israel's relationship with America in a way that is unprecedented in its recklessness. No Israeli prime minister ever took sides in a U.S. presidential election like…

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  • Bibi has no reason to fear an Obama victory

    A second-term President Obama wouldn't be beholden only to himself, but to the Democratic Party, which is scared stiff of taking on Israel.  I would love to share the hope that if Obama wins on November 6 - and at this point, going by the polls, it would take satanic intervention for Romney to beat him - he would "teach Bibi a lesson," and, more importantly, make good on his horribly failed promise to do everything in his power to forge the two-state solution. But I don't see it. After talking tough at the start of his presidency and getting…

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