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The Iran Deal

Israel threatened to attack Iran over its nuclear program for years. Now that the world reached a deal with Tehran, Israel is trying to torpedo it in Congress, putting its alliance with Washington in some of the toughest times it has ever seen.

+972’s full coverage of the Iran deal and the clash between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

  • A disastrous outcome if Trump pulls out of the Iran deal

  • The mask is off: Trump is seeking war with Iran

  • Did AIPAC make a profit off its fight against the Iran deal?

  • IAEA: Iran is keeping up its end of the nuclear deal

  • Ya'alon is only the latest Israeli security official to back Iran deal

  • Working toward a nuclear weapons free Mideast

  • Expect non-proliferation pressure on Israel following the Iran deal

    Now that the Iran nuclear deal has been implemented, the Islamic Republic, Egypt and others are likely to make a much more serious push for a nuclear-free Middle East. And Israel is in a much tighter spot than ever before. By Shemuel Meir A sigh of relief was heard in the corridors of Israel’s security establishment and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office in May 2015. Its cause: Israel’s success in fending off and foiling a proposed resolution put forward by Egypt at the NPT Review Conference to establish a nuclear-weapon-free Middle East. Prime Minister Netanyahu sent President Obama a special thank…

  • Netanyahu is the Iran deal's victor, he'll just never admit it

    For 20 years the Israeli prime minister has been demanding the U.S. and the world put a stop to Iran's nuclear ambitions, and that's exactly what Obama delivered. And no, there won't be any consequences for the public fight with the American president. It has become somewhat of a trope in recent months to warn of the damage Benjamin Netanyahu has done by so openly and directly working to oppose the Iran deal, the flagship foreign policy achievement Barak Obama’s legacy. Most of those warnings, however, can be attributed to either wishful thinking or veiled politicking surrounding the deal itself.…

  • Iran deal: Why did Bibi pick a futile fight in Washington?

    If the prime minister knew all along that he wasn't going to win the battle in Congress, why would he throw AIPAC and American Jewry into such a divisive fight? The Israeli prime minister's proxies and unofficial spokespeople tried their hardest to convince reporters on Wednesday that Benjamin Netanyahu knew all along his chances of blocking the Iran deal in Congress were slim at best. Yet much of the media in Israel is treating the administration's success in assembling 34 senators to defend a presidential veto as a political defeat for Netanyahu. “We knew that the agreement would pass but…

  • The day after is here: What the Iran deal means for Israel

    With at least 34 votes in the Senate, the Iran deal is a fait accompli. Netanyahu will continue to enjoy a reprieve from pressure about the peace process as a result of the diplomatic energy being spent on implementing the Iran deal and Obama's efforts to push it through Congress. Israel will also, however, face increased pressure regarding its own nuclear arsenal as part of a renewed Iranian push for regional disarmament. By Shemuel Meir The discourse on the nuclear deal between Iran and the Western powers continues to change. Opponents of the agreement are waging a last-ditch attempt to…

  • Jewish Iran deal supporters booted from New York town hall meeting

    When a group of New York activists stood silently in support of the Iran deal at a meeting in Brooklyn, they were accused of being 'Arabs' and wishing to send Jews off to the 'gas chambers.' By +972 Magazine Staff Four Jewish activists were booed and shown the door when they expressed their support for the Iran deal at a town hall style meeting with Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries in Brooklyn Tuesday night. Sitting in the back section of the Flatbush Jewish Center, the group stood up during the question-and-answer portion of the meeting and silently hoisted signs, reading,…

  • Iran's collective memory won't allow the kind of agreement Netanyahu wants

    While Israelis are busy burying the dead, Netanyahu is busy running from place to place to speak out against the Iran nuclear deal. What he doesn't realize, however, is that the days of Iran's capitulation to Western interests are over. In a week in which Israeli society stood dumbfounded after two horrifying murders that shook the country, our prime minister was mostly busy with his crusade against the nuclear deal between the West and Iran. While he managed to make some time for a brief visit to visit the Dawabshe family, and also sent his condolences to Shira Banki's family,…

  • Yes to dual loyalty, no to war with Iran

    Here is my bi-partisan proposal to opponents of the deal: don’t cut our countries adrift from our allies, and don’t light my region on fire. If this deal falls, I’ll have to suffer the consequences of the war you chose. Criticize Jewish or Israeli opponents of the Iran deal, and you are an anti-Semite. Not only that; conservative hysterics now say you have de facto accused such opponents of dual loyalty, an antiquated anti-Semitic charge being wielded as precisely as a club. [tmwinpost] It’s time to drop that old trope altogether. The very idea that there’s something wrong with dual loyalty…

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