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Soldiers' protest against Netanyahu, ceasefire goes viral

This pic went viral this morning (Thursday) in Israeli social media networks. The soldiers in the photo are forming the words, in Hebrew, “Bibi is a loser.”

‘Bibi loser’ protest by IDF soldiers, now making its rounds through Israeli social media networks

Netanyahu answers Facebook comments criticizing ceasefire with Hamas
Ceasefire declared, but conditions that led to escalation remain

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    1. Palestinian

      Chickens and the loser

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      • The Trespasser

        You are absolutely right.
        IDF should’ve invaded Gaza and killed another 15000 in collateral damage.

        Than you’d surely won’t call them chickens, right?

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    2. rsgengland

      Lets give it a week or two before coming to conclusions
      Iron Dome was and is a success .
      Minimal Israeli casualties or damage.
      Hamas leaders taken out , whilst keeping collateral damage as low AS POSSIBLE .
      International media did not get the ‘bloodfest’ they need to keep the interest up .
      May not have been a resounding military victory for Israel , but it certainly was not a military loss or defeat

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      • The Trespasser

        The only problem is that Palestinian think that they’ve actually won.

        A question: How many Palestinians should be killed so they’d admit that they’ve lost?

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        • Lord, protect us from those who believe in you.

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        • David T.

          @ The Tresspasser

          Why do you think that someone thinks that Israel lost, because it didn’t kill “another 15000 in collateral damage”? Would you count this a victory?

          Israel’s lost, because it didn’t achive its military goals. That’s why Hisbullah in 2006 and Hamas in 2009 claimed victory besides Israel’s “colateral damages”.

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    3. Mitchell Cohen

      I am one of the reservists that was mobilized….I am keeping my army bag where I can grab it quickly….I give this “cease fire” six months (I am being VERY optimistic)….

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    4. Xithurel

      Cowards, show your faces before you call anybody a coward. Look at them all, they pull this but hide their faces? The IDF need to find out who these imbeciles are before they cause real trouble.

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    5. sh

      Hope they soldiers are right and he does.

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    6. Philos

      Doesn’t this brazen political act warrant an investigation by Militay Police and the court martial of those involved? Ah yea – I forgot – this is Sparta or some macho rubbish

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