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Stop giving Netanyahu publicity

The best way to object to Netanyahu, his Congress speech and his policies, is to ignore him.

Since the Netanyahu Congress speech episode began last month, the press, and specifically foreign press, has been flooded with items on the Israeli prime minister. Not a day has gone by without a headline about Netanyahu’s lavish spending, incompetence regarding the housing crisis, his assault on media and academics, and of course his incitement against centrist political rivals.

Netanyahu has redefined the phrase, “bad publicity is good publicity,” since none of this appears to be hurting Netanyahu in the least at home. As Gershom Gorenberg previously wrote,”I’ve come to realize that the focus on him is a strategic success for the prime minister’s election campaign. It distracts voters’ attention from minor questions such as the Palestinians, peace, housing prices, and poverty.” Attacking Netanyahu hasn’t helped either, which Herzog and Livni’s Zionist Camp has learned. And this is why, for example, Israeli news site Ynet (whose owner, Noni Mozes, is anti-Netanyahu) has decided to make the high cost of living and labor disputes the top headline every day for the past few weeks — rather than explicitly attack the prime minister.

It also has yet to be seen how this position hurts him vis-a-vis diplomacy with the U.S. Sure, Democrats have condemned the planned speech, while others have gone as far as to boycott it, and yes, it will be great to see the room half empty when he gives his speech. But I am talking about real consequences, such as economic pressure that could force the Israeli leader to change his policies. Until that happens, Netanyahu will continue to act with impunity, going so far as to turn down a closed-door meeting with Democrats, which he called “partisan. Remember, this is coming from the prime minister who is blatantly identified with the Republican Party, and who openly supported Mitt Romney in the last U.S. presidential election.

J Street, the DC-based liberal Zionist lobby group that supports postponing the speech until after the elections, published a large ad Thursday morning in the New York Times condemning the planned speech. The ad, along with their “Bibi doesn’t speak for me” petition, both included a large photo of the the prime minister. Why give the man more publicity? Why make it about him when we should be talking about the issues? This is exactly what he wants.

J Street ad in the New York Times.

J Street and others —  Democrats, American Jews, activists and media outlets — who oppose Netanyahu and everything he stands for, should be focusing their attention on the issues that are important to them, rather than the person mishandling them.

In the countdown to his speech in Congress, Netanyahu is only getting increasingly more publicity, which will likely peak with over-saturation on the day of the speech. It would be great to just ignore Netanyahu completely, the way some Democrats have decided to not attend his speech have done.

The best way to express objection and utter disgust with Netanyahu is to ignore him. Who’s with me?

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    1. Weiss

      Satanyahoo is an embarrassment to Jews all around the world.

      And he certainly does NOT represent THIS Jew….

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        He doesn’t represent *ANY* Jews. What he represents are the nutty, bible-thumping Islamophobes in the United States who love Israel for all the wrong reasons. That’s his real constituency.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Ben Zakkai

      None of the left-wing or centrist or left-center or quasi-left-center or whatever parties that are supposed to be offering alternatives to Netanyahooism have found themselves able to offer the voters any kind of issues platform that is even remotely intelligent, prioritized, specific, principled, honest, proactive, creative or visionary. So why shouldn’t Netanyahu win another term? It has nothing to do with his publicity, good bad or otherwise.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Karen Levin

      Bibi represents this Jew from Florida, USA. As Clinton welcomed Peres to speak to congress two weeks before Israel’s elections, Obama, his administration and world opinion slams Netanyahu. While Iran laughs as islamic mayhem and anti-semitism engulfs the world, Iran continues its underground [secret] nuclear facility activities, lobs bombs at “makeshift” U.S. naval vessels [today] and threatens to destroy Israel, I read article after article of Jews disparaging Netanyahu. If the threat of annihilation does not cause angst – if Bibi having the b*lls to speak Truth to Power is annoying – please show some respect for those of us who are proud to have BIBI SPEAK FOR US.

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        Karen, please answer me these questions:

        1. If Bibi is your leader, and not Obama, why are you still living in Florida and not Israel?

        2. If the shoe was on the other foot, and your president was a hard-line Republican (God forbid), would you still be okay with the leader of a foreign country coming over and dissing him out in Congress?

        3. When you say “those of us who are proud to have BIBI SPEAK FOR US”, you do realize you are in fact referring to a marginal minority within the Jewish community, as most Jews are liberal Democrats who despise Bibi and everything he stands for?

        4. Why does Iran not have the right to develop nuclear power, but Israel has every right to develop and stockpile nuclear weapons?

        Reply to Comment
      • Average American

        You’re serious aren’t you. You are expressing your allegience not only to a foreign country but more greatly to the philosophy of Zionism. Are you an example of one of the central goals of Zionism, that is to create a nation of Jews without borders, so that a Jew in USA or Belgium or anywhere is under the command of the leader of Zionism (currently the Polish guy Milekowsky who changed his name to Netanyahu to sound like a local middle easterner), which forms a Zionist military funded by Zionists (including the Rothschild banks), which will use Israel’s un-audited nuclear arsenal to subjugate other nations as it wishes, there will be a Zionist currency and other currencies will lose their value, there will be Zionist courts that use only halacha law (which favors Jews), and The Jews will finally reach the Zionist nirvana in their Rightful Place of World Power?

        Reply to Comment
        • C.C. DeVille

          Do you think any readers here believe your bullsh!t?

          Reply to Comment
    4. Behnam Shahariyyani

      Netanyahu is a has been. Obama has conceded the Middle East as an Iranian spehere of influence. Once we liberate Palestine we will send Bibi to the Hague for war crimes trials

      Reply to Comment
    5. julia peck

      these antics are nothing new. these are tried and tested tactics…. it’s happened before
      this time: top of the agenda: gotta stop those negotiations !

      Reply to Comment
    6. Traveller

      Unfortunately, even sharing this is putting his name up front!!
      But the content makes great sense – kudos

      Reply to Comment
    7. dekkers

      On which topic is this stand up comedian this time going to lie about?

      Reply to Comment
    8. Brian

      Meir Dagan, in the Yediot Ahronot interview, just destroyed Netanyahu’s pretensions and confusions on Iran. The jig is up.

      Reply to Comment
      • C.C. DeVille

        Shut up faggot

        Reply to Comment
    9. C.C. DeVille

      Right. You were already told that you are a whiney bitch. Stop reminding us.

      Reply to Comment
    10. David Doppler

      He’s a megalomaniac with nuclear weapons, determined to escalate tensions with allies and enemies alike. He guarantied Congress in 2002 “enormous positive reverberations throughout the Middle East from the Iraq invasion.” As far as we know, everything that has happened there HAS been “positive,” from his perspective, because it escalates the fear among Israelis that justifies increased militarism and fascist-like drift, all convenient cover for settlement expansion. Until he is cashiered out of the prime minister’s office, it IS about him. The Israeli electorate can’t focus on other issues until his hand is OFF that button.

      Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        Precisely, David. Netanyahu wants constant war and tension between Shiite and Sunni, between Fatah and Hamas, between Iran and the USA; and he wants his own populace constantly fearful. He wants to “manage” a state of chaos in the region that provides cover and heightens fear as you say. All part of a distraction and divide and conquer strategy; a smokescreen while the settlements proceed apace. He’d like nothing more than for America to get re-embroiled in another idiotic middle eastern invasion. A la George W. Bush. The Idiot. That Obama is too smart for that is why Netanyahu is invading America this week. Netanyahu is on record as saying America is a thing easily manipulated and he knows how to do it. He wants the Americans to give him their blood and treasure while he can’t be bothered to give them one damn thing back. His megalomaniacal speech is all part of the same game. Americans need to say: not in our name.

        Reply to Comment