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Seven houses demolished, 50 children thrown out into the rain

This picture, taken an hour ago in Lod by Amnesty Israel, pretty much says it all:

The bulldozers are not digging out people from under the rubble – they’re burying people’s lives under it. They’re not clearing the wreckage of the storm – they’re unleashing the storm onto the bare heads of 50 (fifty!!) children and 30 adults. Their original sin was to be born Arab – and thus to be destined to live outside the planning process in Israel, to be forced to build without permissions, even though they are full citizens in “the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Journalists wishing to cover this perversity should contact Yousef Asfour, Palestinian Society Coordinator at Amnesty Israel: +97235250005, extension 102. Stay tuned for details on how to help the families.

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