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Short note: I was interrogated by police on suspicion of incitement

About two weeks ago I was interrogated by the Israeli police, under suspicion of incitement to violence, for things I wrote. This was a political interrogation, instigated by a political NGO, The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, whose goal was gagging me. I did not commit any offense and I am certain the file will be closed. So far, I have been prevented from reporting about it, and I am prevented from disclosing further details according to the instructions of the police and the counsel of my attorney.

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    1. Richard Witty

      Better that a clear account get presented, to prevent exageration in all possible ways.

      I’m sorry that you were subjected to intentionally arbitrary harrassment.

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    2. Ahmad

      It sounds very much like my dear country Iran.

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    3. Danny Demiculo

      What’s a quick talk with the police for a man who understands Palestinians who murder civilians ?

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    4. Carl

      Danny I know it’s easy to press the ‘Submit’ button, but you are supposed to think before you do so and fill the page with another of your witless outpourings.
      Sorry to hear about this Yossi. Keep us all posted as and when things allow.

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    5. Sam

      This means you’re doing the right thing, Yossi, kudos.

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    6. M Hatherstone

      When ‘Wish You Orwell’ becomes more than just a snappy title. Best of luck, Yossi.

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    7. Incitement: Middle English encyten, from Old French enciter, from Latin incitre, to urge forward : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + citre, to stimulate, frequentative of cire, to put in motion; see kei-2 in Indo-European roots.

      Tot urge forward, to stimulate, to put in motion…
      you’re on the right track, Yossi!

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    8. directrob

      for more info about the orwellian thought crime see: Haaretz blog Diplomania by Barak Ravid

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    9. I suspect that other members of your excellent crew are also ‘in the crosshairs’, if not ‘harassed’. The site is of great informative value and I hope that freedom of the press is more than a slogan in Israel. Be strong.

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    10. AYLA

      Thank you for all of your excellent reporting, Yossi. Sorry you’re going through this. You should use a bad-ass self-portrait as your blog photo; then maybe the police wouldn’t be so quick to, er, mess with you ;).
      Ahmad: chillingly true.

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    11. Piotr Berman

      Let us face it: Yossi is a dangerous man. Patriotic citizens see it, and so does the police, but the latter just does not have guts to deal with Yossi properly.

      Who insisted on calling Yuli Edelstein “minister of propaganda”? Yossi instigates jokes on an Israeli leader with weighty duties who are consumerate to his long tile. This is laughware, the new fronteer that organs of Israeli state must face.

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    12. I have felt (and said) for some time that you courage of speech would be slapped back. The injunction against reporting the interrogation is beyond the pale. If you cannot report you have been hit, how many others are so hit in silence. You are better a better man than me.
      I recall the courage of Spinoza.
      So, Woody–would you take the case?

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    13. shmuel

      Yossi, keep speaking out for free speech!

      I don’t understand your attorney’s advice, he’s basically telling you to cooperate with the oppressors of free speech.

      Is there a court order gagging, or just a police “threat” against you?

      Don’t give up! Fire your attorney and get one who will fight for cancelling whoever or whatever gagged you!

      Reply to Comment
    14. Richard Witty

      Don’t fire your attorney. Listen to him. Don’t risk your own funds or freedom, and don’t risk 972’s.

      Find legal ways to fight it.

      Then write a book. I assume that you are keeping good notes.

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    15. Lauren

      Welcome to the new world order where critical thought = criminal.
      I log onto this site because I respect the honesty and intelligent insight by the writers here. I seek out truth and this site is right on.
      Just another attempt by the powers that be to reject truth that runs rings around the state propaganda mill.

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    16. Think about that

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    17. Dregen Jelencovich

      The more they press you to be silent, shout louder.

      Fight on, man, don’t let the fascists take you down. They will lose.

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    18. Danny Demiculo

      Last week a an was arrested for calling a woman “a slut”.

      Yossi G. was not arrested for calling jewish babies “legitimate targets”.

      Fair ?

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    19. directrob

      “Yossi G. was not arrested for calling jewish babies “legitimate targets””
      @Danny, indeed he was not, because he did not. He called, according to Barak Ravid, armed settlers legitimate targets for Palestinian military operations. That is actually just international law.

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    20. Danny Demiculo

      @directorb: Why go to Barak ravid, when Yossi’s words are directly available:

      “אם השאלה שלך היא האם מבחינתי מתנחלים הם מטרה לגיטימית לפעולות צבאיות פלסטיניות, התשובה היא חיובית.”

      Nothing here about Armed settlers (which are also civilians, btw, and are not legitimate targets).

      Yossi should not (and probably would not) be arrested for expressing his vile opinions, but then 972 should fight for all Israelis whose free speech is threatend. fat chance.

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    21. Danny Demiculo , you are a troll and a liar. Here is what I wrote:
      מאחורי מה, ספציפית? אם השאלה שלך היא האם מבחינתי מתנחלים הם מטרה לגיטימית לפעולות צבאיות פלסטיניות, התשובה היא חיובית. אי אפשר בו זמנית להיות חבר במיליציה, לטעון שאתה חלק הכרחי מבטחון ישראל, להיות הציר שסביבו נע הכיבוש, ואז, כשהנכבש מגיב, לילל שאתה אזרח.
      “Behind what, specifically? If you ask whether I consider settlers to be a legitimate target for Palestinian military attacks, the answer is affirmative.” And here comes the part you willfully omitted: “You can’t both be a member of a militia, claim you are a necessary part of Israel security, the axis around which the entire occupation revolves, and then, when the occupied reacts, whine that you are a civilian.”

      As you are a lying propagandist, your comments will be deleted from now on.

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    22. Daniel Rosenberg

      @Yossi Do you think non-armed settlers are also a legitimate target?

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    23. Eldad

      Yossi, settlers are not militants.
      They may have military background in the past or they are living on “strategically important” areas, but they are not a military force.

      As oppose to other countries around us, the IDF is the only legitimate military force in the state of Israel.
      Any other organized militia s illegal and it will be stopped.

      Just like when people are making the ridiculous parallel between your interrogation and the Iranian regime abuse of its own citizens, your point about justifying attacks against settlers is populist and insane.

      + the settlers are not “the axis around which the entire occupation revolves”, settlements are a result of some Israelis acting independently, by their own initiative.

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    24. Joel

      @Eldad: The concept of who is a combatant (and thus a legitimate target) has been expanded all the time as consequence of the asymmetric conflicts today. That’s why the US and Israel take the liberty to consider all kinds of people combatants and legitimate targets. The flip side of the coin is that following the same rational the other side also expand who they consider combatants and legitimate targets. It’s a downward spiral that makes inocent people on all sides of the conflict more likely to be considered legitimate targets.

      Good book about the lot of it: http://www.amazon.com/Moral-Dilemmas-Modern-War-Assassination/dp/0521685109

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