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Settlers attack Palestinians, property in weekend of violence

Settler violence over the weekend in West Bank: 100 trees cut down. Car burned. Two additional cars damaged. Two Palestinians attacked. The Israeli army’s answer: to arrest the very Palestinians who were beaten just moments before. This report was compiled, in Hebrew, by Uri Yacobi Keller for the Alternative Information Center and was translated and edited by Mya Guarnieri.

An olive tree belonging to Palestinians, felled by settlers, in Qusra, West Bank, Oct. 2011 (Anne Paq / Activestills)

According to Palestinian news agencies Maan and WAFA, settlers from the Tapuah settlement attacked Palestinian land in the area south of Salfit in the central West Bank yesterday (Saturday). The settlers cut down no less than 100 olive trees of the Palestinian villages Yasouf and Jamain.

Maan also reported that the settlers attacked and caused extensive damage to cars belonging to two Palestinians on the road that is adjacent to the Huwwara checkpoint.

In Hebron, settlers attacked the home of a Palestinian woman, throwing stones at her house and setting her car on fire, according to Maan. The resident of the house, Hana Abu Heikal, lives next to the illegal Hebron settlement Adamot Yishai. Because the main road used to access her house has been blocked by the Israeli army, Abu Heikal and other Palestinian residents are forced to climb a wall and to use a dirth path to reach their houses.

The day before, on Friday, two young Palestinian men were attacked by settlers as they went down Shuhada Street, also in Hebron.

Maan reported that settlers beat the men until soldiers in the area intervened. The soldiers put handcuffs on the Palestinians and took them to an unknown detention facility. The soldiers did not take any action against the settlers.

Last year saw a marked and worrisome rise in settler violence. According to reports from various human rights organizations, 2011 saw a 50 percent rise in such incident from 2010, and a more than 150 percent rise from 2009.

In light of this weekend’s events, it doesn’t seem that the year 2012 will be any different.

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    1. Danny Demiculo

      Maan ? the agency which claimed that Thai workers commited the Itamar massacre ?

      Where did I put my salt ? I need a pinch

      Reply to Comment
    2. mya guarnieri

      maan did not claim thai workers committed the murders in itamar. it reported that thai workers were questioned by authorities


      danny, i’ll have to remember to take your comments with a pinch of salt. 😉

      Reply to Comment
    3. zayzafouna

      Qusra, “West BanK” What the hell is that? It is Palestine, as is Al Quds, Al Khalil, Umm Rash Rash,Hefa, Jafa, Lifta, etc

      Reply to Comment
    4. Palestinian

      Nefsi azoor Lifta ya Zayzafoona,I wish to visit Lifta ,at least before they take it down

      Reply to Comment
    5. All politics aside, cutting down fruit trees during a war is FORBIDDEN by Jewish law ever since biblical tgimes. (See Deuteronomy 20:19-20) And these settlers call themselves religious Jews? Bah!

      Reply to Comment
    6. Palestinian

      What about stealing other’s land and murdering people to take over their homes ? is it allowed by the Jewish law ?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Just a thought, for thinking about religious Jews or religious Americans or anyone: I think we make a mistake in trying to understand religious people in terms of their religion. A person’s politics (world view) always trumps their religion. Their religion cannot contradict their politics. They or their clergy will go through the religious text and find where it says it’s OK to cut down trees, or they’ll just change the subject. Religion merely reinforces the world view, or politics. I think this is because when our minds form, the things that go into the world view form first. We hear our parents talking, our friends. Yes, we’re fed those stories about religion, but any deeper understanding of theological questions can only happen in a more mature mind. By then the form is already set. Look for example how right wing Protestants just gave the SC primary to Newt Gingrich, a nominal, thrice-married Catholic (most of them consider Catholicism a cult) who can’t keep his pants zipped up, but who knows how to stimulate the greed, blood lust and racism that is at the base of their conservative politics.

      Reply to Comment