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Video: 25 injured in Nabi Saleh yesterday

Yesterday in Nabi Saleh. 25 injured among them woman and children. One Israeli with a broken arm. One American with a head injury. Both from close range direct tear gas canister fire. Another day in Israel’s wild west occupation.

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    1. directrob

      another one:
      It is getting harder to find them as they are flagged as not suited for minors. Embedded seems to be ok.
      The soldiers are at least a bit unprofessional, people can easily get killed this way.

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    2. Abban Aziz

      ” Another day in Israel’s wild west occupation.”

      More rhetoric. Mobs of angry Palestinians attack Israeli border police and civilians.

      What do you expect? Don’t give us this “women and children” B.S. 90% of all Palestinian casualties in every conflict have always been combat-age males.

      Only time women are killed is when they’re used as human shields or suicide bombers.

      I don’t buy this children crap. They send their children to front lines so people like you will peddle their script.

      Another lightening rod to distract from the real problem – corrupt gangster Palestinian leadership.

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    3. Piotr Berman

      Abban does not buy children crap. 90% if all Palestinian casualties are “combat-age males”. American activists somehow are less lucky. One girl was bulldozed over, another lost an eye, and about a week ago a 60-year old women from Michigan got both wrists broken and deeply gashed scalp.

      At least the American activist injured in Nabi-Saleh was “combat age male”, as is Tristan Anderson.

      By the way, the treatment of Emily Henochowicz was a true charm offensive. She just stood with a flag in her hands and got a direct hit (as witnessed by Ha’aretz journalist) in the eye. The police lied about it, and she was presented with a hospital bill to pay.

      Abban is a happy guy. No need to check facts before spewing crap. Life is easier that way. “Only time women are killed when blah blah”. You forgot to add “or when they watch a protest from far away and are shot at with tear gas”. According to IDF, the women in quick succession died of leukemia, and of lung cancer, and of honor killing, only finally it was attributed to the effect of tear gas and inferior care in a Palestinian hospital. Last month, a home in Gaza tried to plant explosives at the security fence so it was shot at by IDF, injuring a women with two children. Reading too many IDF official explanations may be injurious to mental health, so I guess Abban Aziz is yet another sad casualty of the conflict.

      Reading too many officia

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    4. Abban Aziz

      What part of Palestinian do you not understand? Are internationalists Palestinians? No, they are not.

      Ask the UN. The UN coordinator in the West Bank/Gaza Strip enumerates Palestinian casualties, male/female ratios, age group, etc.

      Nearly 89% of all Palestinian deaths in wars with Israel have been male and combat age 15+

      This is impressive considering the Palestinians do everything they can to put “civilians” in harms way, even launching attacks within civilian areas which is illegal under international law.

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    5. directrob

      Since 2000
      Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces 6338 0f which 2999 certainly civilians, 1315 minors(<18) and 2156 that certainly took part in hostilities.
      The Palestinians killed 264 civilians and 252 security personal.
      For wat it is worth it looks like the Palestinians have a better soldier/civilian kill ratio.
      As far as the Nabi Saleh conflict is concerned it looks very much like soldiers suppressing peaceful demonstrations and using violence against unarmed civilians. No real need to look at kill statistics here.

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    6. Abban Aziz

      Directrob, Bt’selem and the UN both confirm 90% of Palestinians are combat age MALE. 90%.


      The overwhelming majority of those killed have
      been men: for Israelis, including IDF personnel,
      69% were men, for Palestinians 94% were men.

      Children reflect these gender ratios: 87% of
      Palestinian children killed, for example, were boys
      and 13% were girls.”

      The definition of “children” is basically anyone who is above the age of 18.

      And nearly 70% of all Palestinian “children” were above the age of 12.

      Keep in mind the average of a Palestinian in Gaza is 17 in Gaza.

      Considering the field of conflict, the reality of large groups of civilians in combat zones, and the fact that Palestinian groups boast of operating in dense civilian areas because the “Zionists value life” (quoted from the goldstone report) it is impressive.

      Compare these stats to Iraq or Afganistan or Chechnya, Kashmir, etc. The Israelis have the lowest male/female civilian/combatant ratio in modern warfare.

      And military experts agree.

      Activists with no facts who buy Arab propaganda don’t.

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    7. directrob

      Civilians are civilians whether they are male, female, old or young, Israeli or Palestinian or whatever. It makes no difference whether a 16 year old girl or a 16 year boy is killed. Both deaths are absolute horror for the families concerned and both deaths should be avoided when possible.
      You seem to suggest that every unarmed Palestinian male is a potential Hamas/Fatah fighter and a more valid target than a female Palestinian. Although I have doubts I hope that all IDF soldiers are wiser…
      Anyway I see unarmed protesters being beaten and being shot at …

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    8. Abban Aziz

      “Civilians are civilians whether they are male, female, old or young, Israeli or Palestinian or whatever. It makes no difference whether a 16 year old girl or a 16 year boy is killed. Both deaths are absolute horror for the families concerned and both deaths should be avoided when possible.”

      Rhetoric. Palestinians fight in densely populated areas, exploit the ROE, launch rockets from protected areas, etc.

      The ONUS of civilian deaths rests on those who hide behind them.

      If you knew ANYTHING about international law you would know an enemy – Palestinian or not – is not immune from attack simply because they hide behind civilians.

      And since Palestinians have been caught dressing up as religious Jews and blowing themselves up, packing explosives in ambulances, stuffing tears with C4, hiding suicide belts in UN aid depots…it’s hard to take their WAAHHHH civilian casualty claims seriously.

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