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Neocon lobbyist marks Schalit release with calls for genocide?

Right? I mean, that’s the immediate impression when you read it (h/t Political Correction). Rachel Abrams, who blogs at Bad Rachel, sits on the board of the Emergency Committee for Israel, the very same group that tried accusing Occupy Wall Street of anti-Semitism. Take a deep breath:

Yeah. Rwanda, make way, here comes Mrs. Abrams. Even if you take out the actual howl for blood, that’s just about one of the most hate-filled rants I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s almost as if she wrote it to give readers a useful sample of what hate-speech really is. If that’s what she thinks about when she’s glad, I’m not really sure what ideas she procures when angry.

Update: Elli Clifton at Think Progress dug up some other charming quotes from Mrs. Abrams.

Last year, she focused on Christopher Hitchens’ bisexuality in a post titled “Giving Homosexuality a Bad name.” She wrote:

Wherever one stands on the homosexuality question—I’m agnostic, or would be if the “gay community” would quit trying to shove legislation down my throat—there can be no denying bisexuality’s double betrayal—you never know, whether you’re the man of the hour or the woman, when the ground on which you’re standing is going to turn to ashes—nor any denying the self-admiring “nourishment” its promiscuous conquests afford.

But wait, there’s more.

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    1. Gabriel

      Meh. I think there’s all too much blog on blog trashing. There are thousands of blogs on Israel/Palestine. You can find fifty that will outrage you every day. Besides, I found the Palestinian chants to “get another Shalit” a lot more chilling than what some idiot said on a blog.

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    2. RichardNYC

      Unless you personally subscribe to the above quote as a definition of Palestinians generally, I don’t see a reasonable interpretation of this rant as a call for “genocide.” Your headline is pretty shameless, and dishonest.

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    3. RichardNYC

      ooooo…I retract my previous comment. It took me a little while to parse the grammar of that sentence…

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    4. Michael W.

      I agree with Gabriel. How many people have heard of this lovely character before? There are a zillion schmucks out there. Smacking one fly isn’t progress. You need to smack a lot of flies.

      What I like about this site is that a lot of the writers are professional journalists that inform the public about important matters. This post about Mrs. Abrams isn’t important. A study of language and views of Abrams’ greater community is important (or something along those lines).

      Dimi, strive for quality, not substance. Mondoweiss has already cornered that market.

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    5. DeeDee

      Oh this just makes me sick, I don’t believe such disconnected from reality people exist and practice life,people like this lady seriously need to see a shrink.. This is crazy!

      If a person like her walks around Ramallah, I would personally not leave my house!

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    6. OHR

      Dont forget that Rachel Abrams husband, Elliot, was George Bush’s Middle East advisor on the National Security Council. What a wonderful group of policy makers we have in the US government. No wonder their Middle East policy is so screwed up.

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    7. sam

      this is anti-semitism zionist racism!!! and @michael and gabriel read what ohr said…that maks a difference… Dimi, i hope u update your artcle and add that piece of info, because it does make all the difference, we now understand what bush’s adviser’s thinking was

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    8. OHR

      This is not just some random person. She is part of a very influential family in Washington policy circles, where I lived my whole life. She is very active and her husband is Elliot Abrams for God’s sake.

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    9. Philos

      Never mind this nobody Dimi. Read this racist hate-speech from Ynetnews op-ed section by Yigal Walt. It’s utterly disgusting and is coming from a “legit” Israeli news site


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    10. AYLA

      don’t give people like this the respect of your attention. unless they’re drumming up serious, concrete trouble, in which case, we must. her voice doesn’t sound to me like one that people could be sucked into unless they were already nuts. in fact, let’s hope that people who are much less extreme than her, but who do harbor similar base fears, will see themselves in her just enough to make them blush and self-reflect. People like Caroline Glick (sp?) are far more dangerous.

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    11. alessandra

      first spologize my poor English, I’m sort of shy in taking part in any written debate here (I’m Italian and my English is very Italian too!), but i’d like you to know that I very much appreciate all your articles and also all the posts that are very challinging and informing.
      I’m also upset in reading about Rachel Adams sentences, but you have to know that you may read much much worst in pro-Palestine area (facebook pages like Vittorio Arrigoni the Italian so called pacifist shot in Gaza by Islamic extremists, or even many comments of my Arab friends with whom I daily “argue” about Middle east issues, and so on).
      I’m afraid I have to admit that the only open mind positions on the subjects often comes from Jewish area and not from the Arab part. yesterday a very dear friend of mine originally from Morocco but living in Italy for 20 years, posted an appaling sentence about Gilad Shalid and Palestinians prisoners. Let me tell you something: he (as almost the majority of Arabs I know) would have never be so angry or militant or upset for any other crimes like Rwanda genocide or Congo’s million women raped or for Myanmar regime or Tibet). But, yes, there is a but, they hate every single Jew even if they do not know even one, just because of Palestine.
      It is very sad this, but it is true. I’m trying for many years to find a cmmon path to show my Arab friends that Israeli people are not a monolithic body, but they just don’t care. it is easier to fill the mouth (and their head and heart) with basic and violent slogans. Fortunately here on 972 there are very smart and open mind Palestinians and Arabs sharing their thoughts, even if they are different from mine or others. but believe me, they are not the public opinion.

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    12. Nati Hans

      One has to questions the writers ability to interpret a comment. The title is sensationalist, failing to match the contents presented to back it up.

      Calling to hunt down those behind Gilads capture has nothing to do with genocide.

      Such manipulative writing and baseless allegation of genocide demonstrates the incompetence of this writer.

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    13. AYLA

      @Allessandra–thank you. Please don’t be shy to comment; you write beautifully, not only because you do so with an open heart.

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    14. Deïr Yassin

      Maybe Alessandra writes “with an open heart” but her comments follows the typical procedure of Hasbara from ‘The Global Language Dictionary’ by Luntz.
      We know that procedure: “I have many Arab friends”, [so I’m not biased] “but they are all anti-Jewish” and “the only open-minded people are Jews”. Brava !
      It’s like the sentence starting: “I’m not a racist BUT ….”.
      And her story of a Moroccan friend who said or wrote blahblah. Yeah, and I saw a “Mort aux Arabes” [death to the Arabs] in my neighbourhood last week with the star of David next to it…, and a Zionist Jew just wrote on a website that the Arabs are primitive, etc etc. So what do I deduce from that ? Nothing !
      “Believe me they are not the public opinion”.
      Yeah, because Alessandra knows one Moroccan and two Egytian immigrants in Italy, and it makes her an expert on Arab public opinion.
      Ma dai !

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    15. Abrams’ post can only be understood as a call to genocide. Between the “murder god” and “devil’s spawn” and “seventy two virgins” and “burkas” and “pimp mnthers” and “sharks” and “carnivores” and “God’s purpose,” she doesn’t seem interested in making distinctions between Shalit’s captors and Palestinian Muslims in general – all of them must be thrown to the sharks. To those who counter that there are Arabs who write the equivalent sort of filth, that’s of course true, but in America they’re considered terrorists, while Rachel Abrams is a political insider, “one of us.” The organization she co-founded, the Emergency Committee for Israel, is one of the leading forces in the Republican campaign to unseat Obama. I only wonder whether her blog post will hurt ECI’s cause, or help it.

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    16. AYLA

      @Deir–what do you mean when you call so much Hasbara? Do you mean that you suspect that the Hasbara Machine is creating the character that is Alessandra? Because they do do that–they also create characters who are hateful Arabs to come onto sites and provoke everyone and induce fear and hate; sometimes what seems to be many commenters is really one hasbara writer. It’s a very sick enterprise. OR, do you mean that her views support Jews or Israelis? Because if it’s the latter, then according to my understanding, that’s the wrong use of the term, and using it this way devalues its evil. Also, do you find that your arab friends and/or greater community–if you have them/one–are willing to be publicly self-critical of Arab leadership or violence, or who are compassionate about, say, Gilad Shalit coming home, the Jewish bloggers here are about Palestinian prisoners coming home? Rather than shutting commenters down and calling them names, why not speak to what she’s saying. Maybe you have examples to counter hers.

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    17. AYLA

      @Dimi–I guess I stand corrected by LD if this woman has so much power (also, yikes–jews are drinking from the tea). It just seems like the equivalent of wasting smart attention on Rush Limbaugh (who also has tremendous power) or something.

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    18. alessandra

      ciao Deir, I never wrote I have the truth revealed, but only what is my daily experience and also my relationships with many people of Arab origin (actually I never counted them, if they are more than 50 can I have a right of speaking?). I assume that whatever I can write or as much as deep I can go in a description of my life and experience here in Italy and abroad, I’ll never do the right thing to you. so I do not want to argue because this is not my goal. it’s difficult to talk to people sometimes, especially those who have a different or opposite opinion: that’s what I tried to do here, without trying to convince anybody.

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    19. AYLA

      @Philos–I had seen that already–it’s awful. I was relieved to see that it was an op ed (one person’s opinion), but upset to see that YNet carried it. I wonder if it was on Hebrew Language YNet, and I wonder if the Hebrew and English site are the same? Sometimes, I find that English language news sources or sites on Israel target right wing american jews and prey on existential fear, I’d imagine to keep the money rolling in. There have always been editorials this upsetting on the Jerusalem Post–and they’re usually smarter and better written, which makes them more dangerous.

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    20. Philos

      @Aya, I checked the Hebrew version of the site for this article and it doesn’t appear to exist in translation. I’ve been reading Ynetnews with the same addiction people I know can’t stop watching Fox News no matter how much they hate it. Anyway, as far as I can tell it appears to be run by a different editorial team than Ynet.co.il.
      Ynetnews frequently runs racist and pretty outrageous op-eds all the time. That being said so does Ynet.co.il when it publishes the likes of Hagai Segal, Haim Misgav and Yoaz Hendel.
      My hope is that journalists in Israel will finally aim their sites at the English language version of Ynet and ask their editorial staff some difficult questions. That’s why I raised on this link on the blog. I can assure you all that very repugnant stuff is published there on a regular basis. In a Western state their website would be investigated for incitement and hate-speech.

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    21. Deïr Yassin

      @ Ayla.
      No, I wasn’t talking about the ‘fabricated’ people sent here by the Hasbara Central or coming here on their own initiative. As you correctly say, many of the most hateful pro-Palestinians or Muslims on the net are in fact Zionists. Mitch who posted/posts here asked fellow extremists on another blog (Israel Forum) to infiltrate this site, and one of the fascists encouraged the others to play the Jihadist Muslim. So I’m aware of that.
      If you’re a writer, you’re conscious of language and semantics 🙂 Try reread Alessandra’s comment.
      She is “sort of shy” to start, but her shyness soon fades !
      > “You may read much much worst in pro-palestine area” >> First talking point on the Hasbara list: ‘it’s worse elsewhere’
      > Arrigoni is a ‘socalled pacifist’. May God have mercy upon his soul and may his memory stay with us forever.
      > “I’m afraid I’ll have to admit” : Of course A. isn’t afraid to admit. The whole purpose of her comment is to ‘confess’ how horrible her Arab ‘friends’ are.
      > “Let me tell you something”: Wow, we hearing confidential stuff that she’s kept to herself for a long time.
      > “They hate every single Jew”: Don’t you think it’s strange that a ‘humanist’ as Alessandra has such “friends” ? And she has 50 of them….

      @ Alessandra
      Yoy write : I never wrote I had the truth revealed”. Well, you practically did when you wrote “But believe me they are not public opinion”.
      What do you know about public opinion in the Arab world ? Do you speak Arabic ? Have you been to the Arab world ? Did you study “Arabic public opinion” or is it based on your ’50 Arab friends’ ?
      Good advice to you: find some other ‘friends’ …

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    22. Bosko

      Deir Yassin said …
      ” As you correctly say, many of the most hateful pro-Palestinians or Muslims on the net are in fact Zionists”
      That’s really cute. I am really glad you didn’t use the word “all” rather than the word “many”. At least this way you do admit that there are at least a few genuine Palestinian Arabs who are hateful and that not all the hatred is perpetrated by evil Zionists who pretend to be Arabs.

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    23. Sylvia

      So ironic. Larry Derfner, who as a journalist employed by a respectable and well-established newspaper, has justified terrorism (remember “the Palestinians have the right to use terrorism against us”?) and was fired for that reason, is chastitizing a woman we’ve never heard of for using harsh words that nobody will heed.
      What Dhimmi Reider and Larry “terrorize us” Derfner are doing in effect, is try to establish an equivalency between Larry’s disgusting and reprehensible call for genocide of Israelis, and that woman’s violent verbiage, in a pathetic attempt to trivialize Larry’s call to kill Jews.
      Nice try.

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    24. annie

      elliot abrams promotes peace thru civil war and calls it ‘democracy building’ read vanity fair’s ‘the gaza bomshell’, elliot abrams designed it. rice was only the window dressing at state. he’s very been influential on our policies thruout the ME.

      ayla, if i wrote ‘sory fer my poor inglish i’m so shy and i want you to know i just love your article but i have to you jews are so much worse than anything i read on arab sites. I’m afraid I have to admit that the only open mind positions on the subjects often comes from Arab area and not from the Jew part. . Let me tell you something: almost the majority of Jews I know would have never be angry or militant or upset for any crimes like genocide or million women raped but, yes, there is a but, they hate every single Arab even if they do not know even one, just because of Israel. It is very sad this, but it is true. I’m trying for many years to find a cmmon path to show my Jewish friends that Arab people are not a monolithic body, but they just don’t care. it is easier to fill the mouth (and their head and heart) with basic and violent slogans. Fortunately here on 972 there are very smart and open mind Jews sharing their thoughts, even if they are different from mine or others. but believe me, they are not the public opinion.
      now does that sound to you?

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    25. annie

      sorry, i meant “how does that sound to you?” because to me it sounds racist. I do not think you can dress up racist ideas in sweet shy complimenting language and expect it to come out passing the smell test. as deir yassin suggests read ‘The Global Language Dictionary’ by Luntz. for you to thank a person, encourage them to not be shy, tell them they write beautifully with an open heart after a racist schpeel…plllease.

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    26. Sylvia, you’re a liar and a slanderer. I never called for Palestinians to terrorize Israelis, or to kill Israelis – I wrote specifically in that original blog post that I did NOT want Palestinians to attack Israelis and that I would do anything to stop such a thing from happening. Regrettably, I did write that when Israel is not offering the Palestinians a peaceful path to freedom, they do have the right to use terrorism, to kill Israelis – and I apologized for those words; they were obscene. What I do believe, then and now, is that when Israel is not offering the Palestinians a peaceful way to freedom, they have the right to resist. I’m sure you don’t believe that, while I’m equally sure that you glorify every killing committed by Irgun, Lehi and Haganah freedom fighters, whether against British or Arab, soldier or civilian. And for referring to “Dhimmi” Reider, you should drop dead.

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    27. sh

      She reads like a complete fruitcake despite her pedigree. If that’s the kind of stuff today’s néo-cons (to steal a leaf from Sylvia’s book) have sunk to, I’m less worried than I was. As sanity gradually returns to the public, stuff like that’ll find its rightful place under the mountain of much more talented and infamous writing in this vein.
      I was curious as to what the author looked like. Google wasn’t generous, but http://rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/abrams_rachel

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    28. AYLA

      @Sylvia–Most Israelis who followed the case (if you will) of LD’s blog post and firing from said newspaper were 100% on his side. It was the right wing, rich, blinded americans who have their hands over their ears and eyes (but not their mouths)–perhaps with whom you identify?–who threatened to withdraw their subscriptions who got him fired b/c the paper didn’t want to lose their money. The journalistic community here, in Israel, was outraged, including his colleagues at that paper, as were indigenous readers, who can actually read what he actually wrote in the complex context in which he wrote it, who believe that the best way to support Israel is to face truths and hold Israel to a (much) higher standard.

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    29. Washington Post Arab-bashing columnist Jennifer Rubin has retweeted Abrams’ ode to genocide. (From MJ Rosenberg)

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    30. sh

      Well, Larry, +972 reblogged Abrams’ screed too. Ayla more or less said what I thought when I saw those exclamation marks: “don’t give people like this the respect of your attention…her voice doesn’t sound to me like one that people could be sucked into unless they were already nuts…”.
      Fact is, here at home we are constantly exposed to similar – mostly more artful – manipulation on radio and TV, by respected journalists, MKs, those ubiquitous phone-ins. I’d better not get started on that, but maybe someone should.

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    31. SH, +972 held it up for contempt, Rubin held it up for admiration. And again, Abrams is a prominent matchmaker between right-wing America and right-wing Israel, a horrible combination, and her blog isn’t an ordinary screed – it’s extraordinary, it’s eye-popping.

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    32. AYLA

      @Annie and Deir–you’re both right, and thanks for helping me see what you’re revealing. I think I’m able (was able, am able–unsure) to believe Allesandra as a true voice because I have run into a pretty scary (to me) blanket kind of anti-Israeli and/or “Zionist” (in quotations because means different things to different people–I don’t use the term) hatred that sometimes extends itself to Jews in general, for example in Egypt. I gather this is true in Syria, from people I trust who have lived there (and have loved it, and its people). I can imagine how a well-meaning person could be friends with people who harbor those deep-seated prejudices on that one issue. I’ve seen how huge conspiracy theories can spread quickly by inciting “Zionists” or “jews” in mainstream Arab societies. In any case, online discussions are so full of such lack of transparency, it’s a treacherous world in here with this added layer of potential deceipt, and the freedom anonymity affords us to sling insults at each other. As a rule, I try first to trust people, which can obviously make me gullible, but if I have to choose trust vs. distrust as a way of being in the world, I stand by my choice. @Deir–why don’t you use your true name? To ask us to remember Deir Yassin every time write to you? Or?

      Reply to Comment
    33. AYLA

      p.s. I can’t believe no one has slammed me yet for my use of the word “indigenous” in my note to Sylvia. Terrible word choice :). Let’s say “readers here”.

      Reply to Comment
    34. Ben Israel

      Deir Yassin’s eternal message here is that the Arab states are peaceful, progressive, tolerant countries more or less like European states. Yes, there may be, here or there, an occassional Arab/Muslim who is racist or violent, but they are few and far between. Israelis are far more racist and violent. Whereas, as this thread is pointing out, there are plenty of Jews who advocate genocide against Arabs, hardly any Arab/Muslim would ever say or much less actually intend to do anything like that. This would be obvious to anyone who has studied the pacifist history of the Arab/Muslim world. Take, for instance, the Crusades. The Christians sent an army to conquer a Muslim country. Racist, genocidal agrression, right? DY tells us NO Arab or Muslim would EVER attempt to conquer any non-Muslim country. Unthinkable, considering Islam’s pacificist, Gandhian nature. Anyone who says different is a racist, hasbarist troll. Anyone who says that it was the Muslims’ who conquered by force India, or Persia or Spain or Egypt or the then Christian-ruled Eretz Israel is lying, Zionist, hasabarist troll. SO there!

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    35. AYLA

      though, when making that horrendous word choice, I did mean to exclude american jewish israelis who live in anglo-bubbles, here. they’re a part of the american JPost readership, to me.

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    36. AYLA

      @Ben Israel (also, no transparency in your name): A lot of people are here with an eternal message. You have had the self-awareness to say that you are one of them, which I appreciate, and I think Deir would also agree that she has an eternal message to spread, here, though I think she’d define her message differently than you did (as would I). I think her name reveals her M.O.: Remember Palestine and what was done to her. Also: reveal hypocracy (I can no longer spell in english. not a hasbara stunt 🙂 ). which happens to be the same as yours. you two are a lot more alike than you are different, as is usually true with people who drive each other crazy. Often, I think that both of your messages would be more effective if you spoke more from your hearts, from your true identities, and said more of what you truly mean rather than responding to one narrative with another and batting tragedies back and forth with seeming indifference toward anyone’s pain but your own, which I trust is not true of either of you (I have seen this revealed in Deir, not yet in you BI). On Roee’s memorial post about his innocent friend who died in the Hebrew U. bombing, in a comment, Deir, you explained that Palestinians never have the chance to experience the bittersweet feelings that the victims’ friends and families were feeling, and I thought: why didn’t you say that in your initial response? We can hear that. You two are both very difficult to hear, and you both love this land, and your people, very deeply.

      Reply to Comment
    37. AYLA

      p.s. @Deir–the sense of humor you reveal at times does help. What you said about your jewish neighbors going off to live in some hut (during sukkot) while you occupied their apartment made me laugh out loud. i’ll bet you’re really funny with your friends.

      Reply to Comment
    38. AYLA

      p.s. Ben Israel–shabbat shalom. opening the book from the beginning, again. may we all find our way to truly new, fresh beginnings, and transcendent ways of experiencing the oldest narratives in The Book.

      Reply to Comment
    39. dani.a

      I recommend to read a discussion between Finkelstein,Mearsheimer and Connel.Finkelstein said that his effort is now to find and present facts, facts and only facts.This should be the line he think because Israeli propaganda is so idiotic in a measure which could not satisfy a normal intelligence and he believe that polls show this trend.So the rabid “moralistic” vomit of abrams or walt doesn’t matter,its are usual in the hymns dedicated to the “most moral people on the world”.Shalit was a soldier in a tank put at Gaza “border” to kill defenceless people caged in a concentration camp.Very possible that he did it until he was captured.As usual Israeli people believe him to be an angel and the thousands Palestinians who were released or who are in jail as demons.It is impossible to change the brainwashed Israelis opinions but facts,as the news about new settlements in East Jerusalem could irritate persons important for Israel like Ms.Merkel,Medvedev etc and of course the whole world opinion.

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    40. alessandra

      I was tempted to reply in Italian, language in which is much more easier for me to explain. but to respect all of you I’ll write in my poor English. anyway, which is my first thought reading Deir’s post? surprise for being labelled even if he doesn’t know me. then I was also a bit angry because to me it’s not fair to be judged with such determination and “asprezza di toni” (don’t know how to say it in English, sorry). but at the end I feel sort of funny feeling to be considered what I’m not from someone who is so sure of his statements. Deir, why do you write on this blog looking for constant conflict with others? do you think I’m so stupid and ignorant that I have no right to express my thoughts? I think everybody has the right to express, also someone who has no Phd in Middle east studies.by the way I told I like reading 972 because is challanging and because I like to learn new things and read new points of view. But I don’t like to be treated like some irritating mosquitos. shall i send you a cv and a picture of me to demontrate I’m real, living in Italy, wife, mother of a son, working, cooking, ironing, washing clothes, but also reading, studying, having different friends (in Israel as well in Arab countries), travelling as much I can. etc etc? don’t think so, it’ll be be boring and useless as you have already decided I’m a silly and ignorant Italian that has to shut up. ciao Deir, I’m glad you are so sure to be on the right side.

      Reply to Comment
    41. AYLA

      @Allessandra–Deir wasn’t accusing you of being ignorant or silly, but of reading from an Israeli propaganda handbook on how to enter these discussions and make liberal jews believe that all arabs except the very few I encounter here hate me. But I maintain: you’re the real thing (a reader who has found more open-mindedness on 972 than in your travels / life), who is saddened by the prejudices you’ve found in people you otherwise like and respect (I’m jewish, and living in israel, and I sit down for coffee and dinner with palestinians who are vehemently anti-israel, and we like each other. Deir–you’re vehemently anti-Israel, and I get the feeling we’d like each other). My close friends here who are arab are open-minded/hearted, like all of my close friends, but I have people in my life here who I care about and respect who aren’t. People can’t be so easily fit into boxes–life is a lot more complex than that, as are each of us. And it would be great if we could stop slamming each other into silence on this site.

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    42. alessandra

      @Ayla and Deir: a last sentence and then stop with this stupid faida.
      why should I be a fruit of the Israeli-american propaganda? I live in Italy, small town in the north, there are no jews here because they were all deported to camps in the 40’s, on the contrary there is a lot of Maghreb immigrants. I have strong and deep relationships with many Arab people (with some families we are friends for almost 15 years, I’m abitual to their home and have very dear friends between them), for work reason I knew also some Israeli, some of them became really close friends. That’s it. No sociological analysis, only life.
      So, if you want to believe me, fine, if not, it’s not my problem but yours, that you judge people with “fette di salame sugli occhi” (slices of salami on your eyes – terrible translation, but very efficient).
      Deir, stop building fences between you and me, and telling me what I am and what I read.
      You just don’t know. As I do not know you. stammi bene, e prendila più bassa ok?

      Reply to Comment
    43. AYLA

      @Alessandra–thank you. Also, that’s my new favorite expression :).

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    44. AYLA

      p.s. @Alessandra–it was never that I didn’t trust YOU. I don’t know you. When you have one salami lifted from your eyes, often it leads to an overly-sensitive awareness of the possibility of that salami. I only learned about this hasbara tactic on comment threads this past year, so now I can be too-easily led to believe that maybe that’s what’s going on, when it isn’t. But I’m a good reader of character and voice, and you’re for real, and your story is wholly believable to me, and that doesn’t make either of us racist; it makes racism exist, including in some otherwise very good people. Thank you very much for being here–I appreciate your voice, and that you won’t be mosquito-d out. And now I’m going to do what I promised to do days ago–take a break, here. Take care, everyone. Shabbat Shalom.

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    45. Deïr Yassin

      @ Bosko aka Australian Reffo
      Well, you must know what I’m talking about as you’re one of the persons that came here due to Mitchell Cohen’s demand. You want me to link once again to your ‘among fascists’ – discussion about this site, and how you hate everyone here, the journalists included.
      You do remember the guy who asked you to stop playing the ‘nice Zionists’ and go for the Jihadi style, don’t you ? Just tell me, and I’ll repost it. Anything to say about Mrs Abrams disgusting crap or you’re joining Alessandra on the ‘look, it’s worse on the other side’ ?

      Reply to Comment
    46. Deïr Yassin

      @ Ben Israel aka I_like_Ike_52
      You’re a pathological liar, and you’ve shown it again and again. Im still waiting for the proof that Amira Hass was kidnapped by Hamas, and that a ransom was paid, still waitng for a link on Charly Bitton turning his back on his former convictions, still waiting for an explanation of your lies when referring an article by Salman Masalha etc etc etc.
      I’ve never said that the Arab countries are blahblahblahblahblah.
      I guess you do agree with Abrams: someone calling the Goldstein massacre in Hebron for an ‘incident’ is a piece of s… in my book !

      @ Alessandra
      “On 972 there are very smart and open-minded Palestinians and Arabs…. but believe me they are not the public opinion”
      Yeah, now that I know your knowledge of Arab public opinion is based on your relations with immigrants in an Italian village, what can I do but admit your authority on the subject.

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    47. Piotr Berman

      I would like to address some points that were raised:

      a) “The title is sensationalist, failing to match the contents presented to back it up.

      Calling to hunt down those behind Gilads capture has nothing to do with genocide.”

      In the absence of an adequate procedure determining who “is behind Gilad’s capture”, this could be a call for indiscriminate slaughter. Especially given historical context that I will address in a moment.

      b) “chastitizing a woman we’ve never heard of for using harsh words that nobody will heed.” Some of us heard about that lady, and almost all here heard about her husband. Calling her opus “harsh words” has a “whiff of understatement”. Finally, on what authority can one think that these are “words that nobody will heed”? Actually, IDF more than once claimed to assassinate all perpetrators, so one can say that the plan was “heeded” already. Except for throwing bodies to the sea. And given that the alleged perpetrators were (allegedly) killed, whom Mrs. Abrams urges to through to the fish? Definitely, a more extensive category, so one can interpret her (unclear as she is) as calling for a genocide.

      c) A point of my own: what is it “food for sharks, STARGAZERS”? While stargazers are indeed predatory, these are smallish bottom dwelling fish, not known to attack humans (they bury in the sandy sea bottom and measure under 16 in). For a blooodthirsty imaginary, I would recommend barracudas.

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    48. Bosko

      Deir Yassin said …
      “Just tell me, and I’ll repost it”
      As usual, you only tell only half the story. By all means, repost whatever you want to repost but don’t forget to include a link so that people can see EVERYTHING that I said.
      By the way, do you know the meaning of the word “infiltrate”? It means Gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) furtively and gradually, esp. in order to acquire secret information. Is that what I did in your opinion when I came here? Have I kept any secrets from you? Everything that I said is on the net for everyone to see and I stand by it all.
      Then again, I could be a secret Arab impersonating hateful Zionists, who knows, eh Deir Yassin? … Wink, wink …

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