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Soldiers beat family members, damage home while arresting Palestinian teen

Israeli soldiers beat and dragged Abed Al-Rahem Awad down the stairs of his home,  pepper sprayed his sisters and threw several stun grenades through the family’s windows. Earlier this year, the family lost Abed al-Rahem’s younger brother, who was shot in the back at close range after trying to cross the separation barrier near his home.

IDF stun grenades that were thrown into the Awad family’s home in Budrus.

Israeli soldiers violently arrested 19-year-old Abed al-Rahem Awad yesterday (Monday) morning, Palestinians from the village of Budrus reported. According to the reports, several soldiers entered the family home in the early morning, breaking through the doors with a compressed air device. Family members said they were awakened by Abed al-Rahem’s cries as soldiers were dragging him down the stairs. His sisters tried to prevent the arrest and soldiers beat and pepper sprayed them. The two sisters were taken to a hospital, one with a broken arm.

The soldiers also broke two of the house’s windows in order to throw several stun grenades (sound bombs) inside. Photos of where they exploded inside the home can be seen above. Soldiers did not give the family a reason for the arrest during the raid or in the day after.

In January, Israeli soldiers shot to death Abed al-Rahem’s 16-year-old brother, Samir Awad, near the village. Samir was hit once as he was trying to cross the separation fence some 200 meters from Budrus, and a couple more times from close range – one shot to in the back of his head and one in his back – after he tried to escape from the soldiers by running back toward the village.

Israeli authorities brought Abed al-Rahem to the hospital yesterday with both his legs and his arms shackled (see below). He was later taken back to jail. This morning (Tuesday) the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) requested that an IDF military court extend his remand by 14 days. No charges were filed against him and so far the allegations against him are very minor – throwing stones at soldiers and participating in protests. His interrogation is being conducted by the Shin Bet.

A judge at the Ofer military court extended Abed al-Rahem’s arrest by eight days.

I asked the IDF Spokesperson’s unit for comment on the reasons for Abed al-Rahem’s arrest, the beating of family members and the damage to their property. I will update this post if and when I’ll receive a response [UPDATE: The army has sent me a comment and a clip from the arrest. See it here]. Earlier, an army spokesperson told the B’Tselem human rights organization that members of the Awad family tried to attack the soldiers during the arrest.

A friend of the family told me that if there was any resistance to the arrest, it was because family members panicked when they saw their kid being dragged away by the soldiers. In an earlier incident, soldiers came looking for Abed al-Rahem when wasn’t home, so when he got back his father took him to the police station. I was told, “they wouldn’t have objected if they knew what was happening.”

The investigation of Samir Awad’s death is still ongoing.

An Awad family member who was beaten by IDF soldiers during the arrest of her brother, May 27, 2013, in Budrus.

Abed Al-Rahem Awad, 19, from Budrus, being held in an Israeli hospital following his arrest by IDF soldiers. May 27 2013

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    1. Danny

      Israel 2013: Weak against Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Hezbollah, but strong as lions against unarmed Palestinian women and children.

      Yup, Israel – your best days are definitely ahead of you.

      Reply to Comment
    2. aristeides

      How many stone-throwing Jews are thrown down the stairs?

      Reply to Comment
      • Haifawi

        According to Arutz Sheva, I think they’ve cracked a few settler skulls. If the family was resisting arrest, I don’t have a problem with using force against them. The real tragedy is that since he is not Jewish, he doesn’t get civilian legal rights, which even the most violent settler would receive.

        Reply to Comment
        • aristeides

          On the streets, some. But those are resisting, too. I see a difference between going out into the street to confront the cops and the cops breaking into the home to confront you, although the cops probably don’t.

          How many settlers with their doors kicked in at night and grenades thrown through the windows?

          Reply to Comment
        • Woody

          Haifawi is a slave to authority. Submit to the police, he says. That’s not a very Pali or even Israeli Jewish attitude…you must be a deluded Western-dwelling slave. Prepare to be taken away without resistance!

          Reply to Comment
        • yishay

          what right do you speak about?
          he gets checked by a doctor before entering custody, then has food, water and bed until he gets his trial.
          he gets a lawyer, and if goes to prison he can even study.
          what else do you want?

          Reply to Comment
    3. Sickening and superfluous violence that is revenge for all of Budrus’ resistance to occupation and to this family’s determination in particular.

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        Not as sickening as Arabs’ denial to coexist peacefully.

        Reply to Comment
        • Trespasser, There exists in every human an intrinsic awareness that all humans are created equal, and have a number of inalienable rights; which can however be suppressed by evil humans. So you know that what the Israelis are doing is wrong, and that all Israelis who support this evil feel more and more miserable inside over time. So isn’t it time you come in from the cold, become a real human, and begin to do your share in getting Palestine to where all its residents can live in peace and achieve their full potential?

          Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >There exists in every human an intrinsic awareness that all humans are created equal, and have a number of inalienable rights;

            Arabs in general and Palestinian Arabs in particular does not have such “intrinsic awareness”, which is why this conflict has begun over 100 years ago.

            >So isn’t it time you come in from the cold, become a real human, and begin to do your share in getting Palestine to where all its residents can live in peace and achieve their full potential?

            That’s some idealistic nonsense.

            Palestinian Arabs for over 100 years openly claim that Jews have no right to have homeland in Palestine. About what “full potential” are you talking? Full potential to make Palestine Judenfrei?

            Reply to Comment
    4. Elisabeth

      Totally useless and vile comment as usual. Trespisser, xyx, rsengland… I can’t even tell them apart. They may even be the same person, as their racist cliches have no individuality.
      They succees in making this website an unpleasant place to visit though.

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        No, they’re not the same person. XYZ is clearly a settler (or a supporter of settlers), but his arguments are usually grounded in some sense (from his perspective).

        The other guy (trespasser) strikes me as a Russian emigre whose thoughts and ideas are replete with outright racism. I don’t even bother to acknowledge him.

        Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        I long noticed that for particular people it is vile and even useless to acknowledge that the Arabs are the real obstacle to peace.

        Obviously, acknowledging it might cause severe psychological problem et cetera. Well, remain in your pink bubble, leftist.

        p.s. As of racist cliches – you are free to prove me (us, if you please) wrong. Sufficient would be to produce links to 3 (three) websites where Arabs are discussing the necessity of peace.

        But of course you won’t do that.

        Reply to Comment
    5. To resist arrest one must know there is an arrest. If the family was asleep, there was really no announced arrest.

      Actions like this will eventually bite back. The question is how to react once violence erupts.

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        >Actions like this will eventually bite back.


        >The question is how to react once violence erupts.

        With overwhelming violence, of course.

        Fight fire with fire, you see.

        Reply to Comment