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Photo diary: Inside 'Holot' detention center for asylum seekers

In a special feature for +972, Activestills brings you exclusive images taken by prisoners inside Israel’s holding facility for asylum seekers.

Since December 2013, the Israeli government has sent more than 1,000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees to the Holot ‘open’ detention facility in Israel’s south, where they are being held without charge until they can be deported or have their asylum claims processed. For most detainees, this means an indefinite stay in prison.

Through the lens of Ahmad, a Holot prisoner, we come face to face with the conditions in the detention facility, which include a lack of proper food and medicine.

The photos also give a glimpse of the perseverance of asylum seekers. Whether they are playing music or battling it out on the soccer court, refugees are finding ways to celebrate life.