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Settlers take over 7 E. Jerusalem homes in dead of night

‘Settlers say that they bought the house, but they haven’t shown us any documents,’ says one Palestinian woman whose home settlers took over Tuesday morning. ‘Now they’re sleeping in my bed; all of our clothes and furniture is still inside.’

By Orly Noy

Israeli settlers took over seven homes in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem Tuesday morning, primarily in Wadi Hilwe, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. According to residents, the settlers arrived at around 2 a.m., escorted by large numbers of riot police.

“I was still awake, here in the store,” said neighborhood resident Ahmed Qareen, the owner of a small market in Wadi Hilwe. “I saw a large group of settlers and police but I didn’t think that they were going to take more homes. I assumed that it was somehow related to your (Jewish) holidays now, that they were walking around here at such an hour.”

The Hayat family home in Silwan, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

The Hayat family home in Silwan, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

One of the houses that the settlers took over in the dead of night was the Hayat family home. Like many other houses in the neighborhood, the building is split into a number of apartment units, most of which are occupied by family members. Two of them are now occupied by settlers.

In the building’s internal stairwell that connects the apartments, sits Bushra Hayat, whose eyes are dashing back and forth tracking the police officers walking into the apartment that until yesterday was hers. “We have two apartments here, one that my father rents out and we live in the other one. The two apartments were empty yesterday. My father wasn’t here and I slept at my uncle’s house, here, downstairs. They knew ahead of time when the houses would be empty and that’s why they came [now].”

“They know what we are doing at all times,” Ahmed Qareen says with a smile. “Look around: the whole neighborhood is full of their security cameras, some of them are pointed directly into our houses. They know better than us what’s happening here.”

Israeli riot police at the entrance to the Hayat family home, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Israeli riot police at the entrance to the Hayat family home, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Ahmed knows what it’s like to live right next to settlers in Silwan, of which there are now some 70 families. Five years ago, Ahmed was shot in his leg at short range by an Israeli soldier, right in front of his son. (Hebrew) The Israeli prosecution decided not to put the soldier on trial, instead closing the case. (Hebrew)

The dirt alley that leads to the Hayat family home is littered with stones and various flags, perhaps a sign of what took place here early this morning. But by the afternoon, almost complete quiet stood over the place. A group of Palestinian youths is standing outside the house and are looking at the cops, who are coming and going. “What are you waiting for?” I ask. “For Allah’s benevolence,” the oldest one answers.

A wall that has been broken down can be seen through a broken window in the Hayat family home, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Orly Noy)

A wall that has been broken down can be seen through a broken window in the Hayat family home, September 30, 2014. (Photo by Orly Noy)

Inside the building, Bushra is going up and down the stairs, making her way in between the police officers, trying to steal another glance into the apartment in which settlers are now holed up. Earlier she broke a side window and now through it she can see that the new tenants have already managed to tear down one of the walls. They’ve also already put bars on the outside windows — efficient. All the while, she’s trying to find out how her diabetic father is doing; his condition deteriorated after clashing with the police and he is now in the hospital. “He arrived early in the morning, when he heard. When he got here, they had already changed the locks and he wasn’t able to open the door to the house. I wasn’t able to with my key either.”

“They say that they bought the house,” she continues,” but they haven’t shown us any documents. We asked them — I yelled at them to show us a purchase contract, but they didn’t show us anything.”

In many ways, the settlement in Silwan is considered to be the flagship of the the East Jerusalem settlements, particularly because of its location — nearly touching the Old City’s walls — a short walk from the Dung Gate. The goal is clear: changing the neighborhood’s national (religious demographic) character, first into a mixed Israeli-Palestinian neighborhood, but with aspirations to paint as much land as possible in blue and white.

This project, in which the central player is a settler NGO called Elad, is taking place on two parallel tracks: the first track is taking over public spaces like the City of David National Park run by Elad; the second is by taking over private homes. Some of the homes are handed over to the settlers who claim they have purchased them, and others are taken with the help of official Israel using the Absentee Property Law, despite the fact that a number of attorneys general have been highly critical of the law’s use in Jerusalem.

To learn more about the close cooperation between Israeli government actors and settler organizations in taking over properties in Silwan, I recommend reading this comprehensive report by Ir-Amim: Shady Dealings in Silwan.

An hour later, Bushra takes advantage of the police officers’ lunch break in order to once again try and go see what’s happening inside the house. “I can’t stand it,” she says, choking up. “They’re sleeping in my bed right now. All of our things are still there. All of the furniture, our clothes, everything. Even my baby brother’s diapers.”

This article was first published on +972’s Hebrew-language sister site, Local Call. Read it in Hebrew here.

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    1. Danny

      Just when you thought Israel couldn’t get any more nefarious, the people in charge are working overtime to prove you wrong.

      Time to take Israel straight to the ICC. If only Mahmud Abbas would move aside and let real Palestinians take this task forward.

      In the mean time, more fodder for the BDS movement to grow in size and stature.

      Way to go Israel!

      Reply to Comment
      • Whiplash

        Danny, these apartments were legally purchased from their Arab owners by an American company, Kandel Finance which can rent them or sell them to Jews.

        Jews have a right to live in Shiloach / Silwan. Jews lived in this area 3,000 years ago. Jews lived in this area 130 years ago. Their residence in Shiloach was broken by the ethnic cleansing of the British and Jordan armies in the 1948 war.

        There is something very racist about your attitude that Jews cannot live in certain neighborhoods of Jerusalem because Arabs live there. Jews and Arabs live together in Jaffa, Arce, Haifa, Nazereth and other areas. Why can Jews not live anywhere in their capital city?

        Reply to Comment
        • andrew r

          Whiplash, do you have any objection to the fact Palestinians can not live in the West Bank settlements (Ariel, Maale Adumim), can not purchase or rent property there?

          There’s no principled objection to racism at work on your part or built-in to Zionism for that matter. Labour Zionism started with the racially segregated kibbutzim. In fact, ten Yemenite families who first lived at Kinneret were evicted in 1930 despite being founding members, and during the Yavnieli Aliyah, Yemenites had to live in separate quarters away from the moshava they worked at. If the WZO had established a state by 1914, it would have separated European Jews from Ottoman nationals, even if they were Jewish.

          Reply to Comment
        • Johnboy

          Whiplash: “Jews have a right to live in Shiloach / Silwan.”

          That statement is nothing but a red-herring.

          The position of the USA is that it does **not** recognize that east Jerusalem is “Israeli territory”.

          As such the position of the USA is that it can **not** accept the notion that Israel has a “right” to “settle” this territory with it’s own (i.e. “Israeli”, not “Jewish”) citizens.

          To point to the singular ethnicity of these “settlers” (which is what Whiplash is doing) is therefore to stab his finger at a red-herring.

          What is objectionable and illegal about this act is the nationality of these “settlers”, not their religion.

          These are ISRAELIS, and they are attempting the takeover of these building precisely to further the territorial self-aggrandizement of ISRAEL.

          That’s immoral, that’s illegal, it is the deliberate and premeditated policy of ISRAEL, and it deserves all the condemnation that it gets.

          Reply to Comment
          • Kolumn8

            Except your argument is bullshit because there are thousands of Israeli Arabs that live in East Jerusalem and no one makes any noise about it. And your argument is bullshit because these Arab homeowners had no problem whatsoever selling these houses to Israeli Arabs. It is only when Jews showed up to enter into these houses that we have a riot on the ground and the spewing of your sort of bullshit all over the interwebs.

            Reply to Comment
        • And that gives them right to throw out a family still living in their homes?

          Just because Jews lived there 3000 years ago, does not give anyone, not even immigrants from Europe the right to act like Nazis in Poland!
          They did the same thing to the Jews in Poland before putting them in ghettos before sending them on trains to the chambers.
          They treated the occupied population in northern Europe better than how the Palestinians are treated today.
          By that standard, every single American not Native American should get the hell out. Every single European should go back to Europe and leave all their assets to the Native Americans…

          Reply to Comment
        • Jan

          Whippy – “There is something very racist about your attitude that Jews cannot live in certain neighborhoods of Jerusalem because Arabs live there.”

          Do you also believe that Palestinians can live anywhere that they like whether in Israel or in the West Bank settlements?

          If you say no then you will reveal your racism.

          Reply to Comment
      • Pedro X

        Nefarious? Yemenite Jews resettled this area in the early 1880s, 133 years ago. They were forced out by the British and Arabs by violence in the late 1930s and never received compensation for their lost homes and property. It is only fitting that Israeli Jews are legally settling in this part of Jerusalem again.

        Only bigots would suggest that Jews can not live anywhere in Jerusalem. Jews have the right to legally buy property in any part of Jerusalem, as was the case here according to attorney Avi Segal.

        Kol hakavod to these tzaddikim that are returning to original Jewish area.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Whitman

      Rage. Simple and pure rage.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Kolumn8

      OMG!?!?!. Jews buying apartments in Jerusalem!?!? Nefarious Nazi pigs. How could they? Don’t they know there is no place for Jews in Jerusalem? Quick!! Throw them out and put up the ‘No Jews Allowed’ signs before more of these vermin legally purchase houses and move their filthy families in. Where is the EU/UN/US when this genocide/nakba is taking place?!?! Hurry! Take the hypothetical Yossi Mizhrachi to the ICC for daring to go through with a legal land purchase. Don’t forget to throw his dirty settler 4-year old boy into the dock with him. He must be punished for being a war criminal.

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        You can stop acting disingenuous. Everyone and their sister knows that when Israel takes over Palestinian property, it does so illegally with no legal recourse for the Palestinians. It has been doing this for 66 years now, and still going strong.

        Save your self-victim act for your friends. I suggest the ones at Israel Hayom, they seem to be more your crowd than the people at +972.

        Reply to Comment
        • Kolumn8

          I know, right?!?! I mean the idea that Jews can buy and build apartments in Jerusalem is itself a thought crime. How dare they use their dirty Jewish money to legally purchase property. RACIST FILTH!!! NO JEWS ALLOWED!! Didn’t they get the memo? This land is Arab land and Arab land only. A Jew living there goes against everything proper and holy. WAR CRIME! ICC! Send in the European airforce to bomb these filthy Jewish vermin out of Jerusalem where shouldn’t they dare live with their dirty families doing their disguisting Jew things. As far as I am concerned these Jews have forfeited their right to life when they intruded on the Arab right to not have any Jews around. Animals! Animals! All of them!!!

          Reply to Comment
          • Shlomo

            Ther is a long history of the IDF supporting this kind of theft….. the settlers say they bought a property but never show proof and simply move in… most often they are found to have no proof of purchase but by then the case is caught in a court system weighted against non jews ….

            Reply to Comment
          • Danny

            As the article clearly states, no deed of purchase was presented to the Palestinian family, and none shall be presented, nor will Israel grant the Palestinian any legal recourse to fight the squatters in court.

            Hence, yes – Israel is a nefarious criminal state that uses underhanded and shady methods to kick Palestinians out of their home while handing the keys to Jewish settlers. Like I said, it has been doing this since 1948.

            Take your “robbed cossack” act and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

            Reply to Comment
          • Kolumn8

            You are completely right. It boils my blood to see these filthy Jews move into houses that they legally own. I can’t wait for the Palestinians to take this case to court (which according to Haaretz they are going to do, aka “legal recourse”) and demonstrate how evil these Jews are. I sincerely hope that the Palestinian succeed despite the fact that they don’t even claim to own the properties. Another nefarious Zionist conspiracy must have prevented them from doing so. Just another shady method used by the Zionist entity when it allows Jews to legally buy land. Sometimes these evil Jews offer double or triple the market rate and EVEN go through Arab middlemen to get around the death penalty that awaits Arabs that sell land to Jews, which is a perfectly reasonable and progressive policy as far as I am concerned to avoid the horror of having Jewish neighbors. Does their vile greed know no limit?

            I wish the noble Palestinian people success in their quest to expel these Jewish property owners from an area in which no Jews should be allowed to live. For the sake of everything holy it is my sincere wish that these Jewish property owners are driven out so that the neighborhood does not heaven forbid turn into a mixed Jewish/Arab area. The battle for keeping the Jews from buying and populating apartments in this area of Jerusalem is a noble fight for the right if Arabs to live in an area free of Jews and all progressive thinkers should at once rally to ensure that not one Jew be allowed to live there. “Not one Jew” is my new slogan. I feel today I have become a true progressive. Why are we arguing again?

            Reply to Comment
          • Danny

            “Why are we arguing again?”

            We’re not arguing. I wouldn’t bother arguing with you any more than I would bother arguing with a barking dog, or for that matter with a barking Netanyahu. Just go back to your doghouse and chew on your toy.

            Reply to Comment
          • Kolumn8

            That’s right! Dogs! Dogs! All of them! We are not arguing. We agree. These filthy Jewish dogs need to be forced out of houses they own and taught once and for all that there is no room for a single Jew in this part of Jerusalem. What kind of a dog would even bark here to argue to the contrary?!?! This must remain a pure Arab neighborhood. There is no room here for Jews to live. Jews out I say and we are not arguing. I am so enjoying thus righteous anger at these dogs. Who do they think they are with their underhanded and shady money that they think they can buy an apartment in Jerusalem? And we are not arguing, are we?

            Reply to Comment
          • sh

            Sure k8. No problem walking into someone’s place while they’re out, changing the locks, barring the windows, demolishing a wall or two and moving in. It happens all the time. Why bother with deeds, contracts, lawyers and boring old payment for property? This is occupied Jerusalem, not Manhattan!

            Reply to Comment
          • Kolumn8

            You are so right. These devious fiends came when people were out and just moved into the houses they bought. If only they would have waited and announced it ahead of time so that the Palestinians had a chance to organize a nice riot to welcome them. These Zionist Jew dogs would have had no chance against the valiant Palestinian youth who would have prevented them from moving into the houses they bought!! Devious these devils are. They managed to avoid a televised confrontation with hundreds of noble youth that would fight against these Jews moving into houses they own in a neighborhood where Jews are not at all welcome! I hate them so much. It burns inside me. I demand vengeance for the insult of a Jew buying a house in Jerusalem and actually moving in without giving me my natural right to refuse the Jew to live there. The mere thought that a Jew walks in his house right now somewhere in Jerusalem makes me want to vomit. Disguisting they are. These settlers with their families moving into houses they own as if they own them. I demand justice! Justice I say! The UN, the UNHCR, ICC, ICJ, BDS, and the EU should immediately send forces to expel these Jewish invaders from houses they own that they have surreptitiously moved into without a major confrontation. When will this evil finally be stopped? I have almost lost faith in humanity at this point.

            Reply to Comment
          • OxR

            You haven’t even replied ONCE to the arguments presented to you, where are the contracts and proofs of purchase?

            Reply to Comment
      • Abu Uba

        Did you not read the article? The Palestinian woman’s property is still inside. The settlers have shown no purchase documents.

        Reply to Comment
      • Joel

        Where is the EU?

        The EU presently subsidizes the settlement of Northern Cyprus by ethnic Turks from the mainland. That’s ‘Northern Cyprus’, as in ‘the 1975 Turkey’s belligerent occupation and ethnic cleansing of Greek-Cypriot nationals’.
        To date, 300,000 mainland Turks have been settled to Northern Cyprus.

        Reply to Comment
      • Johnboy

        K8: “OMG!?!?!. Jews buying apartments in Jerusalem!?!?”

        All that is needed is to replace the word “Jews” with “Israelis” and the feigned-outrage falls to the ground.

        These are all ISRAELI settlers, and that means that their “settling” into these apartments is a grave violation of both Geneva Convention IV and the Hague Regulations 1904, and that remains true regardless of whether these ISRAELIS are Jews, Muslims, Christians, Taoists, or agnostics.

        K8: “Nefarious Nazi pigs.”

        No, I think you will find that the correct pejorative phrase would be: colonial-expansionist, carpet-bagging, Army camp-followers.

        Reply to Comment
        • Kolumn8

          You know the common background behind all these purchases that are done on behalf of the Jews that move into these areas? The middle men are Israeli Arabs because there is no problem apparently in Jerusalem Arabs selling their homes to Israeli Arabs or for that matter with Israeli Arabs moving into these neighborhoods. There are thousands of Israeli Arabs living in “East Jerusalem” and no one calls them a settler. Nor do they need close protection. There are also thousands that have moved to Ramallah and other cities for various reasons. Here is a Zionist propaganda source called the Electronic Intifada for you that states the same thing – http://electronicintifada.net/content/racism-pushing-palestinian-citizens-israel-ramallah/11664 – and still they are not considered “settlers” and no one makes noise about them “settling” Ramallah. I wonder why?

          In other words, your argument is bullshit and obviously so. The reason why we have this “outrage” is because it is Jews that are moving into the neighborhood and the neighbors want to keep their neighborhood Jew-free. If they were Israeli citizens, but not Jews, not a single one of these articles would have been written and the entire alphabet soup of “human rights organizations” would not make a peep. In fact, many homeowners in East Jerusalem seek out Israeli Arabs to be their tenants because they presume, correctly, that they will be able to consistently pay the rent.

          So, yeah, it is about Jews.

          Reply to Comment
        • Elisabeth


          Reply to Comment
      • Fran

        In the majority of countries in the world you can find all religions and races of people.
        This also applies in Israel where Jews, Christians, Muslims, Beduin and Druze people live together. Why is it that in the Palestinian areas and in many Arab countries they do not respect other peoples beliefs or are unable to live together with???

        Reply to Comment
    4. Richard

      I’m waiting for someone here to compare this to a bus bombing or an ISIS beheading. Guys?

      Reply to Comment
      • Kev

        I’m waiting for Israel to demolish the houses of the terrorists that burned young Abu Khdeir alive.

        Reply to Comment
    5. bir

      This appears to be a very biased report by a reporter who lied about the supposed absence of freedom of religion in Jerusalem.

      Does anybody happen to have another version of this story? It can’t be there’s only one side. In Sheikh Jarrah, for example, Jews moved in only after years and years of protracted fighting in the courts. I can’t imagine this situation is much different.

      Reply to Comment
        • Richard


          Reply to Comment
      • Whiplash

        Walla news has confirmed that Kendel Finance had legally purchased these properties in Shiloach.

        Note how 972 does not provide the other side of the story.

        Reply to Comment
        • You are kidding, right?

          Whiplash: “Walla news has confirmed that Kendel Finance had legally purchased these properties in Shiloach.”

          Which is a Point of Order that makes absolutely no difference.

          Regardless of who owns the property, it is the “settling” of those properties by citizens of the occupying power that is the grave violation of international humanitarian law.

          Kendel Finances is the legal owner of these properties?

          Well, good for Kendel.

          Kendel Finances has just ejected all the Palestinians and replaced them with “Israeli settlers”?

          That’s illegal, and it deserves condemnation.

          Reply to Comment
    6. Brian

      Thank you for so deftly and effortlessly exposing the disingenuousness. There is nothing as disingenuous than the “JUDENREIN!” ploy. Except maybe the “We bought it” ploy. They take these stock answers off the shelves each time. Love your “we’re not arguing” riposte. Perfect.

      Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn8

        Yes, all these ploys of the Jews!! Here is another ploy that they shamelessly pursue – having Palestinians from Mahmoud Abbas’s extreme Fatah party make statements that justify all the other ploys! Infinite schemers these Jews are.

        “They want to make a joke of us,” said Fadi Maragha, a local Fatah representative who said he had come to offer support to Karaeen’s family. As he spoke, a muezzin issued the call to prayer from a nearby mosque.

        “They think they can drive us out.

        But we are the landowners. We were here, and we will be here until we have all of Palestine without any Jewish people in it,” he said.

        In the past, Palestinians found to have sold their homes to settler organizations have been killed.

        Asked what would happen to the son and the broker to whom he had sold the property, Maragha said he felt they should die, but he did not expect that to happen.

        “We know who the broker is. He’s living in a town south of Jerusalem,” he said. “But he’s rich and he’s protected, including by the Israelis.”

        “Judenrein” – check!
        “We bought it” – check!
        “Kill the Arab that sold the land” – check!

        How low will these people go???!?

        I mean, it isn’t like we disagree with the noble Fatah warrior quoted here. Say it with me – “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.. of Jews”

        No, that doesn’t sound right. How about?
        “From Hebron to Tel Aviv, All the Jews must surely leave.. or be driven out”.

        No, still not right. Help me out brother, we need a new slogan for our struggle against the Zionists!!?!

        Reply to Comment
    7. Ben Zakkai

      Yeah, that “Judenrein” argument would have to make you laugh if it didn’t make you cry. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s illegal under international law for Israelis to settle over the Green Line. Let’s ignore the fact that the settlers and their IDF bloodhounds, once there, will make life hell for the local Palestinians, who have no rights under Israeli military dictatorship. Let’s ignore the fact that said Palestinians, including the evicted ones, haven’t got a raindrop’s chance in hell of buying or even renting property on the Israeli side of the Green Line. Let’s ignore the fact that even Israeli Arabs, according to our illustrious Knesset and Supreme Court, can lawfully be excluded from Jewish communities that would rather not see Arab children (shudder!) playing in the local park. Let’s ignore the fact that the State of Israel, since its founding in 1948, has authorized the creation of thousands of new Jewish towns but not a single Arab village, not one. Let’s ignore all that and cry bitter tears, Waah Waah, about the terrible discrimination that mean lefties want to inflict on Ateret Cohanim fascists who dedicate their pathetic lives to sticking their thumbs in the eyes of local Palestinians, marching through their neighborhoods on Jerusalem Day waving automatic weapons and screaming “Arabs Out! Death to Arabs!” at the kids sitting on the front stoops of their homes. Hey Hasbara jockeys: you might be able to feed that crap to the faithful in Boro Park, but anyone on the ground here in the Holy City knows what a bunch of lying reptiles you are.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Ben Zakkai

      Hi moderator, where’s my comment?

      Reply to Comment
    9. Alex W. Plains

      The homes in question were not taken over, they were legally purchased. Why should Jews be denied the same right to purchase property that Muslims have?

      Reply to Comment
    10. Andrew M

      If I’m renting/living in a place and a new owner wants to move in, they do it by producing evidence of ownership and giving me notice. Surely that would happen with any non-Palestinian occupant? Israel purports to be a lawful and righteous first-world nation, but this is not the way lawful first -world nations do things. The spiteful and derogatory comments here just show how far the occupied territories have settled into a grim and inhuman chaos.

      Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn8

        In lawful first-world nations you would 1) respect the eviction notice 2) not organize a party of several hundred to attack the homeowner.

        Here on the other hand the only way the Jewish owners of these apartments can enter them without being accompanied by half of the army and without the situation resulting in civilian casualties is by doing it by surprise with relatively light police escort.

        Reply to Comment
      • bir

        They showed the evidence of the purchase to the police.

        Reply to Comment
    11. bir

      By the way, the author, Orly Noy, lies when she uses the word “settlers” to describe the families that have moved into these homes. This area has been annexed by Israel. It is Israeli.

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        No it’s not.

        No country on Earth recognizes Israel’s annexations. Not Israeli territory and never will be.

        Reply to Comment
        • bir

          It may be that other countries don’t recognize the annexation, but a democratically elected Israeli government annexed this land and Israel’s highest court agreed that Israeli rule and law apply here fully.

          In fact, there are residents of Silwan who have accepted Israel’s offer of citizenship and by doing so have demonstrated that this is Israel.

          Reply to Comment
          • Kev

            “a democratically elected Israeli government annexed this land”… without the consent of the occupants of the land, who were not (and are still not) considered citizens and allowed to represent their wishes with regard to this land, i.e. they are not allowed to vote.

            You all have a lot to learn about democracy.

            Reply to Comment
    12. Bruce Gould

      “They say that they bought the house,” she continues,” but they haven’t shown us any documents. We asked them — I yelled at them to show us a purchase contract, but they didn’t show us anything.”

      Reply to Comment
    13. Average American

      Property laws are the issue here. If Israel is a Western democracy as it claims, we’d expect its property laws to be Western. Meaning, as Greg Pollock points out, notice is given to the resident. I’ll add that we’d expect the Police would not be the ones to receive and process that notice. If Israel is something other than a Western democracy, then property law can be handled as we see in this article. In either case, it would be extremely interesting to see a Palestinian family buy a Jewish-owned property and be escorted into it in the same manner as we see in this article. Side note: wasn’t there an article here some time ago about a Jewish guy who built and sold apartments on land he said he “bought” but hadn’t actually paid for and didn’t actually have title to the property? The courts handled that by saying well he MEANT to pay for it, and he IS Jewish, so it’s ok. This hints at halaka property law being applied instead of Western property law.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Ken Kelso

      Jerusalem has had a Jewish population majority since the late 1850s – that’s 130 years already, before ‘Palestinianism’ was invented:

      Jews were expelled from East-Jerusalem by the Jordanian occupation at 1948. They lived in East-Jerusalem for thousands of years. They returned to their homes after Israel liberated the city in 67.Jerusalem was never in history the capitol of any Arab country. Jerusalem has been only the Capitol of Israel.

      ISRAEL which is defending itself against Pan-Arabism, Arab imperialism and Arabization of the Middle East – that is the “problem AFP don’t like.

      The real problem is global Arab/Moslem insistence to spread hate, violence, wars, terrorism, lies, false accusations against Jews and reducing Jews to subhumans or second class citizens – slaves or servants – without any human rights.

      The left on here is upset that Fatah cant destroy Jewish history in Jerusalem.
      PA TV: Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood.
      Palestinian Authority TV:
      Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood -Jewish presence in Jerusalem will be erased from history.
      Aug. 17, 2011

      Reply to Comment
    15. Ken Kelso

      In 2003, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah faction shot and killed a Palestinian named George Khoury as he was jogging in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood.

      Arafat, in a clear racist gesture, stated that this was a case of mistaken identity – because their victim turned out to be an Arab instead of a Jew.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ken Kelso

        Doesn’t 972 mag know that Abbas is funding Palestinian mass murderers to Arabize Israeli Jerusalem.

        PA spends 6% of its budget paying Palestinians in Israeli jails, families of suicide bombers.

        Hamas terrorist who orchestrated 2002 Park Hotel massacre, in which 30 Israelis died, gets $3,000 a month, Channel 2 reports; bomb-maker jailed for 67 killings gets $1,000.
        ILAN BEN ZION.
        September 3, 2012.

        Reply to Comment
        • Brian

          Oh just shut up and just divide the city into two capitols and be done with it. You’re so full of it. No one is listening. Life is now. Get a job. Take some medicine.

          Reply to Comment
    16. Barry Meridian

      This article is a blood libel by Orly Noy.
      She lies through her teeth that Jews took Arabs homes while Arabs were sleeping there.
      She knows thats Pallywood lies.
      The houses were bought by Jews at extremely high prices from Arabs.
      But you see Orly wants a Jew free Jerusalem.
      As Bir posted.
      Orly’s lies are clearly shown here.
      This shows how 972 Mag is nothing but radical liars about Israel.


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    17. Average American

      I think the thing about this is not whether or how the Jews bought the place from the Arabs. It’s how the Jews were escorted in by Police when they moved in and then protected by Police. It gives the appearance of a state-sponsored or state-encouraged move-in, but the state is only protecting or encouraging one kind of people.

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    18. gangster state

      stealing the personal property and furnishings of people being evicted is criminal.
      not providing eviction documents signed by a judge that can be appealed or fought in court – criminal.
      sending police – paid to serve EVERYONE – to escort and provide force for a PRIVATE group intent on dominance over another ethnic group = CRIMINAL.

      I cant see any way this is anything but a gangster state. I am so angry that my govt supports such a gangster nation as Israel that would permit this sort of multi-layered criminal action.

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